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(anon for this)

What's your view on a founder of startup that's relatively young (6-12 months) but with some traction applying to YC with an idea for a completely different startup?

Would you consider it a negative that they're quitting on their earlier startup?

No, it's not a problem. This happens to lots of startups even after we fund them.

If you can talk intelligently about why your previous project isn't working, that's actually a point in your favor.

A startup is a unique endeavor where failure is generally viewed as a positive experience.

Getting fired from a job hardly looks good on a resume, but having a failed startup under your belt is almost seen as a badge of honor.

True, but it's conditional. It's only seen as a badge of honor if you learn from your mistakes and can talk openly about what went wrong. Otherwise, you come off as defensive (and therefore insecure).

Luckily, I think a community that makes it okay to fail encourages people to not be defensive. They know they won't be labeled a "loser", that they still have a chance to make it.

I agree wholeheartedly here. I've seen that communities which shuns failure are filled with people who disguise failure and twist outcomes to make them appear as huge successes in order to achieve bragging rights and consulting gigs.

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