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Who cares? Being good at bullshitting is like being a good liar or good at dissimulation. The "good" is only analogical in meaning. Virtuous intelligent people, the wise, are habituated and developed in the direction of truth and away from lies, deceit and bullshit. They have a sensitivity to the truth and the value of truth. Bullshitting requires and in turn reinforces a kind of mental dullness and blindness. It leads to a kind of degeneration of the mental faculties. If you don't care about the truth—only the parochial effects of your petty machinations—then you are frustrating the intellect and its grasp of reality. You are reinforcing vices while weakening the capacity for discernment and the strengths and virtues needed for proper intellectual function and receptivity.

It's a bit like what happens when an intelligent coward is met with contrary evidence. He will turn away from the truth and go to great lengths to rationalize it away, and in doing so, he will blind himself to the truth. Making that a habit through repetition only deepens the vice and unravels the mind, making it increasingly difficult to dig yourself out.

Bullshit is just a way to practice one of the hardest forms of interaction: attracting a difficult to get mate.

Not that you need to bullshit them, but often a woman tests a mans abilities before she decides on a relationship. The tests are many. Some are of loyalty, some of intellect.

But many are of how quickly you can react to unknown, hard to grasp things. It’s called “banter” usually, and it’s absolutely vital in many cultures and areas to attract someone.

Banter is essentially “bullshit”, except it’s highly entertaining. It can contain tons of truth (it can be almost all truth and even more so than a dry analytical conversation ever could, in a Straussian way). But the ability to play along, take up characters, bluff, and know exactly when to push things and when to let them up, to understand the “game” of having fun through conversation. That’s basically as important a thing you can learn, absolutely vital to reproductive success, and honestly one of the most fun activities that exists.

Sure, you can draw a line and say stupid banter is stupid or pure BS is BS. But you’re totally missing the point and the fun behind it, and the real usefulness. Talking dryly about science wont convince people - but giving a good fictional story with some (wink wink) bluster and can convey much richer meaning and keep people engaged.

I don’t see “banter” as “bullshit”. Sure, it’s usually the exact opposite of a geeky, factual conversation, but the purpose of banter is to bond, whereas the purpose of bullshit is to mislead (consciously or unconsciously) (while avoiding outright lies).

I agree.

Another problem is that the truth often doesn't matter, and the intelligent cowards knows it. He won't deny the truth, but he will explain why the truth doesn't matter.

> he will blind himself to the truth

Not necessarily. He would try to not turn to cynicism. But cynicism can be very tempting.

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