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Conditional Move for Shell Script Acceleration [pdf] (tom7.org)
20 points by luu 26 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

tom7 on HN!

If you enjoyed this I can also recommend checking out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/suckerpinch

He makes a lot of these CS joke-things (and also a lot of genuinely interesting stuff!)

It seems that this whole thing is some inside joke that we do not have the context for.

it’s SIGBOVIK season.


I enjoy reading proceedings from SIGBOVIK :)


this is actually really interesting.

The paper came from 1975, when programmers generally knew assembly language and unix was starting to flourish.

The apple II for instance didn't have an ADD instruction. I believe you had to do Clear Carry then add with carry.

You can kind of see how the two universes of thinking collide in this paper.

related, you can do things like this:

  [ "$A" = "$B" ] || exit 1
  [ "$A" = "$B" ] && echo "a equals b"

> The paper came from 1975

Did it? Then how come it has references to “diff --git”, “https://git.kernel.org ”, and “https://github.com/”?

Also, don't miss the reference to the "Shpectre vulnerability" :)

I believe there’s a joke being missed, by you or by me. The paper says

    diff --git a/src/exec.c b/src/exec.C

I don’t think git existed in 1975 ;-)

I’ll assume that you are in on the joke and I am not, however!

I was not in on the joke.

That doesn't stop me from laughing at the hack that it is :)

Nicely done! I'm thinking I'll have some onion rings for dinner.

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