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LibreOffice ReleaseNotes 7.0 (documentfoundation.org)
92 points by doener 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 49 comments

Does LibreOffice have an answer to OneNote style documents? I know for a while in MS Office 97 there were obscure optional tools like Binder (that I used the fool out of ) and Equation Editor (that I never opened) - does LibreOffice have the same sort of thing?

Ever since Onenote 2010 got its cloud sync killed by MS when they deprecated cookie auth in January of this year, I'm trapped with Office 2016 and looking for replacement virtual 3-ring binder / organizer software that supports text, images, file attachments.

I am not going to OneNote UWP app or O365 for the same reason I am not trying Notion, the data is not on my computer.

I have a personal DokuWiki that I use for its purposes, but it does not support WYSIWYG or instant image/copy paste, audio recording etc.

I think https://github.com/xournalpp/xournalpp

Is most like what you are asking for? Haven't used it but I've heard people say happy things.

Even has a flatpak -


This looks great, and I plan to try it out. Looks like a FOSS competitor to Windows Journal but much better.

It does not (at least based on reading the readme and looking at the feature list) support pasting images, file attachments, or audio recordings, so I can' t directly migrate to it from OneNote but it certainly has handled the hard part (inking system on pages, saved to a local filesystem) and the PDF markup feature looks nifty.

"""Audio recording and playback alongside with handwritten notes"""

"""enhanced support for image insertion"""

I think they are working on a new file format and those sound like features that might be gated on that.

"""We are currently introducing a new file format that can efficiently store attached PDF files and other attachments internally. We will still allow for attachments that are linked to external files. Please refer to #937 for futher details."""

Wow, you aren't kidding! I will start watching the Github repo for that with interest.


Feb 25 2019 -> The main issue on he fileformat is, that it's not possible to embedded resources like PDFs, Audio Files, Images etc.

A new application: https://github.com/blackhole89/notekit/ A more mature one: https://www.giuspen.com/cherrytree/

I know none of the ones mentioned match OneNote completely.

CherryTree has some cool features. It's great to have a little tree on the side, too.

Apps like these (and other less-open example is NoteCase Pro) used to be my primary tool for information organization. I eventually moved to "files and folders containing whatever media I need" along with desktop-level keyboard shortcuts and buttons for navigating them and scripts for managing various aspects. This had the advantage of helping me work with the grain of my file system, so integrating various third-party apps or scripts into my workflow became dead simple.

The centralized software package approach was always unique and interesting (still is) but was also either too difficult to migrate (de facto lock-in, even when export filters were included) or otherwise fell out of development / support across a 20 year timespan.

Occasionally I make a new web page when the level of depth or applicability warrants it. HTML documents have been surprisingly resilient when used as notebooks. Even just a set of hyperlinks practically becomes its own specialized app when organized toward a specific purpose.

I haven't seen anything in the LibreOffice suite but I'd like to see one too. Something like Joplin is the closest I've seen. But I'm on the hunt for something similar for my personal files

Another alt is Notable. It's just Markdown so it can't do the fancy stuff that OneNote does, but your files are just .mk files that you can sync with whatever device you want.

I'm still having a hard time switching from Evernote, though. It's just got too many years of me jotting things down that I can Ctrl-Q and find. My organization is an absolute mess though and it feels wrong to import all that garbage into one of these more modern apps.

Thanks for suggesting this. Notable's focused feature set and open file format reminds me of the ethos behind NoteWiki, which is an ancient win32 program that is basically a glorified notepad window that converts camelCased words to hyperlinks, and when clicked, creates a new text file with that name and opens the editor page to that file.

I used Zim (https://zim-wiki.org/manual/Help/Notebooks.html) for a while and found it useful.

Thanks for posting this.

Zim looks to be a good self-hosted alternative to my dokuwiki instance, but as it lacks embedding images, file attachments, ink support, it's not quite there.

You can embed images and attach files using the plugins. https://zim-wiki.org/screenshots.html

But yeah, definitely not as feature full as Onenote.

If you're looking for ink support, I've messed with Xournal and it's pen support was good.

Joplin maybe https://joplinapp.org/

This looks very, very close! I may end up trying it as it seems I may be looking into a 'perfect is enemy of good' situation here.

This does not support handwriting / free-inking AFAICT but does have a very promising feature set:

* save to local sqlite

* desktop, terminal, mobile app

* E2EE

* Portable app for USBs

* WebDAV sync

* Dropbox, Evernote sync

* File attachments, and if they are images, the images are rendered

Yeah I was quite impressed myself. I’ve searched a long time for worthwhile Evernote alternatives and this looks quite promising indeed.

I don’t mind paying for Evernote, but its options for backup and export are not impressive.


You can still save locally with Office 2019/O365. You can change the default save location to local hard drive and ignore the cloud options.

Onenote 2016 supports local notebooks. Microsoft gave up on killing it and even updated it recently and added it back to Office 2019 (although its still called 2016) https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/office-365-blog/your-...

Possibly related: Word used to have a note taking mode that allowed you to have an audio recording synced with your document such that audio could be played back from the point in time at which the line was written to help with transcription and such: does LibreOffice or an alternative to that exist? I don't have as much use for it now that I'm no longer a student, but it was a huge help in school.

Have you tried TeXmacs? It probably can do what you want to do and more. The concept is basically active structural document but the "active" part is quite advanced where you can execute other programs for examples spreadsheet or computer algebra software seamlessly from inside a document and display the output in the document itself.

We Sync to a network drive with one note. Can you mount a cloud drive ?

I have been contemplating ripping the onenote notebook out of OneDrive and onto the local file system, then using syncthing to sync it between my various devices.

While this solution will let me get back to business with OneNote 2010, I am still only buying myself time since long-term, I want to be using FOSS software or at least an open format file format like Sqlite.

A new graphics library with GPU acceleration? That's a pretty big deal (migrating from Cairo to Skia). No wonder they renamed 6.5 to 7. I'm one of the weirdos who uses LO for wargaming maps and other graphics, so it's kind of exciting to see this.

Does anyone know the state of hardware acceleration in Cairo? I remember that gl backend was in development for years. Also AFAIK gtk in future versions is supposed to be done with a scene graph at the bottom of things, will Cairo remain in use by the gtk project?

Wow. That is indeed weird.

I also kind of started doing graphics with libreoffice, even though that did not exist back then. But ... I switched after I saw, what programs can do, that were designed for graphics ..

But if you are happy with it, why change.

lol. Yeah. I have spent a lot of time on other apps. I used to teach Photoshop and Illustrator at the local college. However the complexity of using those apps just felt like a lot. Moreso as I taught students how to make flyers and even simple websites, struggling with tools that would have been easier to use in MS Word. A huge part of the class was teaching the principles of design, which would have been easier had certain tools not been in the way so often. I did encourage my students to try out other software to see if they liked it better.

These days I really like the simplicity of LO Draw, for example. Any time I need a new map for a campaign, it's really easy to just add a new page to the main document. And there are zero licensing issues to track along with the many others I already track. Plus the principles of design work the same, so with this "one simple trick" (25+ years of illustration and design experience) I can get superior graphics quality results with the same tools that others think are not so great.

There's some nostalgia in there too; I used StarOffice from the moment I heard it was free. Back in the '90s that was kind of a big deal to a poor university student.

It's been a while for me, but I found Draw super useful in the past.

My dad used Lotus 1-2-3 almost every day since the DOS days and he's super fast drawing and doing stuff with the keyboard (not so much nowadays with Libre Office or MS Office) and he is used to do almost everything with a spreadsheet: floorplans, leaflets, diagrams...

Don't even try to get him to use a CAD or vector drawing software :D

They've always gone .0 to .4 and then bumped the integer up, since 4.x.

Can you share a map you've created in LibreOffice?

I can't imagine what such a map would look like, or how you would even go about creating it.

note that the new graphics backend is still optional, and exists alongside the existing backends.

There’s a clipboard bug I’ve noticed for years in Calc (on Windows and Mac) where it doesn’t copy items to the clipboard or get items from the system clipboard. So copy paste is broken many a times and I spend time fighting it. I’ve never seen an issue like this in any other application, and this has been there across multiple versions of the OSes. Has anyone else here noticed it?

I thought it was just me! Drives me absolutely MAD sometimes. It seems like it'll work sometimes, and not other times.

This honestly happens to me all the time in MS Office. So maybe it's intentional so people who switch will feel right at home? ;-)

Is there a bug report about this? Can you search?

Thanks for listing the bug report. First reported in early 2013 and still going on with updates and duplicate reports from users! :(

Has anyone used LibreOffice Online (the browser based version)?

For people not very familiar with the open vs libre office split, are they more different nowadays? Is libre office the better package?

Back in 2016 Apache OpenOffice's PMC chair Dennis Hamilton proposed the idea of retiring the project (that's what Apache does to dead software projects).

Inevitably there was pushback from that community saying actually everything is fine, it's crazy to talk about retirement. Here's what I wrote in an LWN comment at that time:

> For example, shipping AOO 4.2 in 10 weeks at ApacheConEU. That's not crazy. Libreoffice goes from feature freeze to release in 10 weeks. A healthy AOO development community should be able to do it, or come so close as to leave no-one in any doubt.

I wrote that in September 2016. Hamilton is long gone and we're now much closer to 200 weeks than 10 weeks. AOO 4.2 still hasn't shipped. The "new" feature release they hope to release "later this year" (but they have said that most years) is stuff that wasn't cutting edge in 2016.

It's like Monty Python's Black Knight, refusing to admit defeat long after it ceases to be relevant. "It's just a scratch".

This is, unfortunately, standard practice for the ASF. After Google shut down Wave in late 2010, they donated the code to the ASF; the project [1] sat largely inactive in the Apache Incubator until finally being shut down in 2018.

If you poke around in Apache's project list [2], you'll easily find other projects which followed a similar trajectory -- a few months, maybe a year of activity, followed by years of neglect.

[1]: http://incubator.apache.org/projects/wave.html

[2]: https://www.apache.org/index.html#projects-list

I believe OpenOffice is more or less dead at this point, with their last feature release coming in 2014.

The OpenOffice people will probably still tell you the project is not dead. However, they have been almost incapable of making releases for the past few years. If you look at their code repo, there are an order of magnitude more commits going into LibreOffice (maybe multiple orders). I admire their tenacity but at some point the right thing to do was to hand over the Open Office name over to LibreOffice. The war has been over for years and LibreOffice won.

I can't think of any reason one would remain motivated to work on OpenOfice. What could possibly be the point?

They're still being paid? :-)

Good point, then we should send my questions to the bosses. ;)

Absolutely. Libre Office is updated far more often.

It's also installed by default in many Linux desktop distributions.

Strangely, LibreOffice.org still lists version 6.5 as the download.

The release date is planned as Aug 3, 2020 - Aug 9, 2020. The first alpha release is due on 4, May 2020.


The title seems to suggest at first reading that 7.0 has been released already.

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