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Show HN: Icing Addict – a delightful game where you decorate cookies with icing (play.google.com)
3 points by kangabru 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hey HN! I'm Scotty - the creator of this game. It's a delightful game which lets you decorate cookies with icing aimed at kids or those with a creative streak.

Why am I posting it here? I reckon it's got some cool tech which may be of interest to you all.

Firstly, I built the game using Flutter. I wanted to learn something new and Flutter always looked promising to me. I just wasn't sure if it would support custom graphics for a game though. In the end it turned out great! I found Flutter to be fantastic to develop with and most of the animations/transitions wouldn't be in the game if it weren't so easy to do.

Secondly, one major aspect which I think is cool is the icing algorithm itself. It doesn't follow your finger exactly which lends it to feel somewhat sticky like icing. It's a unique feeling 'brush' which I hope makes this game fun yet challenging. It's also a feature that was tricky to get right and make performant.

If you have any questions about the app, Flutter etc. be sure to leave a comment. Hope you dig the game!

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