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Hey Sev,

Our algorithm, much like Adwords, will be a combination of ratings, relevancy to a particular user, and only after those things help determine a fit would their bid affect anything. Also, a band who spends more may be introduced to more people, but will not necessarily saturate the experience for a single user, as is the case in regular radio. Also, we don't sell pipe dreams to artists with low quality material. Everybody has to be approved, and I think you'll find that even if you don't love everything you hear on Earbits, it is all high quality, professional-grade music.

That sounds good. It's just that it's easy to get carried away with an algorithm you own which produces money by "selling out" and doing what your highest bidders want you to do in this kind of business. As long as it's monitored and done in such a way to make money and be appealing to non-mainstream as well as mainstream styles, this will be very useful.

Yeah...we're forcing ourselves to focus on quality by not charging the band until someone has listened to 30 seconds. If we get a lot of skips, we lose money, so we're forced to focus on the right matches and high quality music. We want to do this right.

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