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Interesting, but we already have Facebook groups, Diaspora, Frid.ge, I even developed my own site to solve this problem last year, Buddify. What exactly is new here other than social group separation? Speaking from experience in this field, I'm certain this won't take off, it's very difficult to gain traction with a new social network in an age where facebook is still growing at a steady pace. Unless I'm missing something here?

Never say never. Admittedly Google's recent track-record with seemingly social products like Buzz and Wave is not terrific, something tells me they would have learnt from them and would be looking to do things differently this time (if at all the rumor is what it is).

Well I could be horribly wrong, of course. I prolifically said back in 2007 that Android would never take off ;). I just think the odds are against Google at the moment unfortunately.

Facebook fatigue is growing at a rapid pace. Just because all my friends are on facebook doesn't mean facebook is a great app - I actually think it's pretty terrible (design, functionality, of course privacy settings, etc), it's just the first app to really implement an activity feed. The barrier to entry in this space may not be as large as it seems.

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