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I got the heck out the SF Bay Area to semi-rural NorCal, and have a good 12 months of food that would normally get eaten anyhow. Curiously, I frequently see drivers speeding down the street here with their vehicle windows down, no masks, and acting like there's no such thing as a virus. One of the adjacent properties is constructing a house and multiple neighbors have been chainsawing pines and oaks nonstop for the past month. In 3 months, I've only been off-property once for an emergency dental visit.

I don't think there is, or ever will be, sufficient testing evidence to justify similar-to-past public interaction until if or when there is a safe and effective vaccine deployed that covers all strains. The prevalence is basically unknown and will only be worse when there is no longer mindshare or patience to keep up the fight... I think nearly all of this socioeconomic pain will be for naught because of the endgame.

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