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That's correct it's usable from an iPad during the beta. There are a few known issues but we're planning on addressing those so that we can support this workflow (I work as the product lead on Codespaces).

Seems you are about to finally turn the iPad into a good development device :)

Does it work with the software keyboard? I seem to recall Monaco not really supporting mobile.

I haven't specifically tried it, but I think it would be challenging given how much screen real estate the keyboard takes.

Super excited to hear this, I had the exact same question reading the page. Any chance you'd be willing to slip us a peak on when we could reasonably (even a Qx ballpark) on when Beta begins?

The beta signup list is available today https://github.com/features/codespaces and we'll add people in the order they sign up.

My kingdom for native VSCode on iPad. It’d be soooo much better than a Safari version.

Wow, great to hear!

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