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ReasonML is an umbrella project/sponsor for many subprojects, all of which have the goal of bringing fully type safe, fast compiling, fast executing code to the widest number of developers and today that means JavaScript developers. Many ReasonML projects support or improve upstream OCaml ecosystem. For example, package management workflows (https://esy.sh), interactive repls that work with Reason syntax, and OCaml syntax (see https://sketch.sh), and many community members contribute to the developer tools (next generation language server created by OCamlLabs). Others are building CI infrastructure, and many other projects. Reason Syntax was the first entry into the ecosystem. It's not done evolving/improving, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for all the projects under the umbrella. BuckleScript has been developed with Reason users in mind. Syntax is one of the most important things when introducing a language, and one of the biggest tripping points for new people trying out OCaml so it makes sense that it would be the first entry. But it's not the last, it's not the only, and it's not finished evolving/improving.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, Jordan, but none of what you posted is relevant to my concerns from the above two comments.

I believe it does address part of your comments. At the very least:

"And then we have the ReasonML project that has seen even less activity recently"

You comment seemed to be based on the assumption that the Reason syntax is the sum total of the Reason project, and I provided examples that would adjust that frame of reference. See the high level goal I mentioned - bring fast development, fast running, fully type safe programming to the largest audience possible. Syntax is one important piece, but not everything, and it's not everything under the ReasonML project umbrella.

Ah, you're right. I did judge the Reason project by the number of commits its main repo has seen in the past year.

But surely you'll agree that "fast development, fast running, fully type safe programming" has been achieved years ago, and any incremental improvements coming from the BS project are just that - incremental.

You forgot the most important part: "to the largest audience possible". I think that's the biggest disconnect here.

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