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That's what happens when you put something on github! In fact, I bet you any money that someone has already taken the code and created a 16-bit logic unit INSIDE minecraft INSIDE your turing machine.

Well, really, it's what happen when you make an impression at Hack and Tell (http://hackandtell.org)! This was perhaps the highlight of last night's Meetup.

It's true. This was definitely the best presentation at last nights hack and tell. A pleasant surprise to see this on HN today.

Thats a cool premise for a meetup. Wish there was one in Seattle.

If you start one, I'll attend.

start one! and ping me if you do. i'll do ny best to help promote it.

you forgot to mention that the turing machine runs in a browser that runs in another turing machine which is inside a huge machine called the universe.

It's Turing machines all the way down.

inside a dream, inside another dream!

May be more true than one might think: http://www.simulation-argument.com/

All of this is running inside a VM inside another VM

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