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Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (May 2020)
191 points by whoishiring 34 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 354 comments
Share your information if you are looking for work. Please use this format:

  Willing to relocate:
Readers: please only email these addresses to discuss work opportunities.

Remote Only

Location: Variable. Usually Japan or Asia, but currently in Europe due to COVID

Willing to Relocate: No

Technologies (reverse-chronological order):

  - AI / Deep Learning Research - previously work at Google and have published papers. Mostly focused on NLP and RL, but I keep up with other subfields.
  - Infra: Devops, golang, rust, kubernetes, microservices, large-scale systems, all kinds of databases. Have managed large clusters. Used to be an early Apache Spark contributor and was in a database research group in grad school.
  - Briefly worked in algo trading (HFT-style)
  - Worked at multiple early-stage startups, so I can do other things like full-stack web or app development, but I would prefer not to do these professionally anymore.

  dennybritz [at] gmail

Hi! 15+ years of engineering experience, have been through a lot of technologies and cycles. I'm in a decent place right now focusing on research and side projects and not actually looking for work, but I'm slowly getting bored. I figured I would post anyway - who knows what opportunities come along! If the right thing hits I may be interested. Perhaps something around ML/RL, research, infra, or possibly trading. I'm not sure myself :)

how can you do low latency DL? don't you incur a large latency in copy from host to device?

edit: i'm genuinely curious not talking smack

    Location: Mumbai/Bangalore, India
    Remote: Open
    Willing to Relocate: Yes

      - Languages: Python, R, SQL, C++
      - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data preparation, Task Automation, Data Pipeline, Statistical Modeling, Regression-based Models, 
        NLP, Time-Series Analysis, Clustering, Sentiment Analysis, Data Structure & Algorithms, Statistics & Probability
      - Git, Unix, Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, AWS, TensorFlow, Gensim, Regex, Keras, Scikit-learn, NLP-NLTK, NNs, Data Visualization(ggplot2, Tableau)

      - Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fB0qywt67TrfqV5z83ENh0-QI5HIrfWn/view?usp=sharing
      - https://www.linkedin.com/in/richa-choudhary0709
      - https://github.com/richachoudhary

    Email: richa [dot] choudhary07 [dot] 09 [at] gmail [dot] com

Hi! I am Richa, Data Scientist with 2 YOE, graduated from one of the top universities of country.Skilled in a variety of machine learning techniques, modelling, NLP, Deep Learning & Analytics. Currently working with a fintech startup with focus on credit-score optimization.

I love leveraging data & machine learning techniques to solve meaningful problems.Get in touch if you are working on anything data related.

Location: Sudan, Africa

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yup, very welcome

Technologies: Go and Python. I mostly do backend stuff but i worked with different technologies and it is always a welcome to try new technologies.

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/adonese, https://linkedin.com/in/adonese

Email: mmbusif@gmail.com

I'm a software engineer with great passion to programming. I cofounded Solus a startup that does payment processing in Sudan, Africa. With my startup i had to work in different positions and variety of domains (heck, even business development, procurement and marketing). I'm passionate about coding itself, that's probably why i preferred startup path over big corporates.

I do backend stuff mainly in GO, but i also maintain our android codebase, our POS code (in C), and our payment web portal (Angular). I'm good at managing scarce resources, see through the problems and deliver on time.

Location: Europe

Remote: Remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap/React Bootstrap, JavaScript/ES6, React, Gatsby, Styled-Components, Git/Github, Adobe XD.

Résumé/CV: https://canural-resume.netlify.app/

Email: can.ural@outlook.com

Hi, I am Can. I am a career changer Front-End Developer currently studying to be a Full-Stack (MERN) Developer, previously team leader, and Helicopter Pilot. I am looking for my first developer job.

Check my projects on GitHub and portfolio website. If you are interested, please do drop me a line!

GitHub: https://github.com/urlDev

Website: https://www.can-ural.com/

Location: Des Moines, IA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Excel, SQL, Access, Design for Manufacturing

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidpeiffer/

Email: Username [First 2][Last 7] at gmail.com

Hi, my name is David and I'm an Industrial Engineer passionate about reducing waste and improving workflows. I have extensive experience with Excel and have been building production and inventroy reports for factories for over 3 years. I have torn apart hundreds of spreadsheets and can help turn that spreadsheet (every company has one) into a well oiled machine, or document how it works so IT can replace it with a better system.

During my masters degree I worked on manufacturability analysis software. If you have a product and want feedback on manufacturing methods or improvements, I can also help with that.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Remote: Preferred local

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, TensorFlow, Deep Learning (several publications on RNN applicaitons), Computer Vision, sensor processing, Data Science, scikit-learn / NumPy / Pandas, Robotics (ROS), Ubuntu, SQL, Git

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/azyner/ (PDF on request)

Email: (linked-in-handle) @ gmail

I am a recent PhD Graduate with 4 years ML / deep learning experience, looking for a role in applied data science where I can harness large volumes of data to create algorithms that provide insights to teams and customers. My previous work has included development of autonomous drones and the completion of a full research project in the area of driver intention prediction for autonomous cars, and I am passionate about using data driven solutions to solve complex problems. I'm open to all sorts of opportunities, so please reach out!

  Willing to relocate:Yes
  Technologies:● 14+ years (more than 6 years into Big data and Cloud technologies) of proven expertise across multiple business domains and technology areas. Writer of 200+ articles on Big data technologies for vast community at LinkedIn, Hortonworks, Medium, Logika and Ammozon.co.in ● Having multi cloud experience with end to end project deliveries of two GCP, two Azure and one AWS cloud platform projects. Design and implementations of four Bigdata Projects, two Machine Learning projects.● Certified Azure Data Science, Docker, Kubernetes and Big Data professional. And good understanding on cloud virtualization, networking, storage and data security.● Experience with various Hadoop flavors like Hortonworks Data Platform HDP, IBM BigInsight, Cloudera Distributed Hadoop CDH. Expert with Distributed components like HDFS, Hive, Pig, Tez, Spark, HBase, Cassandra, Oozie, Yarn, Sqoop, MapReduce, Storm, Kafka, Spark, Flink.● Expert in Lambda Architecture for real time Hadoop and Streaming Application using Flume, Kafka, Spark, Hive, Hbase, Solr and Apache Flink.● Good understanding statistical modeling, applying Machine Learning algorithms and Data Analysis approach using Python, R and Azure Machine Learning Studio.● Working experience with programming languages like Python (iPython, Lambda, Panda), Java, JRuby and VB.Net. Working experience in data visualization tools such as Banana Dashboard, D3.js, Tableau, Crystal Reports, and Business Objects. Built automation tools and developed Utilities in Java, Python, JRuby, Perl, Unix Shell.● Worked on administration activities and performance optimization techniques on Hadoop, NoSql and Oracle. Expert in application Data Modeling, Database Design, Data Aggregation, Data Lake, scheduling and monitoring.

  Email: OracleMukesh@rediffmail.com

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, once the covid crisis is over

Technologies: Expert: JavaScript (React/Redux/Typescript/Node/Deno), PHP (Laravel, Slim), Java (Spring), SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

  Proficient: Docker, AWS/GCP, Terraform, MongoDB, Neo4J. 

  Beginner: Written applications in C and Assembly (x86). Learning Rust and Python.
Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/halvardssm https://www.github.com/halvardssm

Email: contact@moerstad.no

Hi! I am a Full-Stack developer with the majority of my experience in web development. I am looking for opportunities to learn new skills, and where I will be entrusted with ownership over my projects. One thing I enjoy, is creating new applications (or refactoring old ones) where I can be a part of deciding and researching the best architecture for the task. Previously I have worked well with a remote team, but I have also worked on multiple projects by myself.

If you want someone who loves to learn and experimenting with different technologies to find the best suitable solution to a problem, and who is not afraid of making decisions either with a team or independently, feel free to reach out.

Location: San Francisco

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, within the Bay Area

Technologies: Scala, PostgreSQL, functional programming, JVM, Play! Framework, web APIs, streaming, and more

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Qalh5BVP7wbGxeI8P0eIpUe5b3...

Email: mopierotti@gmail.com

Experienced full stack engineer. I'm open to a wide variety of domains, but I have a special interest in work involving functional programming and/or ML/AI.

Location: Los Angeles , CA (LA)

Remote: Onsite or Remote (and willing to time shift)

Willing to relocate: Not at this time

Résumé: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanmgreen/

Website: https://www.BryanMGreen.com

Email: in bio


Bio: Was laid off last year after company was sold and lost another job because of COVID. 8+ year full-stack professional marketing leader with product management and design experience. Have worked with both global and local organizations. My skills and experiences are broad and I've had a hand in everything from digital to offline marketing as well as sales, partnerships, and public relations. Have experience leading 8+ person teams but happy to work solo. Love improving communication, workflows, and resources. Believe Product & Marketing grow together. Storytelling and design is always at the heart of my work.

Looking For: Preferably senior roles in marketing or account management or any opportunity in product management; I'm open to hear what you need. No job is too small. Full-time, contract, or project.


Even if you don't have an opportunity, but have a question about branding, marketing, or product, I'm happy to share my perspective free of charge! Would love to be helpful, keep myself busy, and connect. Thanks!

We’d love to connect with you about this position, if you’re at all interested. Thanks! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/rfcx_rainforest-connection-ma...

Just got back from a camping trip, will reach out now!

Location: West Coast, Mexico (US Citizen however)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Javascript (React/Redux/Typescript/Angular); NodeJS; Mobile: React Native; iOS & Android development (native); Cordova; AWS: ACL/IAM, Amplify, Cognito, EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, Serverless, Lambda, DynamoDB; PostgreSQL; MySQL; MSSQL; macOS; Ubuntu Linux; Shell scripting (bash/powershell); Python; web scraping; microservice & massively distributed architectures; REST/GraphQL;

There are many things I haven't included here but you get the idea.

Resume/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/engineerapart/

Email: earnea@engineerapart.com

GitHub: http://github.com/codinronan

I'm an engineer with 20 years professional experience in primarily web and mobile development. I have managed small to mid-sized teams (20 developers) working from small to fortune-500 businesses. Skilled and accustomed to agile and working with distributed teams across time zones. I've recently completed a principal engineer contract role on the rebuild of one of the largest consumer sites in the US from Ruby on Rails to React (Next.js), receiving over 5 million unique hits per day. Performance, scalability, testing and maintainability have all been critical features of this project.

SEEKING WORK | Cebu, Philippines (UTC+8) | Linux System Administrator, 6+ years experience

I am a Linux System Administrator with a wide range of skills. I've helped companies and individuals manage to set up their servers, support, security, monitoring, audit, troubleshooting, scaling, etc. I have more than 6 years of experience in web hosting and cloud technologies.

Particular knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services) such as EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, ECS, CodePipeline, Auto Scaling, ELB, RDS, VPC, S3, Cloudfront, CloudWatch, IAM, SNS, SES, SQS, Route53, etc.

Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Amazon Linux.

Good Knowledge of Git, BitBucket, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, HAProxy, Apache, Nginx, Bash, CI/CD, GoDaddy, Cloudflare, SSL, Wordpress, G suite, Gearman Job Server and Opensource software.

Centralized Logging with Kibana, Filebeat, and Elasticsearch.

Great experience in deploying Web projects: PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter), NodeJS.

Other Familiar Tools: Certbot, File System, Cron, Fail2ban, Firewall, TCP/IP Networking.

Developing Linux automation scripts using Bash language.

I am reliable, communicative, and efficient, I work independently and quickly.

Skype ID: live:85140285806efa2c

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imgeraldalinio

Location: Cologne, Germany

Note! Not looking for full time positions - I only take on project work.

Remote: Yes, strongly preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Embedded C++, Embedded C, Python, Electronics (design, layout, prototyping, testing), 3D printing, electromechanical and robotic design and prototyping

Résumé/CV: Email if needed

Email: kliment at 0xfb.com (yes, with a zero)

IRC: Kliment on the freenode network

I do custom electronics, robotics, and embedded software development - I specialize in quickly turning ideas into prototypes. I've built custom automation equipment for chemistry labs, sensors that are in use in household/utility applications, control circuitry for construction equipment, 3d printing electronics, data acquisition equipment. No project too small. Few projects too large. Deep discounts for open source hardware work.

I would also be happy to come over (anywhere in Europe) and teach any of the above skills to a small group of interested people. I've taught courses in electronic assembly (SMD), 3d printing (building/using printers, iterative 3d model design using programming) and robot design and construction. I've taught courses at several universities, hackspaces, company events and conferences.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Laravel Spark, Laravel Forge, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, Node.js, HTML, CSS, MySQL, AWS, WordPress, Linux, Vagrant, Docker, Redis, SASS, LESS, Web APIs, RESTful APIs. (Experience with many Integrations & API's)

Résumé/CV: https://linkedin.com/in/braunson

Website: https://braunson.ca, https://geekybeaver.ca

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/braunson

Email: braunson [at]] braunson [[dot] ca

GitHub: http://github.com/braunson

I'm a developer with 15 years experience as a designer and full stack developer and have managed small-med teams. I've run my own agency for the past 11 years working with small businesses to F500 companies on a variety of projects. Currently looking for a position with a focus on Laravel/PHP in any industry.

Location: Seattle, WA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Machine Learning Libraries (NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, PyTorch, fastai, TensorFlow, Keras, Turi Create), Web App Frameworks (Flask), API’s, Google Cloud Platform, AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), Heroku, Git, Bash, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Geographic Information Systems

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/perryrjohnson/

Personal site: http://perryrjohnson.com

Email: perryrjohnson7@gmail.com


Hey! I’m Perry, a data scientist and engineer with 3+ years experience working primarily with distributed teams, most recently leading data science initiatives at an ag-tech company. I’ve also spent time in crypto, e-commerce, quantitative finance as well as some contract gigs on the side. I have experience building data pipelines, machine learning models, web applications and working with APIs, working mostly in Python. I love leveraging data, machine learning and software to solve meaningful problems so please reach out if you’re working on anything data related! reply

~~ Entry-level Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer ~~

Hi, I am a self-taught programmer who's been studying Machine Learning for the last 1.5 years. Since I am self-taught, it seems recruiters take my profile less seriously. However, I am a dedicated and hard-working individual and am looking for entry-level Data Science, Machine Learning roles so that I can gain hands-on experience. I love challenges and can quickly learn any new technologies for the role, if required.

Location: India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python3, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, AWS, NumPy, PySyft, Scikit-learn, SQL, Github, Java Portfolio Website: https://jaintj95.github.io/

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sNr4eM9tzPUemvJ3yJhr2xYaO-w...

Email: teejay0611@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaintj95

Software Engineer, Management | Remote/Relocation | 13 YOE

Location(s): Huntsville, AL

Remote: Yes, preferred.

Willing to relocate: Yes, preferred cities: Austin, Portland, Denver, Tokyo

Technologies: PHP, Javascript(React, React Native, jQuery), C/C++(Embedded/Firmware), C#, CSS, HTML, Docker, Puppet, Chef, AWS, NGINX, Apache, Elasticsearch, Memcache, Redis, Kubernetes, Varnish, Source Control(Git, Mercurial), Eagle CAD, Fusion 360, Blender, Unity.

Résumé: https://azxiana.io/AESResume2020.pdf

Email: washuu@gmail.com



I am a maker, tinkerer, and apply a "learn everything" and "fix everything" attitude to my daily life. I have built scalable software, rebuilt vehicles from piles of spare parts, manufactured my own custom electronics, won awards for my sewing skill, and continue to pursue photography as an artistic hobby.

My current position is manager/team lead software engineer of a team that has built the infrastructure for a top 100[1] US web site. Whether it is deep down in the code remembering tiny tidbits of its quirks or juggling project priorities to deliver on time I am dedicated to quality.

[1] https://twitter.com/Azxiana/status/1115842182781575168

Location: Los Angeles, US

Remote: Yes, and have previous experience working remotely

Willing to relocate: Open to the possibility


  * Proficient: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, Redux, HTML, CSS, SASS, Express, Webpack, Babel, AWS, Docker, Git, create-react-app, styled-components, GitHub, Jest

  * Developing proficiency: WebGL, Three.js, Next.js, Bulma

  * Previously used/Misc worth mentioning: Ruby, SQL, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Relay, GraphQL, JIRA, Lerna, CircleCI, npm/yarn
Email: andrewrkowalczyk [at] gmail [dot] com

Personal Website: andrewkowalczyk.com (résumé/LinkedIn on my website)


I'm a full stack software engineer with ~5 years experience developing full stack applications in the JS ecosystem. If you need React work done, chances are I can help!

My experience includes building responsive and performant user interfaces using React/Redux from designs or from scratch as well as creating robust APIs using TypeScript/Node.

Some other things I enjoy: modernizing codebases using tools like ESLint and Prettier, autogenerating documentation, optimizing build times in CIs, refactoring code, adding tests.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Remote: Yes, and have previous experience working remotely

Willing to Relocate: Open to the possibility

Technologies: HTML, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Javascript(Vue.js), Mysql, PostgreSQL, CSS (Sass, Bootstrap, Bulma) and UI Design. https://stackshare.io/ajmal/my-stack

Résumé/CV: https://ajmaleylia.com/resume/

Email: aj.eylia at gmail.com

Hi, I'm Aj, a web developer(Rails) with over 8 years experience. I believe in writing simple, easy to ready code with a strong emphasis on maintainability. I’ve worked with clients as well as gained experience in enterprise and startup environments. Remote roles since 2015.

What are things that I can do?

  - develop admin tools/dashboard with chart and graph
  - develop RESTful APIs for your mobile apps
  - develop SaaS product with payment, subscription modules
  - integrate third party tools like slack, mailchimp, reply.io
  - deploy an app to Amazon AWS/Digitalocean with SSL
Thank you

Role: Site Reliability Engineer/System Administrator/System Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA (and surrounding areas)

Willing to relocate: I'd rather not

Technologies: Linux (CentOS/RHEL), MySQL, Postgres, Clickhouse, Docker, Nomad, Consul, Vault, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, Python 2/3 (development + administration), Rust (development + administration), Java + JVM (administration), KVM (oVirt/RHEV), VMware vSphere, Limited AWS/GCP, etcd, zookeeper, kafka, haproxy, nginx, Bash, GitHib/GitLab, Git, HTML, Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, and so on and so on. Looking for On Call? I find it fun.

Résumé/CV: On Request

Email: lykron@mm.st

I love building infrastructure and being involved with architecture design. I've been heavily involved in improving reliability of applications and systems to make sure they do not go down. Always looking to learn and help others do so as well.

  Location: Texas
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: AWS / GCP Big Data Hands-on Architecture and automation, ( Erlang, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP ), ( Redshift, Snowflake, bigquery, Postgresql ) , ( ansible, terraform, k8s ) ,  graph databases/knowledge graphs, devops work
  Résumé/CV:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmyrcom/
  Résumé/CV:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zh6FhP1tJlvCe0NRaAxoI6IHqVS8p_M0/view?usp=sharing
  Email: jimmyruska   <AT_SYMBOL>  protomail.com
  skos:hiddenLabel: Used to make videos as JimmyRcom on youtube
  skos:prefLabel: Love the current job but employer cutting wages.
  rdf:type: Creative end to end solutions, done right the first time

Location: Chicago, IL

Remote: Open

Willing to Relocate: Yes


- AI/Deep learning: Led a small team on building an ML pipeline to process large volumes of 3D image data. Designed and optimized computer vision algorithms to provide insights for research team.

- Languages: Python, Java, Bash, SQL, C++

- Docker, Git, Unix, Numpy, sklearn, AWS, TensorFlow

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r1bkOoj2ZIlT4fAXdVktvIWQhMC...

Email: henry.huang324@gmail.com

Location: Lagos, Nigeria Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: JavaScript, Vue, React (& Native), Angular, Node, Express, PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS, RESTful APIs, JSON, AJAX, MySql

Résumé/Portfolio: http://owale.co/ (Please send me an email for a full copy of my resume.)

Email: i@owale.co

Hey!, I'm Wale, a full-stack developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience with Vue, React, PHP, CSS/SCSS, MySql.

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/walejs

Github: https://github.com/ola-wale


Connecticut, USA

Remote: Yes (15 years remote: efficient, productive and highly available) Willing to relocate: For the right position; remote w/ occasional travel much preferred Open to FT or PT freelance projects, development work, source code audits, reworking codebases left in poor shape. Specializing in Rails & React Native, Node, React, Javascript.

Experience in all phases of software development: architecting solutions from the ground up (from concept to shipping), reworking/rebuilding/refactoring existing projects (those left in poor shape, or reliant on outdated libraries), and contributing to existing modern codebases.

Technologies: React Native (core contributor), React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Perl, Objective-C, Java, Swift, C, C#, Python, Node.js, Express, PHP, GraphQL (Apollo) Mobile Development: Native: iOS / Xcode, Android / Android Studio, Hybrid: Cordova/Ionic, HTML5 / Canvas, CreateJS/ImpactJS/Phaser, Flux (Redux, Alt.js, Mobx), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, Mocha, Jasmine, Sphinx, Solr, Lucene, Elastic Search, AWS (S3, EC2, Lambda, Amplify, RDS, etc), Linux, Apache, Git / GitHub workflow, Dev Ops, Heroku, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, MongoDB

Full stack & mobile software developer with over 15 years of professional experience architecting and building a wide range of products on web and mobile platforms using diverse languages and tools.



    Location: Hong Kong
    Remote: Preferred
    Willing to relocate: no
    Resume/CV: https://kotsf.com/portfolio/
    Technologies: Python, Django, Postgres, Javascript, React, AutoCAD, Revit
    Email: gabe@kotsf.com
Former electrical engineer in the building design industry (Licensed PE) with 16 years experience looking to make a career change to programming. I have been programming as a hobby / side project effort for the past 10+ years, primarily web development with Python and Django as well as some data analysis, machine learning. If you work at the intersection of architecture, construction, and technology, I have a foot in both worlds and would love to chat.

Location: Orem, UT, USA

Remote: Yes please! On-site is still good though.

Willing to relocate: Yup.

Technologies: Focused on Rust, C/C++; experienced with and open to Python, C#, web

Resume: https://linkedin.com/in/erichdongubler/

Email: erichdongubler@gmail.com


Interested in looking for making the Rust ecosystem grow, esp. in domains where C/C++ are used right now (I find FFI and resource constraints exciting). If you want a Rust expert and somebody to ramp up others on it, pick me! I've got a broad and deep skillset that makes me especially suited for mentorship, navigating your software ecosystem, and learning your domain fast.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia US

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin

Technologies: Go, Rust, Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, Koa, React, Vue, SQL/NoSQL, Docker, AWS

Personal Website: https://gregjmorrison.com

Portfolio: https://gregjmorrison.com/tech/

Github: https://github.com/jeebster

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-morrison-2220a535/

Email: freedomtoroam@posteo.de

Thank you for your consideration. Cheers!

Hi myself Ansuman Samantaray. Full time penetration tester with experience of more than 10 years. Looking for active freelancing projects in cyber security. Please let me know. ansuman.samantaray86@gmail.com

Experienced ethical hacker with bounties in worldwide organizations. Please let me know for pentesting assessments. Contact ansuman.samantaray86@gmail.com

Location: Poland, Europe Remote: Yes, preferred (4+ years of experience working remotely) Willing to relocate: Location and project dependent

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/tradziej/resume/blob/master/tomasz_radzie....

GitHub: https://github.com/tradziej

Email: See resume

Software Engineer (with 7+ years of experience) looking for a long term job. Can do backend or full stack.

  Location: North Bay, California
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes, within the bay area.
  Technologies: Industrial Automation - Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, and IDEC PLCs and HMIs.  Wonderware SCADA.  Industrial/Embedded Linux PCs. VFDs, soft starters, power logging/monitoring, battery systems, industrial networking. 
  Résumé/CV: Available upon request.
  Email: t [at] 0xf.org
CA certified journeyman electrician with nearly 10 years experience designing and building both small and large scale industrial control panels and automating existing processes. I focus on the computer/PLC/programming/networking side of electrical work.

Location: New Orleans, LA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Portfolio: https://ebrocato.github.io/Portfolio/

Resume: https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/5eac7213766a5300176fa662

Github: https://github.com/ebrocato

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilybrocato/

Email: emilybrocato@gmail.com

Ambitious, creative Jr. front end developer seeking her first job!

SEEKING WORK | Apple platform development (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS)

Location: Mountain View, CA

Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, SwiftUI

Portfolio: https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/austin-conlon/id11895089...

GitHub: https://github.com/AustinConlon

Stack Overflow answers: https://stackoverflow.com/users/1294854/austin-conlon?tab=an...

Email: austinconlon@icloud.com

Location: Seattle, WA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: JavaScript, React, Preact, React Native, Node.js, Redux, Ruby on Rails, SASS, CSS, SQL, git, Linux, Docker, LXC, VitualBox, Figma

Résumé/CV: https://lovescomputers.com/resume/

Email: mike@lovescomputers.com

I'm looking for work as a full stack or frontend software engineer due to COVID-19 related lay-offs. My strengths are in JavaScript and React; I'd also gladly welcome the chance to work with React Native again. I have prior experience teaching and enjoy mentoring, documenting processes, and discussing product improvements. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

  Location: London
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Summary : Senior DevOps / SRE. Ex-Facebook. Freelance or permanent, open to short-term or 2-4 days/week.
  Technologies: Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Packer, Terraform, CircleCI, Datadog, Python...
  LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/renaudguerin
  Résumé/CV: https://renaudguerin.net/cv.pdf
  Email: jobs@renaudguerin.net
I'm a senior engineer & technical leader with 20 years of experience building and operating online services, including at Facebook, large ISPs and many startups. My core technical skillset is in DevOps / Site Reliability Engineering, Linux, cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud), infrastructure as code, and cloud native tech (Kubernetes)

Beyond infrastructure, I'm a "T-shaped" engineer who can help with technology vision, systems design, backend architecture, 12Factor best practices, technical operations, mentoring and general engineering wisdom. I excel at understanding short vs long-term trade-offs, tackling performance bottlenecks & technical debt, and quickly learning and assessing new pieces of technology. I also have keen awareness of product & business matters.

Available mainly as a freelancer for up to 3-4 days/week (or full time for short-term projects). I may also consider employment in a principal or co-founding role for the right company.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No.

Technologies: Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, C/C++, Golang, TensorFlow, Python, PyTorch, C#, Kotlin, Ruby, Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Embedded, Firmware, low-level optimizations, exceptionally low-latency (50ms and under) video streaming pipelines, exceptionally fast CI/CD build pipelines.

Experienced Engineering Lead (15+ years) looking for something new and different. Currently full-time employed. I ship products - 200+ at last count. I generate value - greater than $1B lifetime value created. I build strong engineering teams. I launch startups. I lead, mentor and write code every day.

If your project is interesting enough and you have a flexible/remote work policy, something in the ballpark of $200K gets my attention.

Masters Machine Learning (in progress), Masters Computer Science (AI, Robotics, Computer Vision), Masters Business Administration, Masters Project Management, Masters Entrepreneurship/Marketing

Bachelors Computer Science, Associates Computer Science, Associates Electronics

Diplomas in Culinary Arts (Baking & Pastries), Graphic Design, Mathematics, Photography, Project Management, International Business Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economics, Accounting.

Résumé/CV: https://linkedin.com/in/justinlloyd

Email: justin@justinlloyd.io

Location: San Diego, CA Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Dotnet Core, C#, Azure, Azure DevOps, ASP.NET Core, OpenID Connect, Custom IdentityServer4 Development, Infrastructure As Code Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarveshchinnappa/ Email: sarvesh@browncoatssoftware.com

Been working on Microsoft Stack for over 20 years. I can help you develop your vision/concept from scratch. Equally competent in application architecture, development, setting your DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure.


Is your product development team using or exploring ReactJS for Frontend Development? Our team at Udgama can accelerate your iterations and development by working as your extended Frontend Team. All we need is design files and your API spec for the backend. You can focus all your energy on backend and business logic while we take care of bringing your designs to life with https://www.reactjs.org.

We use modern tools and processes include TypeScript, Redux, Storybook, Jest, Agile, CI/CD, GraphQL that are used at top tech companies to make sure you are in good company.

We believe in sharing knowledge, and our team shares their learnings frequently with community at various tech meetups, and our engineering blog https://medium.com/udgama-engineering

To learn more about what, why, and how we work, do visit https://www.udgama.com


Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

I am seeking a data scientist position. I’m passionate about data and extracting value from data, and good at advanced analytics skills and marketing campaign (funnel analysis and cohort analysis). Also, I am very curious, detail-oriented, fast-learning, problem-solving and proactive.

Technologies: R, Python, SAS, MySQL & PostgreSQL, Tableau, Power BI, GitHub, Excel, PowerPoint, LaTeX, EViews, SPSS, MapInfo

Skills: Theory of Point and Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing, Bayesian Methods, Experiential Designs (ANOVA, ANCOVA, AB testing, Multiple Comparisons and Latin Square Designs (LSD)), Linear Regression, Machine Learning (KNN, Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes, K-means Cluster, SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest), Data Visualization (ggplot2, Tableau, Seaborn), Deep Learning (Keras, TensorFlow, RNN, LSTM, CNN), Natural Language Processing (Sentiment Analysis, N-grams, TF-IDF, Topic Modeling), Advanced SAS (SQL and Macro), Advanced Statistical Theory (MLE, LRT, Monte Carlos), Data Synthesis, Data Pipeline, Data Mining, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Regression-based Models, Hypothesis Testing, Text Mining, Cohort Analysis

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K6hbKv6Go8fv5QSpANJoRsoVDtA...

Email: jane06172019@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/JaneLiu0617

  Location: San Diego, CA & Munich Germany (in between both)
  Remote: yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: React Native | DevOps | Terraform | Gitlab CI | SQL | Swift | NodeJS | AWS (all services) | React | Ansible | Docker/Fargate  | Express | 
  Résumé/CV: lizcano dot dev
  Email: stephen at lizcano dot dev
Mobile expert in shipping production apps in healthcare environments for physicians. AWS expert (certified SA & DevOps pro) in building HIPAA compliant applications for physicians, and automating them in AWS with Terraform.

I'm rocket fuel for your business tech.

> lizcano dot dev

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SEEKING WORK | New York, NY nyc | Remote or onsite in NYC Software Engineer experienced building Tech companies. Proven track record as a technical contributor, agile project manager and managing outsourced teams. Have worked at Startups and large companies. Comfortable eliciting requirements, writing specs and developing the solution on time⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱. Have worked fullstack, mobile, devops, conversion funnel optimization and machine learning. Developed software used by thousands of paying customers Javascript (React Native, Node.js) Python (Django, tensorflow, ml-engine) Ruby on Rails, Android Java, iOS apps, Go, SQL (mysql, redshift, postgres), experienced translating high level requirements into data models (information systems) OLTP and OLAP variants, have developed ETLs using aws glue and ec2 running python, have web scraped with scrapy and proxies on scrapinghub, and cloud (AWS, GCP, Heroku, Docker). Industries: Foodservice, Clover POS, Healthtech (HIPAA), Fintech ¥¥¥¥, ECommerce




Technologies: Python, Java, C#, SQL, Selenium Appium, Various WebDev technologies/frameworks (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Github: https://github.com/keva161

Email: kevin@kevintuck.co.uk

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-tuck/

Website: https://kevintuck.co.uk

I'm a software tester who specialises in created automated test solutions.

So if you need a Selenium framework to check that your webapp is still functioning after a feature gets addded. Or a way to check you mobile app hasn't broke after a new version is created. I can help.

I can also help in testing of an entire webapp and create an end-to-end strategy. That incorperates automation alongside traditional 'manual' techniques.

Location: San Francisco Remote: Open Willing to relocate: Open Technologies: Creative Direction & Design Résumé/CV: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57435e50356fb03f473d0...

View my work here: http://www.laurengarside.com/

Email: L@laurengarside.com

Location: San Francisco Bay Area/San Jose/Santa Cruz

Remote: Open to it

Willing to relocate: Open to it

Technologies: Flask, Express, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Keras, PyTorch, Python, JavaScript

Résumé/CV: http://resume.rpandey.tech

Email: rohan [dot] pandey [at] gmail [dot] com

Website: https://rpandey.tech

I'm an undergrad student that has won 10 hackathons and have experience in fullstack, machine learning, and hardware technologies. Open to internships and some full-time positions.

Location: Nigeria

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, Websockets, SQL/NoSQL, Docker, backend

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1c4qnaMgIt8aCykZV0tqfhQWQ9p...

Email: ebukaume@gmail.com

- Location: REMOTE (London, UK / EUROPE) - Remote: YES (only please)

- Willing to relocate: unlikely, but do contact me about it

- Technologies: Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, Docker, jenkins, cloud, devops, backend, agile, scrum, python, ruby, shell scripting, linux, chef, ansible, ci/cd,

- Résumé/CV: http://bit.ly/2HucTwp https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudio-viola/

  Location: Italy 

  Remote: Yes 

  Willing to relocate: Yes, founded a remote start-up.

  Technologies: HTML/CSS, SASS, React.js, Gatsby.js, GIT, SAS, LaTeX, Cordova, PhoneGap, Docker 

  Tools: Google Analytics, Hotjar, AppAnnie, G Suite, Excel, Facebook Ads, Google Ad Manager, Mailchimp | InDesign, Sketch, Framer X, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Origami, Motion

  Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xKH3qDVr-hEvNwRM6IxFbLAw8yc18sLZ 

  Email: [written on CV]
Hi there! Are you looking for a product manager who is obsessed with complex, unconventional problems and delivers results that set you apart from other competitors?

+3 years of product leadership, +5 of hands-on design, front-end development and digital marketing experience. Won UberPITCH 2017, and founded a remote start-up which created one of the fastest growing entertainment apps in my country of origin, with over one million installs, 110.00 reviews 4.6 average user score in one year.

Searching for exciting opportunities to create, innovate and thrive; particularly interested in the challenges themselves rather than title, seniority or compensation of the role. Generally Product Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Entrepreneur in Residence and Growth Hacker roles suit me by definition.

Please do feel free to contact me for brainstorming, chit-chatting or showing me your latest bizarre discovery. Looking forward!

Location: Seattle, WA

Remote: Yes (Preferred)

Willing to Relocate: Probably not

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/medhir/

Résumé: https://medhir.com/cv.pdf

Web: https://medhir.com

Email: mail AT medhir.com

Technologies: Typescript, React, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Terraform (and many others)

Software engineering generalist with strong product sensibilities. I most recently worked on building out personalized, data-driven email marketing campaigns for a distributed tracing product. Mostly interested in back-end focused SWE and/or product management roles.


   Location: New York (NYC), USA (remote only)
   Remote: Yes (experienced)
   Willing to relocate: No
   Technologies: Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, sklearn, PySpark, and more
   Résumé/CV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zp1e0ts5wp43x5/Gabriel_Bianconi_Resume.pdf?dl=0
   Email: gabriel@scalarresearch.com
   Website: scalarresearch.com / gabrielbianconi.com
   LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gabrielbianconi
Senior machine learning engineer (data scientist) looking for part-time contract work. Extensive experience in computer vision, NLP, and predictive analytics.

* Built products for fast-growing startups (e.g. Scale AI, Fandom) and large corporations

* Recent projects include helping predict cancer therapeutics (NLP), reduce industrial accidents (computer vision), and optimize corporate QA (predictive analytics)

* Published ML research, served as a reviewer for ICML, and spoke at many leading technical conferences (e.g. AWS re:Invent)

* BS/MS in Computer Science (AI) from Stanford

Looking for meaningful work, preferably at a small startup in NYC but I'm open to all kinds of opportunities.

Location: NYC (New York City), NY

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Depends on the location, do have triple citizenship (CA, UK, IE) plus green card.

Technologies: All the stuff, check my GitHub profile for examples of work: https://github.com/brndnmtthws

Résumé/CV: https://brndn.io/about/

Email: brenden@brndn.io

Just stumbled upon your video of biking across the country. Epic! How did you train for this ride?

I had been doing a lot of long distance cycling at the time. Most weeks I'd average between 300 and 500km a week. Deciding to ride cross country was pretty spontaneous, I only had a few days to plan in advance.

I like how in the last video, after you'd already biked 200+ miles to get to New York, you're like "what do I do now? I guess I'll go for a bike ride around the city..."

Yeah :) It was a weird feeling when it was finally over, I wasn't sure what to do for a while.

    Location: Bucharest, Romania (UTC+3)
    Remote: Yes
    Willing to relocate: not in 2020, possibly later
    Technologies: { solid: [ Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Pandas/Numpy/scikit-learn,
        Jupyter, Django/Flask/FastAPI/asyncio, REST, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud,
        SQL, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux ],
      minor: [ Go, Fastai, Pytorch, R, Node.js, React/Redux/Vue/Svelte, Java, Bash ] }
    Résumé/CV: Upon request
    Email: io@neuronq.ro
Experienced software engineer (7+ years, Python expert, some ML experience, full-stack experience), looking for work that is at least 1/3 machine-learning-engineering or data-science-engineering related (current focus is NLP/NLU but open) - this is my growth direction and I am NOT interested in work that falls completely out of this area! I'm ideal for your team if you'd benefit from a combination of: (a) senior-level general software engineering (OOD/SOLID, TDD, functional-programming) + (b) mid-level machine-learning and machine-learning-engineering knowledge and experience (plus desire to grow more into this) + (c) very wide breadth of full-stack + product & project knowledge and experience.

Mechanical Engineer and R&D specialist

Location: Scotland

Remote: Yes

Willing to Relocate: Not at this time

Technologies: SolidWorks, Inventor, DesignSpark PCB, Mechanical Handling Systems, Instrumentation.

Email: SubseaEngineering /at/ outlook.com

Mechanical Engineering Manager and instrument designer with prototyping, R&D and critical system experience. Over a decade of working in underwater instrumentation, including large projects and specialised instrumentation for unique applications. Portfolio includes large rig installation monitoring, defence equipment, oceanographic instrumentation and other mission critical equipment for various markets around the world.

SolidWorks (CSWA certified) and Inventor CAD system fluent, extensive ISO9001 experience. Regularly work with 3D printers and prototyping/small production run manufacturing. Workshop facility for construction of equipment available.

Bulk of experience in underwater systems, including instrumentation and vision systems for customers in unique applications and ROV systems. Offshore experience in remote places, so I understand what it really means to have a quality, mission critical piece of gear. Willing to work in most sectors, especially R&D and small batch prototyping and production runs.

I dabble in many different types of tech and like to keep up with emergent technologies related to the autonomous fields.

  Location: Boston
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: API design and prototyping using YAML, Apigee,  and related tools. Sensor technology, MEMS, and digital radio capabilities for IoT. Sensor fusion and substitution. Sigfox, LoRa. Android applications and system software. Embedded UI. OS design for VoIP handsets. Windows, Macintosh, Android, VxWorks, Linux and other OSs. Computer telephony, digital subscriber lines, voice processing systems, speech recognition technologies and applications, voice/data convergence, fax servers. Mobile infrastructure nodes (GPRS GGSN).
  Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I20iWUtS8woNMyyDGHVasoyavvjy--Ly/view
  Email: zigurd.mednieks@gmail.com
More links and information at zigurd.com

My experience spans nearly every aspect of growing ventures and many roles in large organizations. I am capable of going hands on with implementation.

I can contribute in modeling financial projections, strategy, intellectual property protection, applying systems analysis and agile tools and approaches to project planning and management, using decision-making and problem-solving frameworks, and other skills and experience across roles.

I am methodical and creative. I am mindful that empathy is key to making use of knowledge and experience. I have built teams and grown team members to advance and create successful careers.

I have proven communications experience. I am a published represented author and series editor for leading tech publishers. I am currently bringing a new book on managing software development to publication.

Locations: Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, React, Vue, Node, CoffeeScript), PHP, Wordpress

Résumé/CV: https://patrickkontschak.com

Email: hello@patrickkontschak.com

After graduating from high school at a school for multimedia and arts with a German Abitur, I lived in Canada for three years and worked there as a web developer. Due to my stay abroad, my English skills have become fluent. I have been working as a web developer in Germany since 2013. In mid-2017 I finished my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development (Fachinformatiker Richtung Anwendungsentwicklung) at the it.schule Stuttgart.

I have largely acquired my knowledge of web and app development on a self-taught basis. I regularly continue my education to be up to date with the latest web development and am currently also enrolled in an online college to become a game developer in order to expand my skills and venture into more tech fields.

I have worked for a number of web agencies in the past, but I am now looking for a tech company where I can completely focus on a primary product and help to expand it and develop interesting features.

I have been helping my parents renovating and selling our former family home for the past 2.5 years and moved to Gudensberg, near Kassel, before the nationwide quarantine started. I am currently looking for a new location throughout Germany, preferably in bigger cities.

I'm a great asset to anyone's team.

I learn new things quickly.

I make friends in the workplace easily.

I share memes and various development-related links on Slack (or whatever the company-intern messaging tool is).

I organize after-work outings (bowling, beer, sushi, fare, etc.).

I can grill burgers.

I have a beard.

I have a Switch for lunch breaks.

I can help out coworkers - often times as their rubber duck replacement.

I have a good taste in music.

I also have a shameful taste in music.

I'm a 1x engineer: https://1x.engineer/

I take my projects serious and I will work to the best of my abilities.

I make mistakes. But we're all human. It's ok.

I will remember the mistakes I've done and avoid them in the future.

I'm not allergic to animals.

I don't do soccer (I tend to break things when I do sports - usually my own bones).

I cannot work with Windows.

  Location: New York, NY
  Remote: Yes 
  Willing to relocate: Yes 
  Technologies: UX design, UI design - Sketch, Figma, Adobe 
  XD, InVision, Axure 
  Portfolio: https://www.sabrinazain.com/
  Résumé/CV: https://8a2226e0-e233-47e5-b3e9-72909077278a.filesusr.com/ugd/7f58d2_5c5d4cc4976a4308acdc7bcb9f07da52.pdf
  Email: sbmzain@gmail.com             
  UX UI Product Designer looking for contract or full-time work, open to relocation

  Location: NV
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: Full Stack Engineer
  Résumé/CV: I've built 2 YC company's products for 2 YC demo days. I'm a full Stack engineer and Stanford grad with 6+ years experience launching iOS apps on the App Store.
  Email: david@callstop.com
If you're trying to launch or improve an app, grow an existing product or service, or just want to chat about startups and how I might be able to help, reach out.

Location: Currently South East Asia (UTC+7)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, happy to relocate to same city as business or just to a more convenient timezone. I am British/Irish.


- Front-end: Javascript Revealing Module Pattern, JQuery, Bootstrap, Static Site Generators

- Back-end: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, PassportJS, Mocha, Async, Joi, Webhooks, Message Queues, Nginx, Redis, Linux, Git, Bash

- Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Letsencrypt, Mailgun, Stripe, Netlify

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markjgsmith, email me for my complete up to date CV

Email: markjgsmith@gmail.com

I'm a Senior Web Developer with 5 years experience building web based applications, APIs, and integrating cloud services, and with an 8 year background in building file data ingest pipelines for Fortune 500 companies in the Media and Entertainment industry across the EMEA region. 5 years experience working remotely.

I'm looking for both full-time and/or contract work, and currently available for hire.

Website: https://markjgsmith.com - social medias, github, etc

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Data Visualization (d3.js, Vega, R), Data Analysis (pandas, numpy, R), Data Pipelines (Python, AWS, Postgres, Docker), Geospatial Development (EO, mapbox, openlayers, PostGIS, turf), SPA (React, Svelte), Web Development (HTML, SVG, CSS/SASS)

Résumé/CV: https://milafrerichs.com

Email: see website

I help social organisations create beautiful and engaging data visualisations and improve or create their data pipelines. I’m a full stack (geospatial) developer with 10+ years of experience creating for the web.

I love to use my skills to do good and work on projects that have an impact.

I’m teaching mapping with d3 at https://mappingwithd3.com



Location: Boulder, Colorado

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: JavaScript/ES6, SASS/CSS, React, Gatsby, Figma, jQuery, User Interfaces, Git/GitHub, Web Application Development, Developer Tools, Agile Methodology, Node.js, Express.js, WordPress, and more.

Résumé/CV: Available on request.

Email: tuckertriggs(at)gmail.com

Website: https://tuckertriggs.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/tuckertriggs

Github: https://github.com/tuckpuck

Full-stack developer (front-end focused) specializing in using Javascript, React, and various other tools to build modern websites and web applications. I have a versatile skill set and strong communication skills. Looking for contract work or full-time employment.

Location: India

Remote: Yes

Looking to Relocate: No

Email: ritesh at vertexcover.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/riteshkadmawala

github: https://github.com/kgritesh

Website: https://vertexcover.dev/

- Full stack engineer with 10+ years of experience building products and solving challenging technical problems

- Cofounded couple of startups in the past and understand how to build products with quick turn around time without sacrificing quality

- Strong experience with Python/Golang/Javascript/Nodejs/React/Android/React Native/AWS/Terraform/Ansible/Kotlin/C++

- Experience with designing distributed fauly tolerant systems as well as building data pipelines

- 7+ years of experience working and leading distributed engineering teams

- Significant experience building and setting up automation and testing infrastructure for backend / mobile apps


  Location: Tucson, AZ (USA)

  Remote: yes (plenty of experience with this)

  Willing to relocate: maybe, esp. NYC or Chicago

  Technologies: javascript, React, three.js, webgl, Node, Electron, Java, Objective-C; a little: Scala, Rust, Elixir/Phoenix

  Portfolio: http://westoncb.com/projects

  Résumé/CV: http://westoncb.com/resume.html

  Email: westoncb at google's mail service

I'm looking for work as either a full-time employee, or on a contract basis. My specialties are around computer graphics and developing tools with difficult UI requirements, but I'm a good person to have around for any kind of project where you need someone who can prioritize effectively, learn quickly, communicate well, and do whatever needs to be done on the development side.

Most of my professional experience has been as an early startup employee, though I've also done a variety of work on a contract basis, from advising and leading development on a web-based CAD tool project, to helping artists to implement their ideas in software, to doing R&D for a LiDAR point cloud "surface reconstruction" project.

Location: Colorado, USA

Remote: Yes or onsite

Willing to relocate: Yes (USA)

Technologies: Python, Java, web dev, SQL, Linux, Docker, cloud, C/C++, git, distributed systems, threading, performance & scalability, cryptocurrency/blockchain

domain experience: travel, real estate, education, foreign/online adversarial propaganda/disinfo (APD), gaming, cryptocurrency/blockchain

Resume/CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13e3tdkKYcaNx6X34nd5BtK7amW...

Email: groglogic+hn2hire20205@gmail.com

decades of programming. solid computing system fundamentals. problem solving. brainstorming. prototyping. communication. technical team lead. software architect. SRE-ish. author of cheatsheet on Software Performance & Scalability. tech research, due diligence and consulting for US State Department. indie game engine creator since childhood. wrote & shipped a zombie apocalypse simulation a decade ago -- which was much more fun than coronavirus

  Location: NYC

  Remote: Yes

  Willing to relocate: Yes

   - Technologies: JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails,  SQL, PostgreSQL, Git, SASS/CSS, HTML, Jest, CI/CD, Tableau

   - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luka-baramishvili/
   - Email: Lukabaramishvili@gmail.com

   - Résumé/CV: Please email for resume

  Passion in Creative Coding turned into Full Stack Software Development (Frontend Focused). Background in
  Data Analytics, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

Location: Philippines

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Django, React, Git, AWS, Postgres, MySQL

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrei-elizaga/

Boulder CO, USA | Remote Preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: NodeJs, Angular 1/2+, RoR, postgreSQL, Git, Linux, Javascript, Typescript, Ruby, Heroku, AWS, HTML, CSS, Redis, Socket.IO, Oauth

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dEUFC-EsucxDHInNd5jyHl9N...

Email: <myusername>@gmail.com

Personal Project: https://www.climbcation.com

Hi there, I'm Dan. I'm a full stack engineer who prefers the backend side of things. In my 9 years of professional software development I've spent a lot of time with early stage startups and know how to design from scratch with the future in mind as well as build proof of concepts quickly.

In my free time I like to work on my side personal project(www.climbcation.com), rock climb, and pick up new technologies(I'm currently learning ReactJs and enjoying it so much that I'm rewriting Climbcation's front end!).

I'm currently looking for contract work as a web developer but am open to full-time for the right company.

Location: San Francisco

Remote: Yes please

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React / JS / TS / Frontend / Browsers


Email: slightlytyler@gmail.com

Hey y'all! My position at Airbnb was eliminated as part of the layoffs on May 5. I’m looking for a frontend engineering role either remote or based in the Bay Area. I’m an expert frontend dev with experiences across the spectrum. I’ve got a knack for developer tools so anything in that vein would be wonderful.

Location: Worcester, MA Remote: Yes (although willing to travel into Boston occasionally) Willing to Relocate: No Technologies: Résumé/CV: See https://markhildreth.me/ Email: See https://markhildreth.me/

Over 10 years experience with various tech, industries, and positions, including time: * As a sole developer, tech lead, team lead, and project manager. * Working locally or fully remote. * Developing for the desktop, web and mobile. * Working on a technology I hadn't used before.

Recently been working on embedded development and Rust open source software. I enjoy working with a team to create something substantial, but just bad at personal networking so having trouble finding the right team :)

Location: Milton, FL

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: x86/ARM/MIPS, C,C++,Java,Python , GDB/GEF/PEDA, IDA Pro/Radare2/Ghidra, more than familiar & comfortable with data structures and algorithms (trees, linked-lists, the stack, etc) , focused on learning C++ Algorithms, reverse engineering, and exploit development projects / materials in free time (specifically https://beginners.re/ and https://www.elearnsecurity.com/course/exploit_development_st.... ).

Education: Currently a student and half-time tutoring C++,Java,Python, and Mathematics for Pensacola State College. Have completed an AA in Computer Science and am about to pursue a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Resume link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ERzIR4DGMud2FadFkwSkZhRlN....

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-butts-70bb49130/ (I have articles, check 'em out!)

Github: https://github.com/Ods25 (I have projects, check those out too!)

Email: scott.edward.butts@gmail.com

resume link is busted

Location: Boston

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: NYC or Denver

Technologies: Python(Numpy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Pandas, Bokeh, scikit-learn), Docker, GCP(BigQuery, GCS, Pub/Sub)/AWS, SQL

Resume: https://isaacmg.github.io/resume.pdf

Email: igodfried@isaac26.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaac-godfried-70874466/

I'm a data scientist skilled in a variety of machine learning techniques. Currently, looking for full time roles or contracts that involve a substantial amount of machine learning.

Front-End Angular Developer

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS, DOM, JavaScript, ES6/7/8, TypeScript, JSON, AJAX, HTTP, Web APIs, RESTful APIs, Bootstrap, Angular, RxJS, NgRx, Ionic, Angular Material, Wijmo, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor

Résumé/CV: https://nunoarruda.com/resume.pdf

Email: nuno@nunoarruda.com

I'm only interested in part-time permanent employment.


Hi, I'm Nuno, a Result-Oriented Front End Angular Engineer with a strong technical skill-set, attention to detail, and 18 years of experience. I have a passion for translating beautiful designs into functional user interfaces and building great web applications.

I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. Continued education has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work to each employer I’ve worked for.

I've successfully delivered projects like a CSS UI library used by 17,000 employees, a mobile app that has 120,000+ users, and a web app serving over 100 million images. I've done frontend work for Adobe, Webflow, Bayer, among other companies.

I'm originally from Portugal but I've been working remotely for the last 7 years for companies worldwide. I can be flexible in order to have overlapping working hours with a distributed team.

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Remote: Open

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Full-stack, Backend, Go (Golang), PHP, LAMP, Vue

Github: https://github.com/bontibon

Email: sw4j@protonmail.com

Location: Porto, Portugal

Remote: Yes. Actually looking for a remote position.

Willing to relocate: Not at this point.

Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript (ES6/ES7), Node, Express, MongoDB, MySQL, Flask, Redis, Celery, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertommoura/

Portfolio: https://github.com/mmnemonic

Email: albertommoura@gmail.com

Availability (Starting April 2019): 40 hours/week

My expertise lies in automated web scraping of difficult to obtain data, websites with bare bones structures and complex to parse, large scale websites, including those using 'scraping protection' services and sites that simply put - are hard for most to scrape. I use a variety of methods for getting the data and aim to obtain the data as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

Location: NYC metro area/NJ/New Jersey/NY/New York (US)

Remote: Yes, physical presence would be preferred in the future once the present crisis has passed

Willing to relocate: no

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3/ES7 (JavaScript), Python, Java, C

Email: j at the domain immediately below

Résumé: https://fej.io/resume

A bit more info: https://fej.io/about.html

GitHub: https://github.com/nuclearfej

Recently graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ, right next to NYC - CS bachelor's degree with a minor in philosophy. Worked with Node.js, Vue.js, and Postgres in the web ecosystem, plus a bit of PHP and React; I use Python for everyday scripting and a heavier language (C++ or Java) for larger tasks. I'm currently working with a professor on writing a mobile (responsive) version of an existing web app and fixing legacy PHP code.

Always excited to try new languages, frameworks, methodologies - you name it. I love to learn new things and branch out.

Serious recruiters also welcomed.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with any questions. Thank you for looking.

I am a citizen of the US.

Location:Chennai,Bangalore Remote:yes Willing to relocate:yes Technologies:Done helpdesk support in bank finacle L1 Resume: Suryanarayanan.S LinkedIn Email:narayanan_9505@yahoo.co.in

Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

Remote: Yes, please

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Frontend in general: Javascript, React, React Native, CSS, SASS; and some Node, serverless, Firebase, FaunaDB. Also marketing and growth-related stack Segment, Heap, GA, Amplitude, analytics, and marketing tools in general.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodrigohgpontes

My newsletter with writing advice for developers: https://writingfordevelopers.substack.com

My personal blog about my career transition from marketing to software development: https://rodrigohgpontes.github.io

A side-project that I am building solo, from concept, to design, to development (React on serverless): https://www.quidsentio.com

The blog for the said project above: https://blog.quidsentio.com

I have an advantage if the role is for working close to the growth or marketing team, or even any non-engineering team. I like to work close to product decisions.

I want to find a place where I can learn from experienced engineers and work among nice people.

  Email: rodrigohgpontes, you can guess which provider

Quidsentio is a beautiful site! Cool concept, love the design, very well written.

Do you have experience with building comprehensive business intelligence dashboards?


No, I don't. I am familiar with BI a little bit from my time in marketing, but no experience in data visualization like D3 or similar. It is something that I would be interested in learning though, if there is space for that on the role.

Hi HN!

I lost my contract amidst the unrest and am currently helping a non-profit to serve the most affected communities.

I'm full-stack web-dev with over 7 years of professional experience. Coding as a hobby since 2008.

I also worked on my Saas startup for 2 years and understand the impact that on-boarding process has on retention.

The last project I worked on had over ~10m users (~3m MAU). This taught me a few things about high volume traffic and scale.

Most interested in building frontends and high-volume/velocity data processing and CI/CD.

I owe my career to the Open Source community and would love to have some component of OS payback (in form of Code, Articles, Confs etc).

Location: India

Remote: Preferable (Remote for the past 2.5 years at a UK Based Consultancy)

Willing to relocate: Yes


  - Languages: Clojure, React, Electron, JavaScript/ Node
  - Dev Ops Tools: Docker, Terraform
  - Clouds: AWS, Cloudflare
  - Database: Postgres, Datomic, Redis
  - Concepts: Task Queues, GraphQL, Event Sourcing, CSP, Moral Analytics
  - Experimenting with: Go, WebGL, Rust(WASM)
  - Writes Tests: Always (Just Kidding)

  - https://github.com/shivekkhurana
  - https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivekkhurana
  - https://medium.com/@shivekkhurana
  - Details available on request

  - khuranashivek ⒜ outlook.com
  - https://twitter.com/shivek_khurana
Thanks & Gratitude

Location: Montreal, Canada

Remote: Yes (Exclusively in the current circumstances; Open to on-site later)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Web (Backend & Frontend), Data (ETL, Processing, Search, Dashboards), Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, GUI (Qt)

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/SerpentAI

Email: On my Github page

12 years in the industry; Mostly in startups and R&D departments. Spent the last 2 working on my own projects / research following an acquisition. In that time, I authored the Serpent.AI framework (streamed it on Twitch), released a handful of Python packages and worked on a few curios (e.g. custom style transfer implementations, auto-painting application with NumPy and OpenCL).

I was planning to return to the working world in the later half of 2020 but with the COVID 19 situation, I figure it's wise to start considering it now. I'm a pretty collected, friendly person; Competent and professional. I prefer working in smaller teams / companies (more hats to wear, closer to product) with insightful and good-natured colleagues. I'm alright with freelance too if you don't have payroll in Canada.

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not at the moment

Technologies: JavaScript, ES6+, React.js, Gatsby, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Redux, D3.js, Wordpress, React Native, Webpack, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, AWS, Heroku, Firebase, TypeScript and more.

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ngTkTVeDaakyFxEmPyyqyMuKxD6...

Email: mail@andrejgajdos.com

I am a freelance full-stack web developer with over six years of experience delivering software. I have worked for clients all around the world in many different industries. I have delivered solutions for startups, digital agencies and big companies, such as Apple. I have background in computer science and am able to create everything from small business websites to custom web applications.

Personal Website: https://andrejgajdos.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrejgajdos

Github: https://github.com/AndrejGajdos

SEEKING WORK | Los Angeles | Remote

I'm an expert engineer and data professional interested in consulting and architecting data pipelines. At Edmunds.com, I worked on a fairly successful ad-tech product and my team bootstrapped a data pipeline using Spark, Databricks, and microservices built with Java, Python, and Scala.

These days, I work for a "new media" company you probably heard of and, over the past year, I re-built an ETL Kubernetes stack, including data loaders and extractors that handle >10,000 API payload extractions daily.

My area of expertise includes data interoperability with Facebook Marketing, Facebook Graph, Instagram Graph, Google DFP, Salesforce, etc. That I'm a top-tier developer goes without saying. I'm interested in flexing my consulting muscle and can help with best practices, architecture, and hiring.

Would love to connect even if it's just for networking!

Blog: https://dvt.name/

GitHub: https://github.com/dvx

Resume/contact: https://dvt.name/resume/

Seeking Remote Work

Location: Florida, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React, React Native, Javascript, Some Rails, Redux, Typescript, Angular, SASS, Styled Components, Github/Gitlab

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ta-8c6ORDix5pt0iJ_fxb0VncBI...

Email: caseymcneil@gmail.com

In my most recent position, I worked remotely alongside 5 other developers located in the United States and France to build and maintain the largest online marketplace for short term real estate. The company was forced to lay folks off due to the collapse of the retail market. I'm passionate about building a strong culture of accountability, collaboration, and teamwork on the teams that I'm a part of and I'm looking for my next role. I've been happily and productively working as part of a fully distributed team for the last couple of years so I'm primarily interested in remote positions, but I'd consider relocating for the right management/team-leadership role. If you think I would be a good fit for a role with your team, let's chat.

Name: Rod Woodman

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA (Bay Area)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


  • Front-end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript, ExtJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Highcharts)
  • Back-end (not preferred, but: Python, Go)
  • UX/Design (Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle)
Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodwoodman/

Email: roderickwoodman@gmail.com

Java Full-stack or Backend engineer


More than 11 years of full stack Java experience, mostly with Spring and Angular 2+ on microservices architecture. Hands-on experience with architecture design and development of highly available and scalable systems over AWS (or Openshift), Netty, Kafka, Redis, Spring Cloud Netflix stack. Team leadership and mentoring skills, with strong sense of ownership.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Remote: Yes, only (anywhere in the world)

Willing to relocate: Maybe

Technologies: Java (11+), Spring boot/cloud (netflix stack), Netty, Angular 2+, Microservices, AWS, Openshift, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Atlassian stack (Jira, Fisheye, Bamboo, ...), TDD, test frameworks (jUnit/Mockito/PowerMock), message brokers (Kafka/ActiveMQ/SQS), SQL, NoSQL and in-memory databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Aurora, Redis), CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins), Avro, Apache Thrift.

Resume/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diogofacin/

Email: diogoreis.ca . gmail . com

I can easily learn new techs if you need something specific in mix with my expertise.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or send me an email :)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Depends on destination/attractiveness of job

Skills: Everything visual – 3D, graphics design, typography, illustration, digital imaging, UX, mapping/2D & 3D maps.

Software development – from system level to apps. Rust, C/C++, Python, Lua, assembly, etc.

VFX – pipeline end-to-end, on-set supervision, cinematography, blocking/previz of both VFX and non-VFX shots, specifically, rendering, shader writing, lookdev & lighting, RenderMan, 3Delight, OSL, RSL.

Algorithmic/generative/procedural techniques for image & asset production.

3D printing, rapid manufacturing, -prototyping, product design & -engineering for high end furniture and interior design.

3D DCC plug-in software development for various platforms and various APIs (Maya, Houdini, AfterEffects, NSI, Ri, etc.)

Leadership – co-founded & ran a production company and two start-ups. Managed a team of ~80 people in the IVI space at a multi national for five years; freelancing since a bit over a year now.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moritzmoeller/

Email: virtualritz@protonmail.com

Location: Riga, Latvia

Remote: Yes, preferred. I have prior remote/asynchronous work experience.

Willing to relocate: Yes, after the pandemic crystallises.

Technologies: SQL, NoSQL, R (tidyverse, caret, Shiny, etc), Python (pandas, scikit-learn, Dash, etc), Scala (minimal), Jupyter, H2O, Tableau, AWS/GCP, Unix/Linux

Résumé/CV: Details over email, in brief - lead data scientist (full stack + team management) with international fintech experience.

Emai: arthur_st {at] fastmail /dot) com


* Location: Atlanta, GA USA

* Remote: Yes

* Willing to relocate: No

* Technologies: Full stack developer and designer. PHP, Laravel, Javascript, ES6, React, jQuery, HTML/CSS, SASS, LESS, MySQL, AWS, Linux, Web APIs, RESTful APIs, WordPress, Elasticsearch, Algolia

* Resume/CV: http://23andwalnut.com, https://buildlaunchapp.com


Full stack developer and designer. 15 years total programming experience, 10+ years building for the web, 5 years technology and strategy consulting. I provide full service software development and combine strategy, technology, and design to solve complex business challenges. Extensive experience taking projects from concept all the way through launch and have worked with clients of all sizes, from individuals and startups to multinational enterprise companies.


* Email: projects [at] 23andwalnut.com


Location: San Diego CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Tech: Cisco (IOS, -XR & -XE, NX-OS), Cisco ACI, Linux, AWS, Ruby, Python, R, C#; Biotech: PCR, ELISA, Mammalian Cell Culture, Aseptic Technique, Quality Systems/GMP

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bQY3SXOcsYOfxxT6N5eV-lt1Y7...

Email: cameron.sean.r@gmail.com

I'm a network engineer and product manager. Add'l skill sets in biotech, security, and electronics. At the physical layer I've worked with all kinds of RF (satellite, HF, VHF/UHF line of sight, cellular). I don't consider myself a dev, but can find my way around.

Where I shine are efforts that are time and/or budget constrained, may involve working around bureaucratic constraints, and collaborating with team members of vastly different skill sets. I often wear multiple hats on such tasks.

While I am currently in SoCal, I would prefer to relocate if possible. I'm targeting the Bay Area. However, I'm open to other locations. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Location: USA (Florida specifically but no strong desire to stay)

Remote: Yes (Preferred but not required)

Willing to relocate: Yes (Seattle area especially)

Technologies: General C++ development

Résumé/CV: Available upon request

Email: "iris" atatatatatatata "enesda" D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DOT-commmmmmm (Scrape that, bots...)

I've spent the last few years developing a declarative GUI programming language (https://github.com/IrisChase/IVD) on my own. A project that spun out of it's development called "Reprodyne", is a system for recording manual testing sessions for automatic regression testing (https://github.com/IrisChase/Reprodyne).

Feel free to email me about anything that sounds like a challenge! :)

Location: Europe Remote: Yes, exclusively but okay with travel. I'm okay with any timezone. Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Most recently extensively used languages/frameworks are Python (Django), Java (some Spring), and NodeJS. Significant experience with Solr/Elasticsearch/Lucene. Various flavors of SQL (Postgres, MS and others) and NoSQL (Redis, aforementioned Solr/ES and others). Queues (Kafka, SQS) and containers running microservices.

(just to cover some main keywords without listing everything)

Résumé/CV: Email me (see profile), or ask me to contact you.

Hey there! I'm a software engineer who's got around 6 years of experience developing mostly web-related applications. I have significant experience working on search systems (relevance tuning, query parsing, highlighting, query expansion, learning to rank etc.). I'm only looking for an opportunity to possibly get back to working on that sort of thing (information retrieval, natural language processing or even more machine learning related things that I have some experience with), only remotely.

Thanks for having a look!

I'm specialized in creating new mobile applications fast and flawless, but I can also help to improve existing applications. I would like to be involved in projects around remote communication platforms but I'm not limiting myself to that. Freelance consultancy gigs or fixed price projects are possible.

    Location: Amsterdam / Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Remote: Strong preference, otherwise limited to locations reachable by rail
    Willing to relocate: Probably not
    Expert in
     - WebRTC
     - Swift
     - iOS (10 years)
    Professional experience with
     - C#
     - Elixir
     - Objective-C
     - HTML / CSS / JS
    Also worked with
     - React Native
     - Android
     - PHP
    ... and a ton of other things I probably forgot to mention!
    Would like to work more with Rust!
    Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-van-dongen/
    Email: lucas van dongen AT gmail com

Location: Atlanta, GA Remote: Yes, preferred

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Javascript (Express, Angular 1/2+, React), Java (Spring, Tomcat), Python (Flask), Ruby (Sinatra)

Languages: English, Spanish (Conversational C1)

Other skills: Database Design, Software Architecture, Legacy Code Improvement, Hybrid Mobile Application Development (Cordova)

Website: http://nickincardone.com/

Résumé/CV: http://nickincardone.com/Nichlos%20Incardone%20Resume.pdf

Email: nickincardone@gmail.com

I am a full stack engineer with that is wrapping up a year long trip around Latin America and am looking for a position where I can solve interesting problems surrounded by talented people. I have experience ranging working with small startups to being a lead developer on a billion-dollar product. I consider myself a problem solver and am willing and able to pick up any technology needed. My passions are music, sports, traveling, and learning applications.

Location: Boston, MA

Remote: Yes

Willing to Relocate: No

Technologies: At my most recent role I was a front-end specialist using Angular. Previously I've been a fullstack developer using node and PHP. Keyword spam for search (javascript, react, typescript, node, html, css, redux, ngrx, rxjs)

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zKeD0O20KUjEeqEyiROPHYrT...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-corey-7404b395/

Email: robertbcorey@gmail.com

I was recently laid off, along with most of my team, due to COVID-19. Most of my experience has been as a front end specialist on large complex code bases, but I'd be interested in branching out and working as more of a generalist. I have 5 years of experience. My most recent side project was a realtime trivia game with a lot of usage of RxJS, I'd love to do more realtime projects.

  Location: Remote, Seattle, Vancouver
  Remote: Preferred (currently remote)
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: Full-stack, Infra, JS/TS, C#, Python, Scala, Java, React, Dart/Flutter, GCP, Firebase, docker, k8s, Vue, Serverless, Next.js, SQL/noSQL, Bash, Git, ci/cd
  Résumé/CV: https://parondeau.com/resume
  Email: me@parondeau.com

Location: Los Angeles

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes


- Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript

- Frameworks: Flask, Django, Vue.js

- Design Patterns: REST APIs, Multitenancy, Adapter-Driver, Service Oriented Architecture

- Datastores: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ

- Front-End: NPM, HTML, CSS, SASS

- Data Formats: JSON, YAML, XML

Résumé/CV: Hello! I’m a results-focused tech leader with over 10 years of experience as both a Software Engineer and Technical Product Manager; an adept executor who’s comfortable working on mission critical systems with a sense of urgency.


- Built an inventory management system for $200M+ worth of products

- Redesigned a payments system to increase annual net profit by $20M

- Improved logistics operations efficiency 10x through software automation and tooling

- Reduced product and service costs by 30% via more efficient software systems

Side Projects:

- Sports analytics drone to improve my tennis skills using ROS and computer vision

- DayRev for extracting, summarizing and synthesizing content using natural language speech

- I’mFeelingHungry.com web scraper to discover, track and experience nearby restaurants

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UG9G1pL-MMb_LtYd6BPwboveUF7...

Email: daniel.g.sposito AT gmail

  Location: Gauteng, South Africa
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: React, Bootstrap, SQL, Electron, RN, Javascript. Mostly website stuff.
  Résumé/CV: https://abiciao.github.io/Resume.pdf
I'm a self-taught web developer that works like there is no tomorrow. I usually turn out products beyond expectation and love going the extra mile. I can work in a team or alone. I'm usually very much in a good mood so goo for an old morale boost.

Location: NYC

Remote: Only for COVID

Willing to relocate: this isn't the ideal time

Technologies: Python, Ruby, Java, some C. Javascript, React, other frontend miscellany, SQL, effective SQL denormalization patterns, Apache Cassandra. Linux sysadmin, some Ansible/Terraform, AWS cloud stuff. Turning old CRUD spaghetti-monoliths into bona fide SOLID monoliths, unifying feeds of third party data into unified interfaces. No microservices: just regular old services. Some opinions on ledgers, payments.

CV: http://thomas.whaples.technology/cv.pdf

Email: (in CV)

Have: a nice position in commercial real estate / private equity, making ~$200k base. Slightly worried about the future of the industry; taking my time to look now, lest I be caught in a hard place later.

Want: individual contributor position (Staff Sw Eng, or Senior Sw Eng on a very strong team). Manager who knows how to use engineering principles to attack hard technical problems. (Will entertain management track someday.)

Also speaking with: Bloomberg (earliest of early phases)

I'm a senior at Brown University looking to start work once I graduate at the end of the month.

  Location:             Reading, PA
  Remote:               Yes
  Willing to relocate:  Yes, especially to
    - Boston, MA        - Paris, France*
    - Providence, RI    - Toronto, Canada*
    - New York, NY      - Montreal, Canada*
    - Philadelphia, PA     *Need visa sponsorship

    - JavaScript        - Python
    - HTML              - Flask
    - CSS               - Java
    - React             - Linux
  Résumé/CV:            https://lmcnulty.gitlab.io/resume
  Email:                On my résumé.

  Location: European Union
  Remote: Yes, only
  Willing to relocate: No, at least not this year.
  Technologies: Flutter
  Résumé/CV: available upon request
  Email: sausageisking [at] gmail.com 
Willing to participate in making some production Flutter app. Have several years of experience in software development, but looking only for Flutter dev position.

Location: New York or D.C. (Back and forth between both)

Remote: Ok

Willing to relocate: East Coast

Technologies: Javascript(ES6)- JQuery - Webpack - React - Redux - HTML/CSS - Sass/SCSS - Node.js - Express - SQL Databases - NoSQL Databases - GatsbyJS - Oauth, Bcrypt

Resume/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DPBR573e5QtVp502BjtRktsFh_m...

Email: FullCodeAlchemist@gmail.com

website: https://www.TroyGood.dev

I'm a Dev who loves tech, I have a telecommunications background, as well as a sales background. I would love to focus on a Front End job, but I'm willing to accommodate to any part of a code base. I care about diversity in tech, and right now I'm currently learning Python and some of it's frameworks.

I'm looking for new opportunities, only remote.

I don't need any insurance or benefits as I got that covered myself.

  Location: Europe/Copenhagen
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
    * PHP, Go, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON,
      SQL, Shell scripting.
    * Debian/Devuan/Ubuntu, Arch, Void, Alpine, OpenBSD,
    * Apache, NGINX, MySQL/MariaDB, Galera, Sphinx,
      PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, OpenSSH, Git,
      Mercurial, DHCP, DNSMasq, Bind, Unbound, NTP, PF,
      iptables, ZFS, Btrfs, GlusterFS, NFS, Samba,
      OpenSMTPD, Postfix, SpamAssassin, Dovecot, GnuPG,
      rsync, ProFTPD, PureFTPd.
  Website: https://unixsheikh.com
  Resume/CV: Request via email
  Email: [job] at [unixsheikh dot com]

Location: London UK/Central America (I spend more time in the latter so I only look for EST/PST time zone gigs).

Remote: Yes

Availability: 15th of May

Willing to relocate: yes (US only)

Technologies: React, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, Node, Devops (Docker, Terraform + basic Kubernettes), AWS, MongoDB, NoSQL, Blockchain, Solidity, Ethereum

I am an engineer with 7 years of experience. Even though I am a a very well rounded full stack dev my bias is definitely in the front end. I have worked for both massive corporation (80k+ people) and small startup in the fintech and Blockchain space.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/umbertogarozzo/

Github: https://github.com/gtonizuka

Email: garozzo.u@gmail.com

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


- Python for Command-line scripts for scraping, automation, ETL, Data Analysis and Flask/Django for Web.

- Being a technology agonistic and curious person I love to explore different technologies and languages. Recently exploring Go and Rust.

- I also love writing and maintain a blog which also helped many times to get job/gigs.

Profile: http://adnansiddiqi.me

Blog: http://blog.adnansiddiqi.me

Github: https://github.com/kadnan

Email: kadnan @ gmail

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Everything/whatever. Last 3-4 years: Python (Django), Kotlin, Java (Spring), JavaScript. Also last 11 years: iOS/OSX (C/C++/Objective-C), Bash, Perl. MSc in AI (heuristic search).

Résumé/CV: See LinkedIn and/or request via e-mail

Email: thauk@ualberta.net

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomashauk

Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/161161/shaggy-frog

First Computer: Atari 800 (Logo and BASIC)

Cake: YES

Copy & Paste Messages: no thank you

I'm a proud generalist. I add value. I care about my work. I get stuff done. I deliver. Send me an e-mail!

About me: Self taught full stack generalist with a knack for backend systems. I've been developing webapps for about 3 years and been working professionally as a Software Engineer for about 1 year now. Looking for a break into ops/sre type roles. Happy to chat about freelance projects as well!

  Location:             Bengaluru, India 
  Remote:               Yes
  Willing to relocate:  Yes
  Technologies:         Golang, Java, Python, NodeJs, Typescript, React, Angular, Javascript
  LinkedIn:             http://www.linkedin.com/in/gnaman
  Email:                hn@namang.me


I am looking for a remote opportunity but do not mind to travel occasionally for work. I have worked both as a front-end and a back-end developer.

Location: Australia (Adelaide region) Remote: Only Willing to relocate: No Technologies: * programming languages: Elixir, TypeScript, Javascript, PHP, Python * frameworks and libraries: Phoenix, React, Angular, Symfony, Django * technologies and tools: REST, GraphQL, SQL, mongodb, Node.js, streams, UI, UX, web components, material UI, styled components, microservices, cloud, docker, kubernetes, CI/CD, semantic versioning, git, unix

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rx41aha2N4J8_31t6wd2UOqWSQ... Email: arsene.bruno [at] gmail.com

Location: Gurugram, India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, preferred

Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node, Express, HTML, CSS/SCSS/LESS, VIM I like to write JavaScript ( Front-End/Back-End ) and love to try new Technologies currently learning Rust

Resume/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tripurari-shankar-91907189/, https://github.com/tripurari001, https://twitter.com/tripurari001

Email: tripurari@protonmail.com

Hi, I am a Front-End developer with 3.5 years of experience in ( mostly but not limited to ) JavaScript( and UI library/frameworks like React ), NodeJs, Express, HTML, CSS

Location: Tehran, Iran

Remote: Either

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Java, Python, Data Engineering Techs (Hadoop (HDFS, Spark, Query Engines, ...), Kafka, Cassandra)

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QGntGeBWdQ1VvHtmFRmqFjIIieb...

Email: ahmadreza.saboor.y@gmail.com

Location: Central FL

Remote: Yes, preferred

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: HTML/CSS/JS, Node, SQL, Python, Scala, Java, C++, Swig, Docker, git, Shell, Linux, DevOps

Tools: Tensorflow, Docker, Postgres

Platforms: AWS, GSuite, Plaid, OAuth

Education: PhD Applied Mathematics

Resume: - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-goldfarb-8684851b/ - https://gitlab.com/jgoldfar (more active recently) - https://github.com/jgoldfar

Email: jgoldfar@gmail.com

I love ramping up in new domains, investigating technologies, and iterating on solutions; lately, I have been developing simulation codes for applications in biomedical engineering and consulting on API implementation and app architecture, among other things, and am looking for an innovative, collaborative group to dedicate myself to full time.

Hi guys, I'm a Remote Frontend Developer focused to ship complex UI projects, with strong frontend coding skills and deep knowledge of the frontend ecosystem tools and technologies. I already worked as a Software Engineer, so, I learned a lot about code best practices, architecture, and concepts.

  Location: Brazil
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: Javascript, React, CSS, Typescript, 
  GraphQL, Apollo, Node, Webpack, and others.
  Résumé/CV: https://linkedin.com/in/iamgbayer/?locale=en_US
  Email: iamgbayer@gmail.com

Location: Houston, TX Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Javascript, Vue.js & Vuex, React & Redux, React Native, C#, Node.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL, Cypress, xUnit, Quasar, Azure DevOps, Git, Adobe Suite

Résumé/CV: https://stackoverflow.com/cv/samr

Email: samueljustinroberts@gmail.com

Looking for a team to join after a coronavirus layoff. Junior full stack developer, but I focus primarily on front-end development and UI. Have prior years of experience working remotely if need be, but would prefer a company in Houston.

Check out my portfolio at https://www.samroberts1.me/

  Location:            Poland
  Remote:              Yes (EST/PST timezones OK)
  Willing to relocate: No

    * Python, Flask, Django, Django Rest Framework, GraphQL
    * AngularJS, MERN (MongoDB, Express.JS, React+Redux, Node.js), React Native, Vue.js
    * Airflow, Kafka, ELK, TensorFlow, NLP/NLTK
    * AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

  Résumé/CV:           https://michallech.info/static/Michal-Lech-Resume.pdf
  Email:               michal [AT] michallech.info
  Website:             https://michallech.info

I am Full Stack Developer and Software Architect with 12 years of commercial experience (esp. FinTech, Healthcare) in prototyping, MVP, backend and frontend development as well as maintenance and DevOps. Great communication skills, Startup experience, team leadership, passionate about programming, self starter, OK with freelance/consulting as well as full time work.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Django, Go

Résumé/CV: https://www.wombatsoftware.com/john-barham-resume.html

GitHub: https://github.com/jbarham/

Email: john@wombatsoftware.com

I'm looking for contracts in Melbourne, or remote anywhere.

My expertise is Django web app development and high performance distributed systems in Python and/or Go. I've also done embedded and desktop app development.

I created and operate SlickDNS (https://www.slickdns.com/), a DNS hosting service, and co-founded and developed the website for YouPatch (https://www.youpatch.com/), the world's most popular pixel quilt pattern generation service.

My current company has a job opening listed on LinkedIn [0], might be of interest. If you reach out, mention my username, they'll know who you're talking about!

[0] https://www.linkedin.com/posts/data-zoo_job-opportunity-soft...

Location: Argentina

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, Node.js, Express, Javascript, React, React Native, Redux, Vue, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphQL, Serverless, Microservices, Docker, AWS, nginx, RESTful.

Résumé/CV: https://leandroardissone.com/

Email: leandro@ardissone.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/lardissone

I’m a Full Stack Developer who has worked professionally for around 18 years. I've been working remotely for 10 years for clients in the US. I have been doing back-end and front-end development of web apps, also hybrid mobile apps. More recently I've been working with serverless infrastructures for more scalable apps. I am passionate about new technologies and I am a quick learner. I'm available full-time and part-time.

New Grad Data Scientist/ Back-end Dev / Machine Learning Engineer (May 2020) with experience at 2 startups

   Location: Vienna, Austria
   Remote: Yes or On-Site
   Willing to relocate: Vienna or nearby

   Tech: Python, Java, Scala, R, PyTorch, fast.ai, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub/BitBucket LaTeX, NumPy

   Languages: English/Russian Native Speaker, German B2 (Conversational)
Résumé/CV: https://www.yury.cc/resume.html

Website: https://www.yury.cc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yzhuk

GitHub: https://github.com/Teetertater

Email: yuryivz [at] hotmail [dot] com

Location: Atlanta, GA

Remote: Prefer onsite, but open to remote

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python, Java, Javascript (including Node.js, jQuery, React), C#, and others (listed on resume)

Resume: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_8y3V_NmKfueQPpEPvLCpx6gEA...

Email: mellott.joshua@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Josh. I recently graduated from Georgia Tech and was planning to start working full time in Atlanta but unfortunately my offer had to be pulled due to the ongoing health crisis. I have had some internship and co-op experience doing software development, and I am looking for a company that will allow me to contribute to their work and foster an environment where I can grow my skills and professionalism. Feel free to contact me if there's anything I can clear up for you!

Location: Bangalore, India

Remote: yes (plenty of experience with this)

Willing to relocate: Yes


  - Python (Django), Golang, Java

  - Infra: AWS (a lot of services here), GCP, Kubernetes, microservices, large-scale systems, all kinds of databases. Have managed large clusters. Certified on Google Industrial IoT and AWS IoT.

  - https://www.linkedin.com/in/divya-venkataramanappa-8731b335/

  - https://github.com/divyav
Email: divya.venkataramanappa@gmail.com

Hi, I have 10+ years of engineering experience, have been through a lot of technologies. My professional experience has been as an early startup employee. Helped a US startup setup their development center in Bangalore and ran it efficiently for 6 years. I have been a full-stack developer occasionally but would like to call myself Backend Architect with a large amount of DevOps experience.

Location: Toronto Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No Technologies: JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, React, Vue, Node.js, Mongodb, Postgresql, Git, Django, React Native, Socket.io Resume: https://daniel-hall-eardley-online-cv.web.app/ Email: 350chevy8@gmail

Two years of experience, open to anything except building wordpress websites, willing to learn new skills. My online Resume has links to github and my personal website

  Location: Vancouver, WA
  Remote: Yes (preferred)
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: PHP, Python, Ruby, JS (Angular, Vue, React, jQuery, Vanilla), SQL, Linux, FreeBSD
  Résumé/CV: https://www.thomasjost.com/cv/
  Email: tjost@protonmail.com
I enjoy learning new technologies and working on inspiring projects. In addition, I prefer to work throughout the full stack as my background has required full understanding from UI through to the full backend infrastructure. The majority of my experience has been in the startup space, and I'd prefer to move back into that type of environment over working for another medium/large corporation.

I'm also very passionate about security and am studying to pursue the OSCP later this year, so any roles in secure development or appsec will catch my eye over full stack roles, though I'm open to most opportunities.

  Location: Baltimore, MD
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes Southern California (preferred)
  Technologies: Java, SQL, Linux, Docker
  Résumé/CV: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq3bHD_1yf2h-T-13s8syFdU_F25
  Email: alexanderjbuck@gmail.com
I generally work on Java backends, I have also have done some interesting work with vehicle classification and personnel scheduling. Have also learned R, Rust and React for various projects.

Location: Portland, OR

Remote: Yes!

Willing to relocate: No. I could be convinced to move to Eugene.


- Standard traditional backend, Perl, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. I'm not a talented frontend developer, but I've worked with ES6 and Vue.

- Managed a home-grown ERP/CRM/CMS, and came to understand the importance of understanding business processes to build correct software. The SDLC happens to match industrial quality improvement cycles, and understanding that is really critical.

- Ran IT for a 50-75 employee company, reporting to the CFO.

- Helped build a web application that changed how people communicate online forever.

Résumé/CV: https://charles.capps.me/resume (PDF)

Email: charles@capps.me

-- Edit: Seeing lots of requests for /resume but only like a third of them follow the redirect to the PDF. If you're having problems getting there, please let me know.

    Location: Seattle
    Remote: Ok
    Willing to relocate: No
    Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, mobile, AppKit, UIKit
    Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pkamb/ - https://stackoverflow.com/users/1265393/pkamb
    Email: [firstname][lastname] @ gmail (see linkedin)
I recently released an app on the Mac App Store: https://servicestation.menu/

Now looking for my next gig in the iOS or Mac world. Been working on Apple platforms for the last 10 years.

Location: Yangon, Myanmar Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Android, Java, Kotlin, Dagger, Koin, MVVM, MVC, firebase, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, ADB, Java, SQLite, Room, Git, CI/CD

I develop Android apps for phones and tablets. I have published apps in the Google Play store. I have full life cycle software development experience, including: product concept development, product design, project planning, research and development, algorithm development, programming, testing, debugging, publishing apps to the Google Play store and app maintenance.

Email: kyawsanoo.androider@gmail.com

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x7Ooc7TEfBf-bkh96XXKhbghwwE...

Location: Merced, CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: C/C++11, Python3, Robotics (ROS, Gazebo, FlexBE), Linux(Ubuntu), Embedded Systems, GIT, Unit testing(gtests, rostests).

Resume: linkedin.com/in/andrestoga (PDF on request)

Email: atorresgarcia [at] ucmerced [dot] edu

I'm currently seeking a Robotics Software Engineer position at a Robotics company/startup/institute. My research interests lie in Robot Algorithms, Navigation, Motion Planning and Autonomous Ground Vehicles(AGV). I'm open to all sorts of opportunities, so please reach out!

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Remote: Definitely

Willing to relocate: Depends


    Python, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Flask, Django, PostgreSQL

    Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, CircleCI, Jenkins, GCP, AWS, git, github, Bash Scripting, Ansible, Packer





Email: harithjaved [at] gmail

Location: California

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Android Development, Object Oriented Development, Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, ADB, Java, C/C++, SQLite, XML, HTML, CSS, Git and Linux.

I develop Android apps for phones and tablets. I have published apps in the Google Play store. I have full life cycle software development experience, including: product concept development, product design, project planning, research and development, algorithm development, programming, testing, debugging, publishing apps to the Google Play store and app maintenance.

Email and Resume/CV: http://compxpressinc.com/docs/kpcv.html

Website: http://compxpressinc.com

Location: European Union, Central Europe

Remote: Yes (cca 10 years remote)

Willing to relocate: No, but I can visit.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, SQL, NoSQL, Docker, AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku, CI, ...

Integrations: Stripe, Paypal, Paywhirl, Shopify, Recurly, Zendesk,...

Email: vmarcetic@gmail.com


My online CV: http://vedran.codes

I am an experienced Backend Web Developer, mostly working with Ruby and Rails. I have also experience with setting up and maintaining a smaller server architecture.

My work experience extends to optimising existing codebases, best practice implementations, payment and CRM integrations, and code reviews :D

Throughout my career I have worked remotely with large and small teams and companies.

I have also worked with non-technical founders, helping them develop MVP applications to start-up their business.

I am immediately available for full/part time contracts

Location: New Zealand

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Years of experience with Java, Kotlin, Docker. Worked with React, Angular, Jenkins, AWS a fair bit.

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/crummy/crummy.github.io/raw/master/Resume...

Email: crummynz@gmail.com

I'm keen for a full-stack position in a small-to-medium sized company, preferably with a customer-facing product. I've spent most of my time in the backend, but I'm comfortable throughout the stack; I like taking a feature from conception through development to deployment. Particularly excited about Kotlin, but I'm naturally curious and enjoy learning new languages too.

Hi, I'm Julian, 31/m and I'm a T-Shaped Solution Architect/Engineer with more than 11yrs or experience in the IT world. I'm currently looking for anything that is related to Cloud Architecture/Engineering, Solution Architecture/Engineering or DevOps Engineering, ideally that could make this world a better place.

I'm looking for FULL REMOTE positions ONLY.

Location: Parma, Italy

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: https://julianxhokaxhiu.com/#skills

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julianxhokaxhiu/

Email: Contact me on any social channel you prefer ( https://julianxhokaxhiu.com/ )

  Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  Remote: Yes
  Technologies: Java, Python, AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, Linux, K8s, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, PyTorch, Marian, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, Vue. 
  Willing to relocate: No
    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/artur-ventura-48500314/
    - CV (Portuguese): http://surf-the-edge.com/CV.pdf
    - Résumé: http://surf-the-edge.com/Resume.pdf
  Email: artur.ventura@gmail.com

I'm a software engineer with 12 years of experience academic background in AI, in particular NLP. Deep understanding of JVM (built the first JavaScript JVM), been working more recently with Python for the past few years, particularly applied to production environment deployment of AI. Looking for interesting projects to work on.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No, but open to occasional travel

Technologies: Scala, Java, JavaScript, Akka, Spark, machine learning, AWS, S3, SWF, EC2, Docker, Kubernetes, React, Jenkins, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Clojure, C++, DevOps, microservices

Résumé/CV: https://alex-stangl-resume.netlify.com

Email: alex.stangl@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexstangl

GitHub: https://github.com/astangl

I'm a senior software engineer, experienced in a variety of languages and technology stacks. I'm looking for interesting and rewarding work, especially using modern functional programming languages such as Scala. I have experience in developing web applications using various UI stacks, but prefer backend development. I have experience as team lead, technical lead, and mentor. I am especially interested in automation, striving to make life easier for both developers and end-users.

Coworkers and friends look to me for programming advice and assistance in solving complex problems. I relish challenging projects. I strive to write exceptionally clean code, along with suites of thorough unit and integration tests. I am pragmatic, and bear performance in mind, however. Multiple times I've profiled and analyzed code and design, and identified opportunities to speed up and/or reduce footprint by a factor of 1000x or more.

I enjoy working on interesting and challenging problems, especially science-related ones, and on systems that impact large numbers of people. Contributing to open source projects would be a huge plus. I have experience working remotely, and with my background and abilities, I will be an asset to your team.

  I have strong experience in Javascript applications and beautiful user interfaces.
  I love to build great products.
  I'm currently looking for part-time or full-time work.
Location: France, Paris

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Javascript, React, CSS, Unix

Résumé/CV: http://julesbou.net/cv.pdf (I need to update it, I've been working with the same company for the last 2.5 years).

Email: jules.bous at gmail

Website: http://julesbou.net

Github: https://github.com/julesbou

Location: China

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Full-stack JS: Node.js; Express; AWS lambda; serverless; GraphQL; RabbitMQ; DynamoDB; MongoDB; Postgres; SQLite; AWS RDS; Redis; React.js; SASS/CSS; tailwind; d3.js

Résumé/CV: https://resumd.t9t.io

Email: timqian@t9t.io

Website: https://timqian.com

Github(10k+ stars; 100k+ users): https://github.com/timqian

Location: India

Remote: Yes

Willing to Relocate: Not at the moment

Technologies: React, Redux, React Native, Angular, Node, Javascript, Shopify.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjay-makasana-freelancer-2aa64....

Email: sm104030@gmail.com

This is Sanjay and I am an expert level developer with 5+ years of experience mostly in SASS and web app development.

Github: https://github.com/makasanas

I can start work immediately.


Hi! I'm an entry-level/new-grad full-stack software engineer, with some background in Machine Learning/Data Analysis.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python3, React, AngularJS, JavaScript (ES5/ES6), jQuery, Java (Android), R, MATLAB, Scikit-learn, NumPy, HTML5, CSS3, Sketch

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YCl31F_whe1oS81PxOibKZmnLwd...

Website: https://winnie9197.github.io/my-portfolio/

Github: https://github.com/winnie9197

Email: winniehcyeung@gmail.com

Your resume link is not public.

I'm a full-stack developer with experience in front-end webapps, marketing landing pages, real-time IoT status pages, and embedded Chromium. I love working on performance problems and data visualization, a few years ago I made https://heapviz.com for visualizing and debugging Chrome heap profiles.

Feel free to reach out here, on LinkedIn, or by email if you've got a likely project.


Location: San Luis Obispo, California

Remote: Only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React, Node.js, Java, Ember.js, D3, Postgres, MongoDB, and recently Rust.

Recent clients: StackInfluene, Scalero, Aldi

Email: info@lagiers.studio

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/tomlagier

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LagierGear

Location: New York, NY

Remote: Either

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Big data (Spark, Hadoop, Redshift, Kafka, Cassandra), machine learning (scikit-learn, pytorch, mxnet, dl4j), devops (kubernetes, terraform, AWS), assorted languages (scala, python, java, swift).

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mejran/

Email: mejran@gmail.com

I've worked in data (data engineering, data science and machine learning) for almost 15 years with a mix of hands-on and management roles. I'm looking for a technical leadership or hands-on management role with a strong ML focus. I've build multiple end-to-end data systems for companies and the teams around them. Due to my most recent roles I also know way too much about HITRUST, HIPAA and PCI compliance.

  Location: Rhode Island
  Remote: Yes (preferred)
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: Node.js, Typescript, AWS/Serverless, Angular, SQL, PHP, Mobile/Ionic
  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-dewar-912a13126/
  Email: james@arcs.in
I just got a great new job working with Node and AWS Lambda, and I've really been enjoying it, but I was furloughed due to COVID-19, so I'm open to new opportunities. I have one AWS certification and am working on more, and I love learning new things. I've spent a lot of time working as a full-stack developer, so I'm experienced in everything from interface design to SQL queries and DevOps. I'm open to anything interesting and challenging!

  Location: Europe (mostly)
  Remote: Yes (Preferred)
  Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity
  Technologies: Go, Python, C, JavaScript, Linux, Bash, SQL, HTML, CSS, React, Docker, and more
  Résumé/CV: Upon request
  Email: hired+hn at cyanic dot gr

Principal software architect and engineer with a T-shaped personality, complex problem-solving skills and more than 7 years of professional experience across the whole stack. I'm a startup co-founder and project leader who built highly profitable products from scratch. My coding is well thought-out and intentional. I'm looking for a chance to solve significant and challenging engineering problems and an opportunity to contribute to every aspect of product development.

I am looking for a job within data science. I have two years of analytics experience and making reports, which includes uncovering insights that help inform business decisions. In addition, I have a mathematical background, which includes statistics as well as a programming background.

Location: Dallas, TX

Remote: Yes (I have two years of experience working remote)

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity

Technologies: Python (pandas, NumPy, scipy, sklearn, statsmodels) R, Bash, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, PySpark, C++, Git, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Excel, Mode Analytics, Jupyter Notebook, Linux, Docker

Résumé/CV: Upon request

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randallshall

Email: randallhall [at] icloud.com

I'm a Go backend software engineer with 3 years experience. I've worked on a couple of open source projects in Go. Previously, I used to work as Android developer.

I'm looking for entry/mid level positions in backend.

Location: Malaysia

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Go, RESTful APIs, gRPC, SQL, NoSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, Git, Android.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmad-muzakkir-90b31646/

GitHub: https://github.com/AhmadMuzakkir

Website: https://ahmuz.com

Email: ah.muzakkir [at] gmail.com

Remote: Yes !

Willing to relocate: Maybe


* Cloud technologies (AWS/Azure/GCP) - a lot of Terraform work as of late. Recently automated GPU-based infrastructure for a MedTech startup (fun times).

* NodeJS/Meteor/SailsJS

* Serverless (going heavy on that one)

* Crypto/Blockchain - building Crypto infrastructure (multiple Blockchains), customized libraries and APIs, as well as front-end (MetaMask) solutions.

* Wordpress/CodeIgniter/Yii/Drupal (Components, Hacks, Themes) - less motivated, unless truly cutting edge (or WP VIP projects)

* CI & Unit testing - Jenkins, Mocha & Karma for JS, Toast for PHP, as well as Selenium

* Django (general Python too) - to a lesser extent

Resume: Upon request

Email: dev (at) azdv.co

Looking for Challenging projects. Most recently worked extensively with Serverless & AWS APIs, building cloud-related prototypes, before that worked as a cloud automation specialist.

Hi, Dennis here, a software engineer from Harmony Protocol. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/denniswon/)

Could you please send me your resume? There might be a good matching opportunity at our company considering your background & interests mentioned above. You could send the resume to: dennis@harmony.one


Harmony protocol: https://harmony.one/

  Location: South asia
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Only Norway or Sweden
  Technologies: FP, ML (the first Andrew Ng course 86% score)
  Résumé/CV: https://karma-engineering.com/lab/wiki/
  Email: johndoe42377 @gmail.com

Location: Liverpool, England

Remote: Yes (Remote only)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, SQL Server/MongoDB/EventStore, CQRS/Event Sourcing, Azure/AWS.

Résumé/CV: http://cv.craigtp.co.uk

Email: craig [at] craigtp.co.uk

Hi. I'm Craig. I'm a senior analyst developer with over two decades of experience of a wide range of full life-cycle software projects. I'm a full-stack developer, but I focus principally on back-end development and architecture, building distributed business systems mostly using CQRS & Event Sourcing techniques.

I work primarily, but not exclusively, with Microsoft technologies and the .NET / .NET Core frameworks, leading complex and challenging enterprise software development projects to successfully deliver robust, secure, scalable and efficient software solutions that produce genuine and quantifiable business value.

Throughout my career I've built web, desktop, server and embedded software and am just as accomplished at designing and developing a single use website for a dozen local users as I am a global distributed micro-services infrastructure supporting millions. I've helped numerous businesses of varying sizes in varying industries get their technology investment right and I can do the same for you.

Recent projects include:

+ Successfully lead, developed and delivered complete greenfield and bespoke web site and back-end web platform for a leading UK children’s charity, forming a core component of a complete brand refresh and redesign.

+ Successfully lead project to develop industry leading anti-motor fraud website, web service, OLAP & OLTP system and data warehouse including one of Europe's largest anti-fraud databases for a Top 40 UK law firm.

+ Successfully designed and delivered market-leading, best-of-breed corporate travel management web & desktop-based product suite for a company who, largely as a result of the technology, were later acquired in a multi-million pound deal.

For almost a quarter century, I've worked as a systems and release engineer on large-scale distributed systems, and I'm now looking for my next challenge

Previous work has included build & release engineering in the VR/Gaming space, looking to do something similar, but open to management work also. Considering a pivot to fintech, ML, or agtech too.

  Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
  Remote: Yes, for almost 25 years
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: AWS (S3, EC2, RDS, Lambda, ECS), Docker, Python, Unix/Linux, Bash, MySQL
  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-m-harrison/
  Email: steven.harrison+hn@gmail.com
  Etc: Hire me, and get llamas on Zoom calls.

Location: New York City Remote: Optional Willing to relocate: Prefer not to Technologies: Elixir, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript/TypeScript Résumé/CV: https://joseph-lozano.com/resume.pdf Email: joseph[at]joseph-lozano[dot com]

As a senior level software engineer, I am passionate about creating quality applications by writing quality code. I have experience with software languages ranging from Elixir, to Haskell, to Java. I believe in writing simple, easy to ready code with a strong emphasis on maintainability. I also have experience in helping junior engineers to grow, and have accomplished this by pair-programming, code reviews, and giving one-on-ones.

Location: Greece

Remote: No

Willing to relocate: Definitely (Europe)

Technologies: Modern C++, LLDB / LLVM, C, JavaScript

Résumé/CV: https://www.vangelists.com

Email: contact@vangelists.com

Just finished my Master's in Computer Science and Engineering, in the context of which I created a Proof of Concept for Live Reverse Debugging in LLDB (https://github.com/vangelists/llvm-project).

I am interested in opportunities in compilers, debuggers, managed runtimes or other interesting C++ projects, although I am willing to explore new applications and languages (especially Swift and possibly Rust).

Location: Porto, Portugal

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python (Django), Java (Dropwizard, Spring), Golang, Javascript (React, Vue), CSS (Bootstrap), Ruby on Rails, C#, Docker, SQL (Postgres), PHP (Laravel), MongoDB, Rust (and a few other langs and techs)

Résumé/CV: https://ross65536.github.io/personal-website/

Email: rk65536@protonmail.com

I'm fullstack but mostly into backend. Besides web applications, I have developed some mobile apps, and some systems side projects. I'm going to graduate in July with a masters in software engineering, but I've had part-time experience as a fullstack dev, working mostly on web applications with Java, Ruby on Rails and Vue.

I'm a versatile software engineer and co-founder with 14 years of experience. Specializing in DevOps, Cloud-Native solutions and Site Reliability Engineering. Always working hard towards automating myself out of a job :)

  Location: Amsterdam, NL
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
   * Go, Python, Typescript (Angular)
   * Kubernetes
   * Kafka
   * Prometheus, Elastic Stack, Grafana
   * Ansible, Terraform, Google Cloud Platform
   * CI/CD pipelines, Microservices
Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gdlugoszewski/

Email: hn@grdl.dev

Location: EU (GMT+2)

Remote: Only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Technical SEO

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kntoukakis/

Email: hn@kntoukakis.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kntoukakis

I help my clients solve tough SEO problems and make the right decisions about their websites and content.

My expertise covers minimizing the impact of website migrations, SEO for multi-domain website architectures (ex. China), finding dynamic rendering problems and more.

From creating a search strategy to reverse-engineering the rankings of your competitors, planning better content, and optimizing your web-pages, I offer a process-oriented and transparent approach.

Location: San Francisco Remote: Happy to do so Willing to relocate: Technologies: Darwin, Objective-C, C, React, Javascript, Java, Python, Keras Resume/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophia-wisdom-a2237692/. Resume also available by request. Email: Sophia dot Wisdom 1999 at gmail Github: https://github.com/sophiawisdom

Worked on the iOS homescreen at Apple for a little bit and did some webdev with React. Interested in diving really deeply into systems and using that to make products better.


Software engineer focused in the Python/Django ecosystem. I've designed, maintained, and supported mission-critical applications and services for clients including Cisco, Eli Lilly, NIH, Stanford School of Medicine, as well as startups and several federal agencies.


  Location: California / Amsterdam (US Citizen)
  Remote: Yes (100%)
  Willing to relocate: No thanks
  Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, AWS, Postgres, SQLAlchemy, Plone, JS, Linux, MongoDB, Cassandra, Spark, Jupyter, R
  Email: HN2020@davidsiedband.com


Location: Sydney, Australia

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python, R, Julia, stats & Bayesian libraries, ML libraries, Math optimisation libraries, Linux

Résumé/CV: https://itsiweinstock.com/about/resume.pdf

Email: jobs@itsiweinstock.com

I am an MS data scientist/mathematician with experience in statistical and mathematical modelling, optimisation, and machine learning. My master's research focussed on Bitcoin/blockchain implementations, so I have deep knowledge of architecture, CS theory, and protocols.

I have strong stakeholder/soft skills from years of experience in projects and event management as well as teaching MBAs.

Location: Mumbai, India Remote: Yes, Strongly Preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Web Application Frameworks (Django, Flask, Tornado), REST APIs (DRF), Postgresql, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Vanilla JS, Frontend Frameworks (VueJS), Linux, Docker.

Résumé / CV / Portfolio: Full CV and details of Open Source contributions available on request

Email: black11shadow@gmail.com

I'm a Backend Python Developer with 5 years of experience building web app backends and APIs. I've recently started dabbling in frontend frameworks, Vue & React to be precise. Have been working on Open source applications for 4 out of 5 years of work. I’m looking for a permanent or contract remote position as a backend/fullstack developer.

Location: Boulder, CO

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, but not to the Bay Area

Technologies: React, Node, RoR, Postgres, Dokku/Heroku

GitHub: https://github.com/qrohlf/

CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/qrohlf/

Email: qr@qrohlf.com


A good fit would be a product-driven organization in need of a senior-level engineer. I mostly work in client-side JS, but I've built up multiple backends from scratch and am not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to working with databases, building microservices to support new functionality, and generally working at whatever level makes the most sense for the problem I need to solve.

Location: Seattle, WA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, React, HTML/CSS, SQL NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite, Git, AWS, Heroku, Processing

Résumé/CV: https://ganttart.github.io/resume/

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/gantt/

GitHub: https://github.com/ganttArt

Email: gantt.art@gmail.com

    Location: Italy
    Remote: Yes (exclusively)
    Willing to relocate: No
    Technologies: Rust, C++, Python, Pandas, Javascript, WebGL, Vue.js/Svelte
    Résumé/CV: https://veeenu.github.io/cv.pdf
    Email: andreaofthechimney [at] protonmail.com
I'm a software developer and quantitative portfolio manager with 10 years of experience. I like writing fast, clean and correct code. My areas of expertise are: full-stack web development, 2d/3d graphics programming, data science, quantitative finance.

Location: South America

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Senior Devops, Kubernetes, multi-cloud

Résumé/CV: wecloudpro.com

Email: contact@wecloudpro.com

I started working on IT more than a decade ago. In that period, I've had the opportunity to work with various companies, large and small. From re-architecting IaaS platforms used by tens of thousands of people around the world on a daily basis, to building VoIP solutions from scratch, and migrating an entire infrastructure from premises to the cloud, I've been lucky to gather experience in a lot of different environments. I've contributed to projects of collossal sizes, and I've helped early stage startups as well.

Looking for position compatible with remote work, due to current pandemic, including on contract or freelance basis.

UX/UI Designer, Front End Dev (web), Product Mgmt, 500 Startups Cofounder.

Location: Mexico

Remote: Yes, preferred.

Willing to relocate: Yes, must be a really good offer.

Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Suite, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React

Résumé/CV: https://arteepa.github.io/portfolio/

Email: pabloartee 'at' gmail.com

I've been working as the Product Director of www.rocketjourney.com for the last 5 years, here I did Design, Team Management, Product Direction, Marketing, and a little of everything else. Now looking for a paying gig (open to contract or freelance).

Have built working Web Apps (used in production). Consider myself proficient on HTML & CSS.

Avid learner, creative thinker, art fan, dj & musician.

Location: Palestine

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: React, Angular8, Angularjs, Html, javascript, CSS and SASS.

Resume/CV: linkedin.com/in/jumana-salhab-34312a8b

GitHub: https://github.com/jsalhab

Email: salhab.jumana@gmail.com

I am seeking a challenging position where my expertise in the field of Front end can be utilized. I am working as a Frontend developer for three years using JavaScript ES6 ,AngularJs, ReactJs, Redux , CSS and SASS. Also I had the chance to work in other fields in IT; Quality assurance (ISTQB Certified Tester) where I served as test case designer, web-based and mobile application verification engineer

SEEKING WORK - Thailand or Remote

Croatian developer living in Thailand.

I'm specialised at performance and reliability optimisation, security hardening, and debugging. Got experience taking projects from prototype and MVP to full products and services. Can take over and finish abandoned projects. Task and process automation is a pure joy to me. So is data scraping.

PHP (vanilla, Laravel, WordPress, Magento, SugarCRM, NextCloud), JS (vanilla, VueJS, Node, Ember, Angular), Python (vanilla, Django, Flask, Selenium, Pandas), Ruby (vanilla, Rails) is tech I'm most versed at.

My timezone is Indochina Time, but I'm fine working in any timezone.

Contact: email (milozo@yandex.com), WhatsApp / Viber / Line / Telegram (+385977311912)

Front End React Developer looking for a Remote job or onsite in the Bay Area

Location: San Francisco, CA | Remote

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: JavaScript, ES6/7/8, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, React, Redux, RESTful API's, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Jest, Enzyme, Photoshop

Interested in: Front End Development, UI\UX

Website/Résumé/CV: https://gjozevkristina.netlify.com/

Email: kristina.gjozev@gmail.com

Hi there, my name is Kristina! I am a front end developer who is passionate and knowledgeable about both the visual and technical aspects of creating an app. Highly motivated working on projects with a team and building powerful products that will provide intuitive and beautiful user experiences.

Location: India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No.

Technologies: Python, Django, golang, React, Big Data/NoSQL

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohitranka

Email: mohitranka@gmail.com

Developing robust and high-quality software for over 10 years, focusing primarily on the backend of the webstack. I care deeply about code quality, its extensibility and the customers. I have spent most of my career so far working with early-stage startups, but recently worked with a listed company and tasted the associated scale.

I am looking for a permanent (preferred) or contract remote (strongly preferred) position as a senior individual contributor or engineering manager.

Location: Boston, MA, USA Remote: YES Willing to relocate: Yes Technologies: Java, JavaScript, AWS, Vue, React, Microservices Summary:In the past, I have worked as a full-stack software developer at a Health-Care startup (Human Care Systems) in Boston. I have worked on performance enhancement features using Node and VueJs and Angular frameworks. I also helped my team in migrating the project from Monolithic architecture to Microservices. I have also worked on CI/CD tools like TravisCI, Bitbucket, and Git. Apart from that, I possess knowledge of deploying applications on the Cloud and setting up a pipeline.

  Email: sanghavi.darshan24@gmail.com

SEEKING CONTRACT WORK, Cassandra / Druid Cluster Engineer, Primarily Remote (based in Eindhoven, NL)

Well-rounded data engineer with deep knowledge of the internals of distributed datastores.

Core Skills:

● Cassandra (Data Modeling, Troubleshooting Performance And Operational Issues)

● Druid (Stream Ingestion, Cluster Ops, Data Modeling, Scaling Complex Queries)

● Stream Processing At Scale: Kafka, Flink, Spark Streaming

● Programming Languages: Scala (highly proficient, 8 years exp.), Python (proficient)

Other Skills: Zookeeper, Redshift, Kinesis, Airflow, JVM tuning for big data, AWS cost optimization for big data.

Educational Background: Computer Science.

Solid experience working remotely.

All of my recent work history (8 years) is exclusively with startups.

Seeking contract work.

E-mail address in the profile.

  Location: Nürnberg, Germany
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: Python, Ruby, Golang, Kafka, Prometheus, data pipelines, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Django. etc
  Résumé/CV: http://bit.ly/2YtMmZX (google drive)
  Email: in resume

https://github.com/sum12/songbook - dynamic video-clip-loops for guitar practice.


Location: New Jersey, USA

Remote: Yes, remote preferred

Willing to relocate: no

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, clinical diagnostic instrumentation


Email: christopher.gardn [at] gmail

My background is Biomedical Engineering with experience in clinical chemistry field services. I'm a new web developer looking for a junior role with Rails or React, though I can pick up new things pretty quickly so I'm open to any and all other technologies!

I'm also more than open to opportunities in clinical chemistry, on the off chance someone out there needs a set of experienced hands for working or consulting especially on customer-facing/maintenance-related issues.

Location: Seattle, WA Remote: Either works Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Async Typescript, React (Classes && Hooks), Javascript, Node, Docker, MySQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS. Résumé/CV: Request via email please! Email: jason (at) jasonwortley (dot) com

Currently working full time building a Typescript/React client app with maximum strictness and React Hooks. Responsible for building countless customer-facing pages and ensuring that the client app cannot crash at runtime when displaying API data.

I'm looking for a full stack role where I can progress my career and continue learning every day. Ideally with an emphasis on Application Security.

Location: Charleston, SC

Remote: Yes (preferred)

Willing to relocate: No


- Javascript (Angular, Node, React, D3, Chart.js, Storybook.js, Nunjucks)

- HTML5 / CSS3 (Bootstrap 4, SCSS, LESS)

- Python (Flask, Jinja, Lektor)


- Design work in Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / XD

- Docker / Git / Postgres Experience

Résumé/CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTG0G81uE8VbbKO_...

Email: jonathanjfann@gmail.com

Location: Bangalore, India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Go, Python, Java, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, ReactJS, SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, InfluxDB, Git, SaltStack, AWS, Google Cloud

Résumé/CV: Available on request (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bkhatri/)

Email: khatribox+HN@gmail.com

Blog: https://medium.com/open-factory

recruiting agencies and headhunters: be specific about the opportunities in the email itself rather than expecting one to hop on a call straightaway.

Tech Startup Marketing Manager - Dustin McDonald

Washington, DC, USA / Arlington, VA, USA Interested in remote and traditional work Not interested in relocating

Tech: Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Slack, Canva, Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Wordpress, Facebook and Google Ads, Apple App Store Ads

Able to start immediately - furloughed due to COVID-19.

Contact Info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinmcdonald/

Location: Poland, Poznań / Remote

Technologies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, recently some Python

Willing to relocate: in 3-4 months yes, preferably Germany, Switzerland or France. I don't speak German nor French.

Resume / CV:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mateusz-podlasin-a685a9136/

Github: https://github.com/mpodlasin

My recent side project (got to HN main page recently): https://realnotcomplex.com/

Email: podlasin.mateusz@gmail.com

Location: San Francisco, CA

Remote: yes

Willing to relocate: yes

Technologies: Blender, Maya, Unity, UE4, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Krita, node-based shaders

Portfolio/Resume: https://penny-art.com/

Email: find it in my resume

I'm Penny, a 3D Artist with 5 years in the tech industry, including experience as a Software Engineer and a Technical Artist. My cross-disciplinary background helps me establish asset pipelines and find solutions for any art-engineering collaboration problems.

I'd like to focus on creating fantastical props and environments, but will also continue being a generalist for interesting products that need a hand on the creative team.

Location: Berlin

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, C#, F#, et al.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adanieldelgado/

Email: adelgado1313@gmail.com


Hello, my name is Daniel and I'm an experienced (10+ years) software developer focused on web applications. I have extensive backend and front-end experience in different technologies and industries.

I have a proven track record of delivering quality software in an iterative process, according to industry best practices (clean code, tests, CI, code reviews, pair programming) and with a pragmatic focus on providing value for stakeholders.

Send me an e-mail :-)

Location: Italy

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not now (due to covid19)

Technologies: frontend (Vue.js, AngularJS), backend or desktop (Java, Python), database (Postgres, H2, Mongo), mobile (Cordova, NativeScript).

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafas81

Email: rafas81@yahoo.it

Part-time is OK.

I've 10 years of work experience. I've started as a Java developer targeted to RFID, but in the last 6 years I runned my own small business. I've managed planning, developing, distribution and support of web based products for desktop and mobile platforms. I'm able to quickly pick new technology/stack.

Location: Paterson,NJ,USA Remote: Yes(remote or in office. I am good with both) Willing to relocate: Yes Technologies: React,Javascript, Ruby, Rails,Redux,Python, SQL, C#, Java,Cypress, Résumé/CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IyIMZSuRf0n5twJ2VVs1Mzz1... Email:mqshaikh8@gmai;.com

  SEEKING WORK | Montreal, Canada | Remote/Freelance
  Technologies: iOS/macOS/watchOS, Objective-C/Swift
  Web: http://chriscomeau.com
  Resume/CV: http://chriscomeau.com/resume
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiancomeau
  GitHub: https://github.com/chriscomeau
  Portfolio: https://github.com/chriscomeau/Portfolio
  Email: chris.comeau@skyriser.com

Location: Los Angeles CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python (pyTorch, Tensorflow, pandas, numpy, scipy), relational databases (mySQL), Lisp, Scala, C++ (including the particle physics data science package ROOT)

Resume: https://github.com/theurerjohn3/Resume/blob/master/JohnTheur...

Email: Theurerjohn3@ucla.edu

I am a graduating physics major from UCLA who has taken extensive classes in machine learning and computer science. I am looking to get something on my resume during the economic downturn.

  Location: Brooklyn, NY
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Maybe
  Technologies: Many and varied. C, C++, Go, x86 asm, Spark, etc. 
  Résumé/CV: https://eigenstate.org/resume.pdf
  Email: ori@eigenstate.org
Generalist systems engineer, able to work everywhere from firmware through large distributed systems. Contributor to multiple operating systems (9front, OpenBSD) for fun. I've been programming for the last 15 years, and have spent time at FAANG giants and small startups. Looking for a place where I can simplify the tech stack for everyone through good engineering decisions.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Relocation: not an option

Remote: preferred

Website: https://madduci.netlify.app (holds links to GitHub and stackoverflow as well)

CV: https://madduci.netlify.app/about/cv

Soft skills: ability to step in any kind of problem and work out in short time, mental flexibility to cover and work in different environments and on different projects at same time. Good technical documentation and requirement analysis skills, ownership and mentoring

Technical: C++, Java, PHP, bash, docker, hashicorp stack

Location: Miami, Florida Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: Yes Technologies: Python, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js Docker, AWS, GCP, Vue.js, Angular Resume/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1svdZQ6J8DYC8U31wqCh9y7hSznJ... Email: azamussama@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ussama-azam-000191180/

Location: SF Bay Area

Remote: Yes, required

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: senior devops, SRE, docker, kubernetes, virtualization, aws, python, perl, SQL, mysql, mongodb, puppet, PCI/DSS, SOX, HIPPA, networking, security, F5, load balancing, prometheus, nagios, monitoring, release management,

Résumé/CV: https://www.realms.org/hire/

Email: diederich@gmail.com

27 years of devops and software engineering experience across 8 organizations, ranging from early stage startups to fortune 10.

Currently working at Facebook, my family is looking to leave the SF bay area and permanently living in a more rural area as I work remotely.

I'm a developer with experience working full stack and recently graduated with a research Master's based on machine learning applications. I am looking for work that can combine these interests.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Remote: Would be happy to try it.

Willing to relocate: Not at this time.


- Python - pyTorch - skLearn - Java - C# - SQL databases (postgres, microsoft sql) - ORMs (NHibernate, Django)

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandre-parmentier-378a17114/ Email: a.g.parmentier [at] gmail [dot] com

I the last years I've mostly worked in the food delivery area. I built the an entire food delivery platform by rails and turbolinks adapters for mobile I also worked and made research about the application of dispatching algorithm, making one by my own

  Location: Italy
  Remote: yes
  Willing to relocate: yes
  Technologies: Ruby,js, Turbolinks, Turbolinks adapter, react-native, heroku, dispatching agorithms
  Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16OuwuYYFEeDGPhKF3xosuE8KqG4_ecV6/view?usp=sharing
  Email: capilleri (at) gmail.com

My industry has been heavily affected by the shutdown. While I have been safe from the cuts and will probably not be affected in the near future, I am looking into changes. I do not have a recent resume, something to work on this weekend.

Location: Los Angeles

Remote: only for the right company (have tons of experience working remotely)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Elasticsearch expert/contributor. Big data stack (Cassandra/Kafka/Spark/Lambda/etc). Primarily JVM languages, Python. Definitely no front-end/full-stack.

Résumé/CV/Email: https://pastebin.com/t1ZMMVXB

Location: Millbrae, CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: ML/NLP, text analysis, speech recognition, chatbots, conversational AI, voice assistants, media monitoring, business intelligence, a little computer vision; Enterprise Java, python, R, postgreSQL, sklearn, spacy, DL4J, docker, kubernetes, presto, vertica, tableau. 10 yrs full time experience.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benhpiche

Github: https://www.github.com/bpiche Email: ben.h.piche@gmail.com

Location: Portland, OR

  Remote: yes

  Willing to relocate: yes

  Technologies: AWS, K8s, Terraform, Golang, Python, Ansible, nginx, ELK

  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-greene-a9616a29/

  Email: josephgreene78@gmail.com
I am a skilled SRE with experience in creating a self-serve environment for developers and also taking responsibility for production environments directly.

I work closely with developers to identify pain points in our processes and remove barriers where appropriate while maintaining system stability with highly available cloud based architectures.

  Location: Glasgow, Scotland

  Remote: Yes.

  Willing to relocate: Not immediately but potentially down the line.

  Technologies: React, Node, GraphQL, Postgres, TypeScript. Happy to learn others!

  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruairidhwynnemchardy/

  Email: My username at gmail.

Former lawyer turned software engineer. I've been working in startups until recently and am open to a new opportunity. Ideally I'm looking for somewhere I can keep learning and growing my skills! Very used to working remotely.

Location: Brazil

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: C++, Python 3, Java, Ruby/ Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS (Bulma and Tailwindcss), React, Javascript

Résumé/CV: pmop.github.io

Looking for an internship or junior SE or web development position. I've worked mostly as academic researcher/undergrad researcher assistant (3 years), solving whatever problem was given to me. For instance, I had to design and implement a data mining and processing pipeline, to gather source code hosted on GitHub.

For now, I'm improving my (fullstack/Ruby on Rails) web development skills, but I can take on almost any problem and I'm quite confident of my problem solving skills.

Location: Argentina Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: Not for now Technologies: 20yrs+ exp in JS, PHP, Css, react, react-native, angular, ionic Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tW8e8i9jcu6rbk-M5WUEwcT1wsG... Email: dacalvi@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielcalvi

Location: Amsterdam, NL Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Components, Angular, Jenkins, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Redis, Apache Kafka, Linux, Apache Tomcat

Resume/CV: available upon request

Rate: €70/hr

Email: info[at]evangelos.nl

Dev Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience. I provide services in User Experience, Design, and Full-Stack Engineering to bring your new complex business challenges into being.

Extensive experience on lifting your most sophisticated software concepts to life, with industry-leading full-cycle custom application development.

Let's have a talk! Ping me at info[at]evangelos.nl

  Location: Toronto, Canada
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: C, Python, shell, Linux, networking; see resume
  Résumé/CV: https://alxu.ca/resume.pdf
  Email: see resume

If you want to know who I am, see doodledocs.com

Open to opportunities that require interdisciplinary thinking, flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Location: Amsterdam

Remote: any option is fine

Willing to relocate: yes with max(dutch_market_rate, local_market_rate)


0. Senior teacher in programming and web development

1. Medior web dev: ReactJS + NodeJS

2. Junior hacker: pentesting and reverse engineering with IDA Pro

3. Junior iOS app development: Objective-C

4. Hobbyist data science: R (portfolio almost ready)

6. Hobbyist in design: Sketch (portfolio ready)

7. Hobbyist entrepreneur

8. Wannabe growth hacker: out of the box thinking, A/B testing, programming it. It fits my background.

Domain expertise: education and mental health

Résumé/CV: linkedin.com/in/melvinroest

Email: melvinroest <at> gmail <dot> com

Location: Katowice, Poland

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, PHP, React, Redux, Electron, Symfony, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL, C#, AWS, HTML, CSS and many others.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-jablonski/

Email: contact [at] jablonski.dev

Full stack, web applications developer with 9 years of commercial experience. I specialise in web technologies, but have worked with desktop applications, hardware, image/video processing and other domains.

Limited travel is fine once we're allowed to travel again.

Location: Lancaster, PA

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, C++, Embedded, Backend, Internet of Things, Native mobile

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdboyd/ https://github.com/jd-boyd/

Email: jdboyd@jdboyd.net

Bio: I am a software engineer with 20 years of experience. I've been contracting for 3 years (usually short term projects for small companies), but finding new projects has been rough for the past 3 months.

  Location      San Francisco, CA 
  Remote:       Yes
  Relocate:     Yes
  Technologies: C++, Python, React/Redux, AWS, Django, NodeJS, JavaScript
  Résumé/CV:    https://syranol.github.io/markdown-cv/
  Github:       https://www.github.com/syranol
  Email:        shon4081@gmail.com
My name is Sean, a recent CS graduate of OSU. I am interested in recent grad/entry-level roles working with Frontend/FullStack/Cloud. Open to new technologies and new experiences. Feel free to reach out!

Location: Minneapolis

Remote: Yes, preferred

Willing to relocate: not now

Technologies: Android, Java, Kotlin, OpenGL, SQL, etc.

Résumé/CV: https://nashlincoln.com

Email: nash@nashlincoln.com

I have 14 years engineering experience, 10 at startups 4 at Google and Amazon. I've done mostly Android for the past 8 years, with a smattering of back-end and web. I have been working on my own app for digital art for a few months (https://rthqks.com), but looking for full-time or potentially contract opportunities.

Location: European Union Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: Not in the immediate future. Technologies: JavaScript, React, Express, Postgres, MySQL, FileMaker, Shell Scripting, PHP, Python Résumé/CV: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rjdyce Email: jobs [at] dyce.com

I’m im the last month of a full-stack React contract in the medical devices / language translation space. Interested in something new with a suitably steep learning curve. Up for a challenge.

Location: New York

Remote: Preferred, but open to in person

Willing to relocate: Yes, for the right gig

Technologies: Angular, React, Typescript, Javascript, UI/UX design, Data Viz (D3.js, +), Google Cloud/AWS, RXJS, NX Monorepo, Next.js

Résumé/CV: http://visualizeearth.com

Email: john@vizearth.com

I'm a senior engineer and designer with experience in engineering and designing dozens of apps for hedge funds, nonprofits, and leading tech companies. If it's relevant, I have a strong background in climate, having previously cofounded a carbon pricing nonprofit.

Just sent you an email, John - hope we get the chance to connect!

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Remote: Yes

Relocate: No

Tech: Elixir, Python, Backend, APIs, SQL, PostgreSQL, JS, HTML, CSS, Linux

Résumé: https://bobwaycott.com

Email: bob@bobwaycott.com

I’ve been developing software for 13 years, and recruiting and managing engineering teams and products for nearly 10. Mostly greenfield Python (13 yrs) and Elixir (close to 4 years now), heavily focused on business operations, automation, reporting, SaaS, payments, integrations, etc. I am a product-focused senior engineer and tech lead who cares about the business case behind what we’re building.

Location: Hong Hong (UK citizen, HK Permanent Resident, English-speaking)

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Primary: Linux/Unix, Python, Django, PHP. Secondary: SQL, git, AWS, JavaScript, Android, shell, HTML, C. Tertiary: Go, Kotlin, Docker

CV: https://bit.ly/3blS31m

Email: richard@vmlinuz.org

I am an experienced engineer, mostly working on web/API backend in PHP and Python recently - but I've also done Unix kernel and OS work, and written a few Android apps. I'm available immediately, and good at making stuff work!

  Location:Cairo, Egypt
  Willing to relocate:Yes, preferable
  Technologies:Python, PHP, JS, Java, Rust, Back-end, front-end, willing to learn and work on challenging problems, 1+ years of professional work experience in laravel, django and vue.js, and many other technologies
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/opensorcerer/
  Email: mahmoud.farouk987@gmail.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA (looking for work near the Downtown/Hollywood/Burbank area)

Remote: Prefer onsite (once safer-at-home orders are lifted)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, JS, Kotlin/Java, React, Postgresql, Neo4j, Kafka, and more!

Résumé/CV: https://henryfjordan.com/resume-2020.pdf

Email: henryfjordan [@] gmail [.] com

I'm a Computer/Software engineer with 5+ Years of Experience, looking for a new opportunity. Happy to set up a phone call if you have a role you want to fill or just want to chat

Location: Tehran, Iran

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: YES

Technologies: React, Redux, Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, Ubuntu, jQuery, Apache2, Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, vBulletin, IPBoard, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Semantic UI, UI Kit, Browser Extension, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.)

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mojtahedi/

Email: gerdoo1397@gmail.com

Looking jobs for: Web developer, UI / UX Designer, Managerial positions

Preferably: Senior and higher positions

Location: Prague, Czechia

Remote: Prefered

Willing to relocate: Depends

Technologies: Node, React & Native, Python, Go, GCP, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Nomad, Consul

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariandurco/ https://github.com/MajoDurco

Experienced software engineer specialized in Fullstack development and Dev-ops. Interested in creating valuable early-stage products in a startup environment.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python, PHP/Laravel, JavaScript, Swift / iOS, AWS. Wordpress / Woocommerce, Mysql/ DynamoDB / Firebase, PyTorch

I got a PhD in engineering (informatics related) in the bay area, but then moved on to web and app development, and ran a startup using ml/data science/web tech at scale. I have 6+ years of experience building web apps, scaling backends on AWS/GCP, data science, and machine learning. Interested in both startups and larger companies. Resume available on request.

Email: kumarmd@protonmail.com

Just sent you an email -- excited to connect!

Location: Wilmington, DE

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Java, SQL, Spring Boot

Resume/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13ta3T5yTeVf6nQd_sD_6BE2kuFd...

Email: asconem@gmail.com -------------------------

I am a recent graduate of Zip Code Wilmington (Wilmington, DE), a highly competitive and fully immersive software development boot camp. I would love to talk to you about my experience there and about any opportunities that might be available!

Location: Currently Florida (US) due to pandemic, formerly Los Angeles, CA

Remote: Yes (GMT-4)

Willing to relocate: Yes, anywhere United States

Technologies: I'm primarily a hardware R&D engineer with a strong background in RF engineering. However, I can hold my own in computer science applications.

- C/C++

- Python (Pandas, Numpy/Scipy, Jupyter Notebook, OpenCV, PyTorch)


- R

- Solidworks/AutoCad Inventor

- Bash



- GNURadio

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/bob11334/Resume

Email: dacheng.li3@gmail.com

Location: Los Angeles or Bay Area

Remote: Yes

Technologies: Anything *nix, Kuberentes, Ruby, C,

Node.js/Javascript/React.js, Verilog

Resume: https://notryan.com/resume

Email: ryan@rmj.us

  Location: Los Angeles, CA
  Remote: Remote till Covid?
  Willing to relocate: No (unless Culver City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, etc)
  Technologies: Front End Developer. So JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, React, etc. I can do full stack with NodeJS. I've also created several hybrid mobile apps. And I have a M.S. Computer Science and about 10 years of professional experience. 
  Email: brent (is At) doorty dot com

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Remote: Yes

Willing to Relocate: Singapore, Tokyo, Ottawa (CA), Vancouver (CA)

Résumé: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s_DjIghrfScPP1Vjpm0ARZp_wF...

Technologies: ES6+, React.js, Vue.js Typescript, Node, GraphQL, HTML/CSS, Webpack, REST API, and more.

Email: anas@jurnalanas.com

I am a generalist front-end engineer with broad interest with five years of experience. Worked in different roles dealing with Product Development and Solution & Enterprise Architecture.

Entrepreneurial CTO who has raised $20M+ and co-founded multiple startups, lead engineering teams for 20+ years.

  Location: Currently in Europe but am a US-Citizen 
  Remote: Yep
  Willing to relocate: Yep
  Technologies: Web (Vue.JS, .NET Core), RDMBS (SQL Server+MySQL), NoSQL (Cosmos, Couchbase), Native Mobile, Serverless, Infrastructure on Azure/AWS, CI/CD, online video, some AI, computer vision, ML. 
  CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreyh/  
  Email: mail@coreyh.com

Location: Toronto, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Go, Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Cassandra, Postgres, Elasticsearch.

Résumé/CV: Email

Email: sean@drumm.ca

Github: https://github.com/sjdweb


I've just relocated to Toronto, Canada from London, UK and I am actively seeking local or remote contract opportunities.

I'm a seasoned senior developer with team lead experience. I mainly work with distributed backend Node or Go systems, and also have strong DevOps experience. Would love to build out my network and discuss projects for 2020.

  Location: North of San Francisco, CA
  Remote: Available
  Willing to relocate: Available
  Technologies: Scala, Ruby, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, iOS, Android
  Résumé/CV: Available upon request
  Email: jjbusinesspartners@gmail.com
  Specialties: Framework development, API development, Game development, Management

Location: Richmond, VA

Remote: Open to it

Willing to relocate: Open to it, although ideally Virginia or DC

Technologies: As a data scientist with expertise in advanced statistics and machine / deep learning, I use Python (tensorflow, scikit-learn, pandas), R, SQL, and JavaScript to collect and manipulate data, explore relationships visually, and build predictive models.

Résumé/CV: Stanford PhD - see https://www.kmickey.com/pdf/Mickey_resume.pdf

Email: kevin@kmickey.com

SEEKING WORK | Denver | Remote Technologies: Trading API, (TDameritrade, Interactive Brokers) Stocks, Options, Futures, Trading, Python, Mysql

Résumé/CV: http://www.strategic-options.com/chads_resume.html

Email: chad.humphrey@strategic-options.com

Algorithms / Strategies

-Volatility Algorithm, deploy across $150 million portfolio

-Options Implied Volatility Arbitrage strategies

-Stock & Equity Algorithms, Current tracking over 500 stocks.

-Futures / day trading algorithms

Software & API:

-TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Etrade, Ally

Location: San Francisco

Remote: No Willing to relocate: Yes, India

Technologies: Java, Python, Go, Machine Learning (TensorFlow, XGBoost), Optimization, Big Data(Spark/Hadoop), Streaming (Beam/Flink/Kafka), Functional Programming (some Elixir, Go)

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarmatangirala/

Email: tvssarma.omega9@gmail.com

I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer, with end-to-end product development that utilizes Machine Learning.

SEEKING WORK Location: Amsterdam, NL

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Components, Angular, Jenkins, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Redis, Apache Tomcat, Apache Kafka, & Linux.

Resume/CV: available upon request

Email: vaggdan[at]protonmail.com

Since 2014, I am offering custom Mobile, Software, and Web Application development consulting in order to build world-class applications, tailored to your needs, that is built with love.

Would you like to have a chat? Hit me up @ vaggdan[at]protonmail.com

  Location: Vienna, Austria
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity
  Technologies: Linux, Kubernetes, OpenBSD, Python, Go, Bash, OCaml/ReasonML, Javascript, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, HAProxy,...
  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phaer/ (or a PDF upon request)
  Email: jobs+hn@phaer.org

Full-stack developer with about 15 years of programming experience and a focus on devops/systems engineering during the last 5 years.

Hi. I'm Will Cipriano and I have been working in healthcare IT for 5+ years and in healthcare software development for the last 3. Location: Philadelphia, PA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Possible

Technologies: I mainly work with Python and vanilla JS, I also have deployed Java and Jquery/Bootstrap apps into production. Knowledgeable about REST api's, sql databases and no sql.

Résumé/CV: https://thoughts.willcipriano.com/contact/

Email: See resume

Location: Mexico City

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes


[ Languages: Python, Ruby, JavaScript ]

[ Frameworks: Flask, Rails ]

[ Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL]

I'm a Full-Stack developer seeking a summer internship. My internship at Shopify was canceled because of COVID-19 so I'm looking for interesting opportunities.

Resume: https://shashwatsingh.me/data/shashwat-resume.pdf

Email: shashanoid@gmail.com

GitHub: https://github.com/shashanoid

  Location: Central Virginia
  Remote: YES
  Willing to relocate: NO
  Technologies: C++, C, yocto linux, python, embedded,4G, 5G TDD 
  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nerdking/

  Website: openrover.com
Embedded linux engineer with a passion for C++ and robotics. Remote is what I am really targeting but I would be open to a 2-3 week integration period onsite and 1 week a quarter back at HQ. Georgia Tech OMSCS 2018

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Webflow, Maze, Procreate, CSS/HTML(Basic Knowledge)

Résumé/CV: Please view my portfolio for in-depth case studies at https://www.morgangibson.design or contact me for resume.

Email: morgan@morgangibson.design

Hi there! I'm a UX/UI Designer that has previous experience working in a startup culture. I focus on creating great user experiences both visually and accessibly.

=== Marketing & Marketing Operations Leader ===

Location: Redwood City, CA

Remote: Yes, with experience building and managing remote teams.

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity.

Technologies: A large swath of the most popular Martech/Adtech platforms including: Google and FB Ads (and others), various bid management platforms, GA, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce and other ESPs/CRMs, Google Tag Manager, GAM, Looker, etc.

If I haven't used it yet, I can self-train and lead trainings for others. Experience not just as an end user, but as the person owning the strategy, budget and martech roadmap. I've led configuration and setup of complex and large-scale integrations, supporting processes, etc. in close collaboration with Data Science, Product, and Engineering teams. My creative outlet is building beautiful dashboards and tools in Google Sheets/Excel that empower my teams and leadership with insights and automation. I'm not an engineer, but can code and often serve as the translator between engineering and marketing or other business functions.

Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelshostack/

Email: michael.shostack@gmail.com


Bio: Driven marketing and marketing operations leader with 15 years experience building and leading cross-functional teams that deliver measurable results across the tech and digital media landscape. My focus is architecting the strategy, technical systems, content, and processes to market at scale. I support my teams by nurturing a culture of testing, learning and collaboration to help them stay ahead of the rapidly changing marketing landscape. Deep expertise in lead generation, SaaS marketing, SEM, social, display, analytics, marketing automation, and content marketing.

Looking For: Leadership and management roles dealing with some aspect of the marketing/advertising landscape, whether that's on a company's marketing team, or working on/with product teams at a martech/adtech company. My ideal role has me deeply involved in the technical and analytical aspects of marketing and leading high-performance teams that do the same.

  Location: India
  Remote: Yes (preferred)
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: Java, Clojure, Python, Linux, Bash, Kubernetes, Docker, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Spark, SQL
  Email:sre79chn at gmail 
I have experience designing and building data pipelines for high volume data systems using Open source technologies. I have done occasional full stack but consider myself a back-end specialist.

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Java, Python, PHP, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, Windows

Résumé/CV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6ocwipshkowt0h/DarrelDavis.pdf?dl...

Email: darrel@davisware.net

Hi all. I'm a 25+ year developer who is looking for my next challenge. I have broad experience and really enjoy making a difference to a team or company. I love the chance to learn new things.

I've done both programming and systems work, but I'm probably a lot stronger on the systems side of things. So I'd be a really good fit in a devops role I think. I wouldn't mind breaking in to network administration more though too.

Location: Southern California

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Linux, Windows, Cisco IOS, Python, MSSQL, C#

Resume: http://alumni.cs.ucr.edu/~gkaukola/resume.pdf

Email: gkaukola@cs.ucr.edu

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Remote: No.

Willing to relocate: Yes.

Technologies: Python, C++, MATLAB, C#, Java, R, Prolog, PIG, Racket, Excel VBA, SQL

Résumé/CV: www.linkedin.com/in/aras-yıldız-977911124 , email me if you need a pdf version.

Email: arasyildiz1 at gmail dot com

As a fresh MSc. Computing(Machine Learning) graduate from Imperial College London, I am looking for a full-time position where I can apply my skills in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development while working in a practical and fast paced environment.

Location: EU

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, iOS, RoR

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17hq4agjNt0OUrj2dtveh7u44FOY...

Email: petr.palata@gmail.com

I'm an experienced iOS developer (native apps) with over 6 years of commercial experience. I also did some small contracting gigs in Ruby on Rails few years ago. I don't mind working with a time shift (US timezones).

Startup veteran solving business problems for 15+ years.

    Location: Cape Town, South Africa
    Remote: Yes
    Willing to relocate: Yes
    Technologies: Clojure, ClojureScript, Rust, Datomic.
    Résumé/CV: http://petrustheron.com/cv/
    Email: hn@petrus.co.za
Built this during lockdown to help bring businesses online: https://www.tradebridge.app/

Location: Los Angeles

Remote: OK

Willing to Relocate: No

Primary Technologies: Python, Clojure, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PL/pgSQL

Currently learning: NodeJS, VueJS

GitHub: https://github.com/dt1

Current Project: https://butternotes.com

email: dbtoomey@gmail.com

  Location: Vancouver, BC
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: 3D simulation, computer animation, numerical simulation, optimization, biomechanics, VR.
  Languages: C++, Python
  Degrees: PhD in Computer Science (Focus in Biomechanical 3D simulation software)
  Resume: https://bit.ly/SachdevaResume-May2020
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sachdevaprash/
  Email: sachdevaprash [at] gmail.com

  Location: NYC
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: SQL Server, PostgreSQL I'm looking for a DBA / DRE position. I've worked with AWS EC2s, RDS, and bare-metal 

  Email: (In CV)

Location: Gwalior, India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes (in India only)

Technologies: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, Python, Algorithms, MySQL, Django, Flask, RDBMS, MongoDB

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yYbKNOlDvroy5VrhnRGON2YqzI...

Email: taunkdhaval08@gmail.com

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