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Detailed answer here: https://trailrouter.com/about/#the-route-being-suggested-inc...

There is a setting in Trail Router to "Avoid Potentially Unsafe Roads" which makes it much more conservative about road choices.

It uses OSM data for routing information, but this is quite poor for pedestrian safety (particularly in the US it seems, where some 'secondary' roads are very safe, and others are death traps). There are specific tags for foot access and sidewalks, but they are rarely used outside of cities. Crossing the I-95 should only be done if there's a bridge going over it, it should never take you across the lanes of traffic (!). If it does, please do email me a link to the route if you don't mind.

Allow users to rate the safety/quality/busy-ness of each segment?

Number of users who finish a route divided by number of users who start.

Number of users that finish crossing the road divided by the number of users that start crossing.

The joke is there, but it's not actually quite that macabre -- if a route feels unsafe, more users will abandom it midway through.

The Triborough bridge had a pedestrian walkway; I've never made it across because the rail is below my center of mass, and nope.

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