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Agreed. With personalized streams for every listener, bands with a $10 budget can have the same (albeit scaled down) opportunity as someone with $1000. With terrestrial markets there's no way to start small. Additionally, anyone with a split focus on advertisers and an attempt at this model are not going to compete with someone who has 100% focus on treating artists like clients.

You realize that's not a compliment, right? Payola was terrible for music and terrible for musicians. On behalf of myself and all the other musicians I promote: You're hurting music.

It is not true. Distribution and promotion is broken at the moment. By helping find the right audience and right sound $10 at a time, you don't have to be 50cent to evolve your music in the street.

If you are promoting music, is there any reason why you wouldn't use earbits to test new audiences?

Because pay-for-play is the very worst of the music industry and I won't support it in any form.

On one hand, pay-for-play is repulsive because it allows deep pocketed promoters to promote bands ahead of others. Is this why it is repugnant?

Playing the devil's advocate here:

From a business sense, pay-for-play is like advertising, isn't it? It is a way of building an audience.

In the end, there are audiences that radio stations have built up, and pay-for-play may be cheaper than plastering the streets with posters, or paying promoters, or touring, which is just as expensive.

One equivalent in the search engine world is SEO vs PPC listings. Each has its cost. If you didn't know the people looking for a particular genre of music, but somebody did, and they did it as a business - i.e. quit their jobs, put in risk capital, why wouldn't you pay them for the information?

Thanks. As someone who managed $48M in performance marketing, I was destroyed to see what musicians go through when I started promoting my album. I used to drop $2 CD's off at head shops because I thought stoners would like our music. People can complain about this all they want, but we believe this will be the PPC of music, and if I can play someone's music to 200 people for the same $2 that we spent giving it to one person, I will sleep very well at night.

Congratulations. It is an unintuitive solution to a persistent problem. Is it serendipity that you were doing PPC and making music at the same time? Most broke artists wouldn't have thought about spending money this way to get exposure, but this can really solve a very fundamental problem.

I didn't mean it either way. Payola existed and still exists in various forms; It's ingrained in the music business as a form of promotion. I would, however, like to see it be a bit more transparent, though.

Payola wasn't terrible for the musicians who got played. We're making it a model that a brand new band with no following can buy into. For $10 we can play a band 1000 times. They usually get less than 100 fliers for that, most of which go into the garbage. People should protest Kinko's....not us.

Rape isn't terrible for the people who do the raping. Thanks for making the industry just a little bit worse.

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