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I live in a condo with a concierge service, and I need to order passes for delivery guys with a phone call. Naturally, this got very boring very quickly, so I made a Chrome extension which upon a click connects to a Voximplant app which calls the concierge, receives his voice input, forwards it to Dialogflow, and uses the intent recognized by DF to play back recorded audio tracks of my voice asking for a pass, answering questions or thanking the concierge.

I'm thinking about making the extension intercept the traffic to the website of my favorite delivery services and automatically place the call so the button click also won't be required.

This is my view of the AI dystopia. AI for calling concierge, AI for answering concierge, AI for monitoring the concierge calls, AI for all the pointless things that humans used to do, but expanded and accelerated massively. Humans spending their lives training AI to defeat some new attack or spam bot.

The "AI" part here is a bug, not a feature. I wouldn't have to do it if I had an API for sending requests, or a condo-provided app, or at least if the concierge service used e.g. Telegram officially. Since neither of these is true, I had to resort to a workaround.

This is both horrifying and amazing, haha.

Incredible. By the end of the quarantine you'll be able to work as usual up until the point where you casually open the door to catch the concierge with your meal anticipating the fact that he doesn't need to ring the doorbell anymore.

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