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Wordmerge (wordmergeapp.com)
37 points by kilovoltaire on Mar 9, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 25 comments

Very fun, but also a prime candidate for a little casual Perl golf for the bored. I've got 463 bytes not counting the hashbang and when piped the linux shared dictionary (admittedly not the best choice of input) and a command line argument for prefix/suffix matching length.

  $PRESUF=@ARGV?$ARGV[0]:5;while(<STDIN>){chomp;($_=lc($_)) =~ s/'.*//;next if(length($_)<$PRESUF);$BYSUF{substr($_,length($_)-$PRESUF,$PRESUF)}{$_}=1;$BYPRE{substr($_,0,$PRESUF)}{$_}=1;$D{$_}=0;}foreach $pre (keys %BYPRE) {if(exists $BYSUF{$pre}) {foreach $w1 (keys %{$BYPRE{$pre}}) {foreach $w2 (keys %{$BYSUF{$pre}}) {next if($w1 eq $w2 or $w1 =~ m/$w2/ or $w2 =~ m/$w1/);my $o = $w2.substr($w1,$PRESUF);print "$o (from '$w1' and '$w2')\n" if(++$D{$o} == 1);}}}}
So something like this would do it: cat /usr/share/dict/words | ./FILENAME.pl

Some nuggets:

chiropracticalities (from 'practicalities' and 'chiropractic')

welcomedians (from 'comedians' and 'welcomed')

foregonians (from 'oregonians' and 'forego')

peppercornstalk (from 'cornstalk' and 'peppercorn')

popcornerstone (from 'cornerstone' and 'popcorn')

microchipmunks (from 'chipmunks' and 'microchip')

confidentists (from 'dentists' and 'confident')

rodentine (from 'dentine' and 'rodent')

decadentistry (from 'dentistry' and 'decadent')

nice. yeah with a phonetic dictionary you'd get basically the same stuff we do.

How on earth do you write an app like this and not come up with a way for me to buy a domain from you through it?!

it was a tough decision, but every time we thought about it, we had nightmares of this image: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kwmmcouLYR1qz9v9y.jpg

I think you should really think more about it. $0.99 is great and all for an app but you could be earning commissions on domain name registrations at the same time.

I'm trying out your app right now for a vexing domain name brainstorm I've been having...

Yeah this definitely seems like a great feature to add. Initially we were just enjoying the words / not thinking of it as too domain-centric, but at the very least being able to quickly whois would be nice.

Y'all had better watch out for my awesome new Socially Curated Vegan Recommendation Engine: saladdiction!

Edit: I want someone to build this... I registered the domain to avoid squatters, so if you want to be the one to build it get in touch with me.

Why would I buy an app when I can just use http://werdmerge.com/ directly?

because you want to support the developer?

Travelanche is perfectly plausible as something you'd come across on TechCrunch.

Haha yeah discovered that one with the app but just checked and it's already squatted :(

Integrating with whois would probably be a good v2.0 feature...

A bunch more blends from a similar program I wrote a few years ago: http://wry.me/blog/2011/03/09/words-words-words.html

I guess I should've posted it! Unlike the OP (AFAIK) it ranks the results by interestingness, where 'more interesting' means more-common words and greater overlap.

i'm still partial to stupidestrian.

my favorites so far have been: gourmaniac, barbequephoria, and japanimal

Cool. The first Java program I ever wrote was actually to solve this problem (name my envisioned website/company), but your execution yields much better results.

Not sure if featuring "retard" in an official screenshot is a great PR move.

there are multiple meanings of the word... but point taken

crosswauction is pretty good too, though i couldn't imagine a user figuring out how to spell that...

im going on vacation to kangaruba

And this is an "iApp" because...?

Mostly to learn how to make apps, but also for easy saving of favorites and nice UI for while you're sitting on the toilet.

All of which could be done in HTML5, but might require account creation, and people seem to love "apps" still...

this thing is great for smack talk

"he's really into dicksploitation"

i think a cspanda is a type of japanimal

Next version should add logic to add "ly" to the end of most names.

Agreed, more seamlessly dealing with plurals / comparatives / adverbs et cetera would be cool. Thanks for the suggestion.

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