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Poll: Are you a Steve or a Chris?
19 points by crizCraig on Mar 9, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
A follow up to http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2305811
110 points
45 points
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29 points

Ah, this is interesting. I'd love to see how this classification correlates with age and the recent poll about which OS you use.

I'm 45, a "Both" and use Win7 and Linux.

28 / neither / everything (though only Windows professionally at the moment)

Outside of the occasional burst, my programming style is typically cautious and incremental, but not perfectionist.

30, Steve, OS X on the desktop, Linux on the servers.

31, Steve, OS X

35, Steve, OS X desktop / Linux server

38, "Crhis", Vista and Linux

32, "Both", Win XP and Linux

45, Both, MacOSX and Linux.

24 / neither / osx, linux

27 / Both / Everything

31, Steve, Win7

20, Chris, OSX

28. a very strong Steve; only linux

Neither. I tend to stare down a problem until I can solve it. I want to have the whole solution, or at least the critical parts of it, in my head before typing it out.

One of my bosses described my technique as "do nothing all day and get stuff done."

There were three similar projects assigned to our division, each assigned to a sub group of three people (typically a programmer, a psychologist/researcher, and a designer). My sub group was the only one to successfully create and deploy their application before the three month deadline.

(I also moved them over to Pivotal Tracker since putting stuff into their regular system was abandoned long ago and the white board was becoming an organizational nightmare.)

There's almost certainly a spectrum here. I'd say I'm somewhere in between Steve and Both.

Someone should make a politicalcompass.org type test that plots your Steveiness and Chrisiness.

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