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Thanks, stream of consciousness feedback is ideal. :)

> After a few levels I found clusters of letters I was having trouble with building up over time (there was an “X” right in the middle, and like six “I”s clumped up). I found myself wishing there was some mechanic that could clear them out. Maybe that would make it too easy though.

Yep, this seems worthwhile looking at. Maybe smarter letter randomisation would help this e.g. don't allow a new "I" tile in a place that has two "I" tiles already, don't allow clusters of consonants.

> I really love the animation when you make it to the next level, very satisfying.

Great! I thought I needed something flashier so I'm happy this could be enough.

> On mobile safari, holding your finger on a tile for too long causes a text selection.

Ah, thought I caught that. Thanks!

> I’d love a “zen mode” with no timer!

Yep, I want to figure something out for this. It's pretty fun thinking of different scoring mechanics and how this impacts gameplay strategy.

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