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New tools. Same as today. Ui designers have been replaced by algos generating nr of clicks, and programmers by JavaScript frameworks and libs.

Remember there was a time, a sweetspot, when browsing was something that would never tax any modern computer?

Nowadays, with my work issued laptop, many web pages (especially apps) load slow or are laggy. They even continue to load stuff while I scroll, which makes everything worse.

And we got used to that, just because each week a new tool, tracker or framework comes out that just needs to be out on the page post haste.

The stuff that web developers get away with through the ages would have gotten other devs fired. Look at how crisp and usable the Win2k UI was, while web pages looked like that.

Web devs today are the same people who put font gifs, colorful backgrounds, flash intros and midi files on websites back then.

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