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Show HN: Connect customer feedback to your roadmap (prodcamp.com)
46 points by antonzorin on May 2, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

Hi, a co-founder here.

I’ve been in the situation when you, as a software vendor you’re being swamped with tons of customer feedback on your products and you don’t have an effective yet efficient system to process it, keep track of it, and also being able to close the feedback loop.

I didn’t find anything that would help us with that and I stated thinking on how that product would look like. I’ve been nurturing this idea for about a year. Then I found my cofounder and CTO and the work began.

We’ve been building a service that helps SaaS business to collect multi channel customer feedback and have a single place to process it. Once processed, it could be attaches to features or ideas inside the system.

A significant channel for feedback can be your public roadmap that will also demonstrate your progress to your prospects and your customer base

If you use CRM and Development tools like Salesforce and Jira, it can show you features’ worth based on the ACV from CRM for the account, a contact of which has shared their feedback.

When you’re ready to publish a release with a new feature, you can can notify every contract that has requested it.

While conducting user research and collecting feedback we realized that we see a strong demand from larger companies than we initially thought.

We hope that we can help product organizations focus on the actual work and companies to save resources on building things nobody wants.

We’ve received support from this community before and thanks to you feedback we’ve been able to work on this project. At this time any feedback is very welcome and if you would like to use our service we’ll make it free for you (upd: not the free plan of course).

Hi. FYI feedback is it’s own plural. You use ‘feedbacks’ multiple times on your homepage and in the product and to a native English speaker this sounds very wrong. Given this is the core basis of your product, you may want consider changing it.

Thank you! It’s already fixed. Somehow we overlooked it. Overall, does this idea resonate with you?

fyi still showing the word "feedbacks" in

Collect multi-channel feedbackS In-app, Website, Interview, Emails We make it easy.

Overall this looks pretty cool! I'm excited to test it out for my team while we're bootstrapping through the next few months.

One other awkward sentence I wanted to let you know of: "Products your customers gonna love are now built and shipped faster" sounds like you meant it to say something like "Products your customers are going to love..." You could still say "gonna" if you like how that sounds, but sounds a little more natural with the verb "are" in front.

Awesome, thank you! We fixed it on another page, inside the app, I didn't realize right away it was about the marketing site.

On a side note, it was a spontaneous decision to post here and now we realize that our website overpromised on what we offer right now. We've updated the site to set expectations right, and that at this point we're looking more for users and feedback than customers.

I'll follow up once you sign up. Thanks, Anton


Did you build all this (including integrations) as an MVP before launching it?

Just curious.

Edit: Ah, never-mind I can see from your own backlog that you launched with a smaller MVP. Also nice!

First integrations we’ve started not long time ago when we realized that these are roadblocks for our larger beta users to start using it for their business. The MVP (and a bit more) was built based on the challenge/problem we were solving that I’ve been facing at my employer. Thanks for your feedback!

Hello Anton, congratulation on release. Good timing, I was looking for an alternative to productboard, since their pricing is too steep for bootstrapping side projects. I signed up, and it looks promising, here my 2 pieces of feedback:

1) I was not able to point it to my custom domain on the free plan, despite the pricing tab mentioning it should be possible.

2) The public page design (where my users should enter and vote features) looks very ugly. It is the public face of your product, you should likely focus on its design, especially considering the high return value for the time invested in it (being it just one page).

Keep Pushing

Hi Mahesh! We appreciate your detailed feedback! 1. What is available right now is a custom sub domain. Custom domains are on the short-term roadmap. 2. This is gold! This is definitely something we need to improve ASAP. We’ll keep everyone posted on the progress. Thanks

Awesome, I was looking for something like this for my current business, and know at least one other who was as well. Will give it a try.

Tip: I almost closed the site after seeing the hero image because it has the elements of an issue-tracker or scrum board ("X% done with sprint"). It wasn't until I clicked "Our Roadmap" that I saw this is actually what I was looking for.

Alixander, thank you for this feedback, we will work on our messaging and what we showcase. I’d be happy to walk you through the service and make sure we show you how it can serve your business best. Upd: please shoot me an email to anton@prodcamp.com and we can schedule it.

The homepage says several times that it collects multichannel feedback, but doesn't explain how it does this. Are you building tools that businesses can use to collect that feedback e.g. "send feedback" bubbles, email, chat etc.? Or is this a case of "bring your own feedback" somehow?

What we have right now is the public roadmap module. You can also “Bring your own feedback”. We’re working on adding feedback from an email sent to our system. And later we’ll work on embeddable modules to collect feedback and/or NPS, or pushing feedback via the API or integrations with Zapier and other similar services.

This looks great - I'll give it a try

General question — what I really need is a tool like this that supports Microsoft SSO, so I can expose the roadmap and ideas pages to all internal staff. That way they can track their feature idea and see it in context.

Hi, please shoot us an email to hello@prodcamp.com, this is something we’re discussing at the moment and would love you to weight in. Thanks

Protected roadmaps are now on the roadmap, thanks.

How does this compare to canny.io?

We’re integrating with Salesforce and other CRM (coming later) not only to give the number of votes, but also to give their worth. We believe that there’s a big difference in these cases: you see X votes with $0, or simply put trials or prospects, X votes and $5K and the last case: same X votes but $75K. On the first case it might be a showstopper to acquire those prospects and convert trials to users. In the second case you’re helping those who might grow over time. In the third case, you’re maximizing revenue retention by making sure those big customers won’t churn out. More visibility on what to prioritize.

Canny.io doesn’t have a free tier for bootstrapping.

I didn’t realize it until now. Thank you.

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