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How is that an advantage for listeners? Payola was made illegal for a good reason. Pay to play live venues are treated with derision by music fans. I really don't see why any music fan would choose this over a model where music is chosen based on merit alone.

Hey 9999...I understand your skepticism. The advantage for listeners is no commercials or fees, and flexibility and features that are prohibited when you rely on statutory licenses. We haven't seen that current outlets rely on merit alone, and we're tired of seeing bands waste money on fliers just hoping someone goes home and listens to them online. I think you'll see that the artists on our platform are incredibly talented and high quality, and when you get your first free album by hitting one of our site's triggers, you'll see how working direct with artists benefits listeners.

Ironically one of the few services I happily pay for is Pandora in order to listen ad free. I don't really find the earbits model any better.

In case you're wondering what 9999 is talking about (like I was) check this wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payola

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