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The downvotes you've gotten aren't fair but it's worth pointing out:

It's this kind of thinking (on the part of their competition) that lets Apple keep their head start for way, way longer than necessary.

The short answer: Because what you're proposing would be terrible.

Apple's money magnet is creating a sense of delight and surprise. You'd be mimicking the result, a snap on cover, without grasping the intent, which is to make you feel like a kid seeing magic. People don't want a cover. They want to be delighted by a cover.

At least, they do now, since Apple has shown them it is possible to feel this way.

It continually shocks me how few people grasp this.

Yay! Throw the iPad 1 in the trash for the iPad 2! Because the cover is blinged out with a magnet! On. the. inside! MAGNETS ARE MAGIC! Watch the magician make your money disappear into his pocket! Waste! Waste! Waste! This country is doomed.

No you just sell your iPad1 on eBay like everyone else. You'll get a decent fraction of your purchase price back.

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