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In 5 years there'll be another shiny thing everyone will flock to. It's part of the fun, but there are some languages that just do that particular thing just right. Ruby/Rails is bittersweet to me. It does that thing just so right, but it feels like there's an evolution around the corner that could be an upgrade when it comes to the ecosystem. It certainly doesn't feel like Rust is a good replacement if you enjoy Ruby syntax and dynamic typing simplicity. Ruby reminds me a lot of how Perl 5 is a great language, yet finding jobs in Perl 5 is becoming more and more difficult.

I'd love to think that Raku (formerly Perl 6) would be that language, but it doesn't seem like the trajectory is there.

Just because something is new and shiny doesn't mean it's not a step forward. People dismissed Rails with these same criticisms in the beginning. Sometimes new tech gives us a big step up in productivity and I think we can now do better than Ruby/PHP/Python.

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