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Maebashi, Gunma here. I was on the 10th floor of city hall when it happened and bookcases were falling all over; we were trying to hold them up and not really getting how serious it was. That was a few hours ago and we're still getting periodic aftershocks. No sea here, so we don't have to worry about tsunami, luckily.

I was fine during the quake itself and now I'm having an attack of the nerves; it still feels like the ground is moving and I can't stop eating, heh.

Malls and grocery stores are closed, so the local convenience stores are being stripped of absolutely everything.

I hope you don't try and hold up book-cases in the future (not sure how large they are). But during an earthquake, they could easily crush you.

Not big ones -- not even over my shoulders. Just full; we were trying to keep the contents from falling all over.

I'm on au and getting mail on my cell phone in random batches; if I force a mail check, it'll give me a few messages, but they don't seem to be pushing e-mail notifications. I guess this is their way of dealing with the flood of mail.

An interesting anecdote: the only provider that ISN'T forwarding/storing my messages properly is Softbank. It worried me until I noticed, but all e-mails I'm trying to send to friends with Softbank phones are just bouncing.

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