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I wanted to see it from a 15 year old's perspective, not just some generic advice, especially given the title. Talk more about stuff that's unique to a teenage developer for more interesting content.

I was employed for SWE at 15 and worked at Shopify at 16 (legal working age in Canada is 14 for non-hazardous jobs). Here are some semi-serious thoughts;

1. Not being able to drink at company events :( Intern and team events are sometimes dinner, booze and music. My apple juice was pretty good, and if it when up the wrong pipe then I could get the burn too! (there was actually a time where I never experienced that and deliberately tried to to get a sugary beverage into my nose. Kids, right?)

2. Dodging the education question as long as possible. I once got past two interviews with Mozilla before they realized how old I was. If you tell them your age immediately, they stop taking you seriously. If you tell them after a few interviews it amplifies your interview performance.

3. Short summers. When I interned at Shopify, I only had two months. I did that twice, and that really shows today in my ability to ramp up on new jobs/projects.

4. Quietly laughing at how much money your friends think you make. My friends in high school estimated anywhere between 15 - 50 dollars per hour of income.

5. Constantly questioning whether you were a pity/charity hire. Didn't help that I'm also female. I think when I was hired at Shopify I may have been one of the poorest performing intern by whatever measure, but I ended up with a full-time offer in less than a year. Embrace and accept the brownie points you get just by being young!

> Embrace and accept the brownie points you get just by being young!

+1. I was the youngest in everything I did/achieved, until one day I wasn’t. It’s natural to take the ego boost, but it’s definitely something to introspect about and not get too attached to - I’ve seen the loss of the “young prodigy” label affect some friends deeply.

+1, I felt so emotional and terrified because being young was apart of my identity. This might be too soon for OP, but I recommend distancing yourself from your age whenever you feel ready.

Hey! I know u from the gci chat :). To get those internships so early, did you simply apply and then prove your worth on the interview or did you know anyone there?

Any ways, congrats and good luck!

I definitely will, in my next post, I will write about how I am transitioning into paid work even though I'm not legally allowed to sign contracts.

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