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I am happy how simple it is. And how simple the news.yc one is too. I always thought ranking was more magical

Your comment reminds me of something I once learned about simplicity in complex business systems.

The early ERP systems had complex algorithms computing action items for people to act upon (what to buy, what to adjust, what to move, what to make, etc.) Nobody understood them. So everyone had a built in excuse, "The computer did it." The bosses had trouble holding people accountable because a) the bosses didn't understand the algorithms themselves and b) It was hard to argue with that logic.

Then ERP systems starting using much simpler altorithms and rules. For example, "Don't tell me to change anything unless it's more than 3 days early or more than 3 days late." Something anyone could understand. It took about 10 years, but man and machine finally started working together.

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