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I've spent a decent amount of time learning over the time that this quarantine has been going on.

A major issue that I've seen is that of most beginner-focused educational content not being fast enough to learn with for the more experienced developer. This along with the fact that time is often a big issue for us. I've had numerous times where I had to learn a new framework within a 1-2 week time span in order to plug some work gap or speed up a project, and found no legitimate resources that could allow an intermediate developer like me to learn faster.

This is why I am currently creating content targeted specifically at intermediate to advanced developers and teaching new languages and frameworks (using the 'constructivist' method) in a way that makes the process of learning them much more efficient. In short, faster.

It's a little rough around the edges but you can check out the blog where I share my current tutorials here: https://fromtoschool.com.

To gain a better understanding of why the method of teaching that I've described is more efficient than others for the intermediate developer, check out this post: https://fromtoschool.com/why-most-programming-tutorials-are-....

I really need saviors like you! Learning a new programming language / framework is often too redundant initially.

Thank you! What is it that you're currently learning or trying to learn at this moment?

Yep, I would also suggest https://learnxinyminutes.com/ to learn any new porgramming language quickly if you have experience in similar languages.

Thanks for the share.

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