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Thanks! In rough order of priority:

* Add sliders for setting greenery and hills preferences (so you can _prefer_ hills, rather than just avoid them)

* Add support for preferring particular surfaces (e.g. tarmac vs trail)

* Add support for creating distance-specific round-trip routes that pass through one or more waypoints (at the moment you can only specify a start/stop location for round-trip)

* Sometimes round-trip routing suggests some very complex routes which would be hard to follow when running. Some work could go into simplifying such cases.

* Improve the UI/UX, it's still quite fiddly, especially on mobile

More distant:

* Cycling support

* Native mobile apps (there are already mobile apps for Trail Router, but they're basically WebViews)

* Offline routing support in the mobile app?!

* Direct sync'ing of routes to watches/Strava would be nice, but there's no open APIs for this yet.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to chip in!

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