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(We intend to get rid of pagination once the next implementation of Arc is ready.)

So you are adding endless-scroll? One of the Web UI things that the HN community regularly complain about on other sites?

Please make it optional. :)

> So you are adding endless-scroll?

Not necessarily. I seem to remember that HN used to be without pagination, all the comments were just listed on one page (without any JS to load more comments etc) but servers started to struggle when HN got more users which led to sometimes too many comments, so they added the pagination.

Somehow I associate this with the thread when Steve Jobs died, but not sure how accurate that is. My memory is kind of sucky.

What is endless about it? You’d assume there will be a finite amount of comments when you load the thread page, and the new implementation can just render that.

AI will generate new comments as you scroll... :)

As with many things in "modern" web development, "endless-scroll" is not really endless (as nothing is endless). It's a technique similar to how Facebook, Twitter and others continue to automatically load content when you reach the bottom, giving the impression of "endless" content. Of course, even Facebook and Twitter would eventually run out of content to show, but somehow that pattern got the name "endless scroll".

See also: isomorphic, real-time, serverless and countless others examples of poorly named concepts in web development.

I know the feature they alluded to, thanks for the explanation. Comments on a thread are finite at any moment in time though, you wouldn't find "related content" as you were scrolling a specific thread page on HN. That was my point.

I was very surprised when I first found out FB would run out content. I had assumed that it would just go further back in time, even if the feed was not strictly chronological.

Pardon me; nothing is further from my mind. See replies elsewhere in this subthread.

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