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Will the next implementation of Arc also include the ability to delete posts and comments?

Surely there might be some portion of the 1,200 people who posted today that may want to delete their submission in the future.

Allowing them to do so would be civil don’t you think?

(There may also be those who figured out there is a risk here and just avoid sharing anything anymore, but that’s another story).

Your many posts and emails about this are beginning to resemble harassment. We've given you many lengthy explanations and I've deleted dozens of posts at your request. I've spent hours engaging with you about this, answering questions and objections and explaining HN's approach in deep detail.

As I've explained many times in these conversations, we're happy to delete specific posts and to redact identifying information. What we don't allow is wholesale deletion of account history. You disagree with that—you've said so dozens of times—and this has now become repetitive and your behavior has become abusive. Actually, it became abusive months ago, including with surprisingly vicious comments in email. We try give people the benefit of the doubt and cut them slack for as long as we can, but I don't see what else to do at this point but ban your account and ask you to stop.

So the person with all the power, the one who speaks in plural about what he allows is suddenly some how the victim?

Please just delete all my comments. Including this one.

It's time to stop.

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