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> Except, that is, for the summer I interned at Hewlett-Packard. Not sure how it never came up there; maybe they just have their own equivalent system.

When was this? Leo Apotheker became CEO of HP in 2010, after 22 years at SAP (two as CEO). He then presided over a sequence of colossal fuck-ups, lost 40% market cap, and was fired less than a year later.

HP definitely knows about SAP, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not big fans.

Correction: 22 years at SAP, not as CEO.

He ran sales arms of SAP for 20 years, not SAP itself. After he became CEO of SAP itself he was fired after 2 years, then he joined HP amd he was fired from that after one year. Pretty rough end to his career there..

... or maybe it's the perfect ending?

I'm not sure about his SAP earnings, but he sold HP an 11 month CEO for upwards of 27.5M[0]. That sounds like the perfect way to end your sales career ;-)


Promoted to the level of his incompetence perhaps.

Both hp and SAP are absolutely gargantuan companies (try guessing how many employees each had by the end of his tenure- unless you actually know I'll bet you'll underestimate it). They are also old (for computer related companies at least) and have lots of products for lots of clients.

Not to say he wasn't bad at it (I honestly don't know) but it's a hard job to get right.

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