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Yes, the name "Circles" is awesome. It's agressive and appealing when seen from the perspective of "what do you offer that's better than Facebook", but also generically pleasant if you just encountered it as a product.

Yes, the name "Circles" is awesome.

Yup. Circles was also the name of social groups in Microsoft's threedegrees software.

WRT to the sibling post I'd be inclined to think that circles being such a common synonym/abbreviation for "social circles" that it lacks sufficient distinctiveness to indicate the origin of a product related to social networking.

If they wanted an RTM then they should have gone for a misspelling.

Is that in a similar enough field for trademark infringement?

As far as just the name, Etsy just released a 'follow me' type feature called 'Circles' a couple of months ago. http://www.etsy.com/storque/etsy-news/shop-together-circles-...

It's actually kind of confusing. Saying you 'circled' someone sounds odd, since it's not quite accurate. 'in your circle' vs 'in my circle' is kind of clunky compared to 'following me' or 'I follow'.

They don't offer anything related to groups of friends, though. It's a generic implementation of the usual 'following' set up.

I'm positive it'll just be a matter of time before "Sphere" rolls out.

No, because people can't think in 3 dimensional Ven Diagrams.

Perhaps MonkeySphere, which begins ejecting least-touched contacts once you hit 100.


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