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Ask HN: Any books/resources on logging and monitoring?
3 points by hgl 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I’ve been running a few distributed web services, but except for a few rudimentary nginx access logs, I have no idea how they’re functioning.

I have the following goals and questions regarding implementing a logging & monitoring system to get better insights of them:

- What are the best practices to instrument source code to collect general logs and exceptions? - How to determine if the services and databases are performing efficiently? More specifically, what I can do to discover if they are doing unnecessary work or there are any hotspots? - Are the servers being run on overloaded? If so, what are overloading them? - How do I know if some one is trying to break into the servers? - How can I be alerted whenever a bad thing previously mentioned happens?

And then there is the business logic side of things. like how many users are online, how many transactions are currently being processed, etc. I don’t suppose directly querying the production database is a good idea.

My own research online surfaced a great deals of tools like prometheus, ELK stack, fluentd, Nagios, bugsnag, New Relic, Datadog, etc, which overwhelmed me, and I reckon without a good understanding of logging and monitoring in general, I’m likely to pick the wrong tools.

This feels like a really big topic. Any books/resources that have a comprehensive introduction?

Thanks, but as mentioned in the post, without a good understanding it's really difficult to choose tools.

I'm looking for materials that put these tools into context & perspective so we can make a more informed judgement call.

The Google SRE book (online here: https://landing.google.com/sre/sre-book/toc/index.html) might be useful. Specifically chapters 6 and 10 on monitoring and alerting.

This seems like a pretty comprehensive book. Will check out. Thanks.

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