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The Like Log Study (yahoo.net)
58 points by Uncle_Sam 2027 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Hey, thanks for posting it here. I am the author of the study. Here are some additional charts for fellow HNers:

Most voted words at HN: http://ediscope.labs.yahoo.net/final/hackernews_positive.png

Least voted words at HN: http://ediscope.labs.yahoo.net/final/hackernews_negative.png

These trends are pretty volatile. The data was collected at the time when Larry Page was announced to succeed Eric Schmidt. They were pretty hot that day.

20 seconds into the video and I'm becoming impatient, 40 seconds into it and I no longer care.

People - listen - video is not always the best medium to get your message across. Sometimes you want to back-track, review, re-interpret, and otherwise look at again.

Video imposes linearity and and imposes pace. Between them these can be a complete turn-off and prevent people from engaging with your material.

Think harder.

Use video for what it's good at, and use the printed word much more often.

I agree, video got too much attention at the landing page.

If you just scroll down you get all data and infographics in text form. Now I need to make this more intuitive so that anti-video folks can easily go to text/graphics content.

Video also has some advantages. It creates a bit deeper engagement. I think that people who decided to watch the video will remember your project better.

But there's just this huge stream of stuff. The graphics take over a page, you scroll down, you're not sure where the text is that's associated with it, you can't find a narrative, you can't find a point to it all, it's just an endless stream of - well - "stuff".

You need to tell a story.

New: Obama says U.S. Senate will Tax Wikileaks and New York.

(Will this article also work for Hacker News Points? Also, why is "York" highly likes but "New" isn't?)

'New' is a part of many other common terms: 'New Yorkers', 'new generation', 'new law' etc. So there are more stories about 'new' than ones about 'york'.

Adding smarter natural language processing is in my plans for next versions.

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