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Can we have a review before we merge the change? Make sure all issues are ironed out.

HN design is simply the best thing out there. "Moving slowly and preserving things" - I would get this engraved on my grave. This philosophy has died unfortunately and with it went robustness, simplicity, elegance, poise, beauty, accessibility, elegance, maintainability and practicality.

Thanks dang for your gandalf-like wisdom and your resilience. I like Alligators over goddamn mosquitos that have taken over the internet.

We can have what would undoubtedly be one of the world's largest code reviews, and for a vanishingly small piece of relatively mundane code.

Please dang!

The mother of all bike sheddings. A whole subcommittee to decide if the Braille version should have indents instead of bumps.

How can anyone even dare to think about indents? C'mon, I thought this was settled. Did you know that human fingers can detect roughness value down to N7? That's 1.6 micrometers. There is a bigger fish to fry than just think about indentations or bumps. Texture. Texture is everything and there is nothing else to talk about, although I am open for other ideas. Thoughts?

my favorite version of this is "man lsmod". About 70 words and supposedly maintained by multiple people.

Couldn't agree more.

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