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Ask HN: What are the other websites you visit daily?
133 points by flashyfaffe2 on May 8, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 39 comments
I'm curious over what others website, people regularly visit in addition to NewsYcombinator? As aggregator, I finds it great, especially for topic that are out of my area. But is there similar websites in your daily feed or blog you follow?

Any insight would be appreciated.


One thing is: I don’t. That is, if I like a site and it has an RSS feed or feeds I put them in my reader. If not, I can’t be bothered going to the site. Why?

- because who knows if it has updated. - if there are two or three posts since my last visit I can’t tell at a glance

Basically if ppl can’t be bothered to put out an RSS feed they can’t be bothered having me as a reader. That’s ok; there’s plenty to read, and not everybody needs to cater to my wishes.

Ditto. I put everything in newsblur and get a holistic view of topics I care about, and can zoom in and read articles when they grab me.

So what RSS feeds have you subscribed to?

Well it’s up to your tastes. I have major newspapers (Economist, NYT, Wapo, Zeit, Spiegel, Figaro) trade press (EE Times, Science, Matt Levine at Bloomberg), and local newspapers. Fortunately you can subscribe to sub feeds!

I have various “major” blogs (e.g. vox).

I get corporate / tech updates like abseil, omnigroup etc — low volume and useful.

I follow personal blogs, some from people for whom it’s part of their business (Herb Sutter, Bartek, Heather Cox Richardson, Matt Stollar...),

Many things that are sent as “email updates” are available as RSS feeds too which is more convenient than cluttering my mail. Substack mailing lists for example are all available as RSS feeds.

Bit late to the party. I checked out thebrowser.com but there is no mention of the subscription cost anywhere - it seems they won't tell you until you give them your email. Would you know the cost per billing period? It seems like a cool service but I'm curious how their cost compares to something like the economist (different information, I know).

I love food52

https://www.aldaily.com - I've been going here for more than fifteen years now. It's a great way for me to keep in touch with the literary world both contemporary as well as classics.

Glad to learn about this site, thanks.

https://thecorrespondent.com/ The Correspondent is an online platform for unbreaking news, committed to collaborative, constructive, ad-free journalism. Together with our members, we want to change what news is about, how it’s made and how it’s funded.

RIP - https://www.linuxjournal.com/



Used to check the weather, forget the url. =P

https://moss.garden for background music.

This is a great discovery!


JSTOR Daily is an online publication that contextualizes current events with scholarship. Drawing on the richness of JSTOR’s digital library of more than 2,000 academic journals, thousands of monographs, and other materials, JSTOR Daily stories provide background—historical, scientific, literary, political, and otherwise—for understanding our world. All of our stories contain links to free, publicly accessible research on JSTOR. We’re proud to publish articles based in fact and grounded by careful research and to provide free access to that research for all of our readers.

Four Short Links


has 4 links daily, high overlap with the sort of stuff on Hacker News.

I just subscribe to the hacker news telegram robot (@hnrobot). All the updated posts and articles are just posted there on one page. Really convenient.

I also collated some of these sites that I think are really useful and segregated them based on their domains. Hope it is of great use for you readers! (:


https://kottke.org/ - love Jason's blog, https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/ - great news aggregator, https://pluralistic.net/ - another good one, https://www.drudgereport.com/ - as someone that leans left I sometimes check drudge out to see what my dad is reading, https://www.matthewball.vc/ - recently found this guy, been enjoying some of his essays

I visit https://www.itswinwinboardgames.com daily in search of board games at a discount. (I built it for that purpose) + https://www.boardgamegeek.com + r/boardgames

  • Twitter (great for following people or sites you find on HN)
  • Subreddits for specific interests (like /r/Unity3D or /r/Hololens)
  • Podcasts, like:
      - Indie Hackers (https://www.indiehackers.com/)
      - Software Engineering Daily
      - Stratechery
      - Startups for the Rest of Us
      - Artificial Intelligence w/ Lex Fridman
      - How I Built This
  • https://lobste.rs
  • YouTube subscriptions

https://github.com/ytisf/theZoo daily in search of new malware sources

https://www.theregister.co.uk/ Tech/science news, written in a funny way.

In order of visits per week: 1) gratefulness.io 2) trello.com 3) Strava 4) LinkedIn Learning (used to be Coursera) 5) Feedly

... but did you mean news websites specifically?

You visit gratefulness.io the most every week!? I'm the creator of Gratefulness and that's incredible!! It's crazy that our small little thing on the corner of the internet is something you use so much.

Thanks so much for the support!!


Following them since 14 years. Amazing source of news about latest advancements in space (both civil and military use).


Wish they owned ddg.com

You can use duck.com

Yes, but in my case not daily.

Hackernews, Indiehackers, dribble, Google news, space.com, newscientist, sciencedaily, twitter, reddit.

* Arstechnica * Anandtech * Randsinprose * Reddit * (Podcasts + Audiobooks)

Reddit app and Microsoft News app are the only one’s I open daily.

I will pretty much list the sites I visit daily.

Google News (I couldn't find a clutter free alternative that gives an easy snapshot of news about India/world)

Brief (aka Morning Reader)

https://overcast.fm (I listen to podcasts from the web app when on the computer, I wish they had a native desktop app)

https://theoldreader.com (I've given up on Mac RSS reader apps)

Twitter, Reddit, Some private trackers, https://lobste.rs, MeFi, Vimeo, IMDb (almost daily)

And yes, wikipedia :)

Not too many. I mostly "visit" sites using RSS. https://lobste.rs/ is another one of similar sites to Hacker News that I end up on very often.


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