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Me and my friend have just started something we are calling PomPals, which is pomodoro timer which basically syncs with your friends, so you can hang out during your breaks together.

It is an electron (toolbar) app, which uses WebRTC, so should be fully P2P.

It is too early to use or show, but I did not want to miss out on this thread!


I just had a quick /r/keming/ moment while reading "PomPals"

I don't know much about WebRTC or electron, so forgive me if this question makes no sense: if it's a simple toolbar app (such as a Chrome extension) why is electron needed?

Hi! When I say toolbar, I mean in the native toolbar (runs outside the browser) - we decided with this approach due to the fact you may not always be in a browser (coding for example).

This is an idea I had but never executed on: Teamodoro. I like your name better! Hope you can take it to good place so I can try it with my remote co-founder : )

Super interesting - thanks for sharing :)

I'd definitely be trying this out when its ready!

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