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> Interesting; Shopify doesn't use TruffleRuby, but instead prefers MRI?

Shopify's investing in TruffleRuby as well as MRI - they employ me to work on it. We have it able to run one major app, but still working on making it as fast as we'd like.

Idiotic. That’s what using the right tool for the job is all about. Ruby isn’t for everything and never will be. Just stick to CRuby (or JRuby if integrating with the JVM). They’re already stable. No point diluting the space with more rubies for superficial reasons like lessening the performance trade off in Ruby when there are many many other languages better suited for high performance algorithms to apply where needed. That’s what good engineering is all about after all. Knowing trade-offs and choosing the right tool for the job, not denying them or trying to fight them like TruffleRuby idiotically does. Shopify is like Canada’s Groupon. The only reason they are profiting is because they have a simple business idea despite their mediocre engineering skills.

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