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I built a half-pipe with my 10-year-old son! We designed it in Sketchup, did a material takeoff in Excel, and built it with lumber that got delivered to our house. 4’ high, 8’ wide and 29’ long—-and hours and hours of fun. Teaching things like trig and how to use a chop saw and the difference between different grades of plywood to a boy who’s learning-starved since school closed has been one of the more rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Excellent project. Not as hard as a half pipe, when I was 8 my Dad and I built a lumber bike rack. Classic memory, its still stationed in front of the garage having taken quiet a beating. During the summer every night of mine and my siblings - sometimes drunken - teenage buffoonery for years on end ended with us riding/crashing into each slot.

post some pics! loved building boxes and half pipes when I was younger. Rad dad!

Maybe in a few(?) years you can redo it but make it 8' high :)

Badass. Where do you live, and can I come skate?

+1 for being a rad dad. I built a box when I was younger with my dad. Fun times.

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