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Wow, this is cool. What was the inspiration for this? Why Rust?

I like to draw, and I suppose my frustrations with other animation packages that I’ve tried were the main inspiration. It’s quite nice to have something that combines two hobbies into one.

When I started I picked Rust because I’d been learning it and wanted to try using it on a more substantial project. I’m very happy with it as a choice of language: it definitely has a difficult learning curve especially with the way borrowing looks similar to references in a garbage-collected languages but works very differently. However, it’s a very expressive language: something about it makes it very easy to write code quickly that’s still very easy to follow later on.

Awesome. I dabbled with Rust several years ago, but have been thinking about diving back into it... Do you have any recommendations about where to start?

The official Rust Programming Language book is excellent and was all I really needed to learn the language. I had a small project to work on that I didn't mind rewriting after my first attempt (my build server is a NUC and I wanted to write some software flash the LEDs on the front to indicate build state)

I suspect everyone goes through a phase of hating borrowing when learning Rust: it's helpful to know that it's something that eventually 'clicks' and really stops being an issue. It didn't exist when I was learning, but 'Learning Rust with Entirely Too Many Linked Lists' looks like it would have helped a lot.

Thanks! I'll check that out...

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