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The term 'atom' is a clojure-ism, that's where both I and reframe get it from.

Re-frame's atoms are actually Reagent's 'ratoms' ('reactive atoms'). They're built on Clojure atoms, but can reactively prompt a re-render of any component that depends on them when the content of the ratom changes.

Re-frame wraps Reagent, and introduces the concept of "subscriptions". A subscription either returns the content of an atom, or state derived from it, equivalent to Recoil's selectors. Re-frame also introduces the concept of a global application DB, a single atom that contains various pieces of state, such that you can develop your entire app around it.

I haven't tried Recoil, but I'll give it a shot on my next JS project - I tend to use ClojureScript for front-end precisely because I find the Reagent/Reframe approach simpler and more effective than any of the plain JS React approaches (for complex apps, anyway).

Lots of software has "atomic" concepts. Like SQL databases.

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