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For those interested in the human aspects of Emacs development, be sure to check out Appendix B, "INTERVIEW WITH JOSEPH ARCENEAUX". Many accounts have been given of the FSF / Lucid Emacs "schism", but I think this is the first time that his side of the story has been told. His perspective is unique in that he was the only person AFAIK to have worked for both FSF and Lucid.

[1] shows the full email chain history surrounding the schism, along with Jamie Zawinski's hilarious but partisan introduction. Arceneaux contributed just one plaintive email:

> As the person somewhat in the middle this extended phlegm, it strikes me that both accounts of this history contain a certain degree of inaccuracy.

> Be that as it may, I would like to urge the parties involved to forget all this and again make efforts to join forces. Lucid has some talented hackers which can and have done good things for emacs (in fact, version 19 already uses some of their code), and if the "bosses" can work out their politics, the community will benefit.

[1] https://www.jwz.org/doc/lemacs.html

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