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The learning curve on git is high, but I understand the benefits. We use it at my current company , but we do make mistakes with it.

Windows + SVN is so easy to use (and so entrenched), I'd recommend to new developers & students to learn SVN.

Can you explain why the learning curve on git is high? I have been using it for a couple of months after SVN completely dorked my project. I have not found git hard to use. What aspect of git is hard to learn?

I like git just fine, but it does have over 100 subcommands, way more than any other source control system. If you're using it on a solo project, you're probably using 4-5. Don't worry, some day you'll get the dreaded 'octopus merge' error or some other non-intuitive message.

One thing git has done for me is think a bit about how I work and organize my code. I love the fact that I can work on a bunch of stuff then spend time organizing which parts are going to go into what commits. With me being the only one working on it does make it easier. I am proposing we use git at work so I would be interested in creating these 'octopus merge' situations.

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