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Although I love emacs and use it every day, I'd say the JVM is at least light years ahead. I've been using it in various settings for the past 15 years and although I didn't need to push it far away, what it does is nothing short of impressive. In my use cases (business processing), it's performance are really good, the GC works fine, the profiler is really helpful, it is super predictable.

But nothing beats the fun of writing a few functions to improve my beloved editor. If it was Java I just would not do it...

The jvm is light years ahead, but on another problem track.

I am not taking away from it's accomplishments. But, in the domain of editors, it has netbeans, eclipse, and intellij as examples. Which are all impressive in their own ways, but a culture of modifications is not included in that list. :)

ah, yep, you're right. I understand you better now.

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