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Back in 2015, it was still "Perl 6" as it had been for more than a decade and as it stayed until about six months ago. Rakudo Star 2015.09 had come out as "a useful, useable" release which was why I tried it. In a sense, the renaming points to how much still remained to be done over the next four years. Lots of little things that create small frictions. And it's easy to say "Well, just..." to each of them, and for other people that's surely enough but I learned that I didn't want to deal with it. Ultimately, it was a case of not fitting with the Perl 6 community, not because of hostility or anything negative. I didn't fit because Perl 6 assumed a background I didn't have and addresses an important set of problems that I don't have either. That's one of the important things I learned since selecting techs back in 2015.

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