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Correction 15 years.

I was using it to an extent in 2009. (I'm sure I was using it before that.) At which point it had only been 9 years in development.


You can have it fast, good, or cheap. Pick at most 2.

Since Perl 6 was entirely volunteer driven it was always going to be cheap. So the only real choice was between fast and good.

I'm glad the choice was to make it good rather than fast.

We could have gone the Python route where they chose fast. Only they didn't really even manage to do that much better than Perl6.


And what did Python get, a language that is only slightly better in a handful of ways. (Every one that I've heard of is reminiscent of one that Perl5 has dealt with over the years without breaking backwards compatibility.)

Perl6 meanwhile is a large step that questions long held beliefs of what a programming language can even be. It calls into question what parsers can be, what regexes can be. It calls into question why language divides exist. Why can't a language be at both ends of the spectrum at the same time.

Even if Raku doesn't take off, it will likely be a source of inspiration for future language designers. (It already has to a small degree.)

Whereas Python3 is just a slightly nicer Python. One that not everyone has transitioned to yet. Some may never. (Some have even transitioned to Go instead, since it has very similar semantics.)


There were also some health issues during the Perl6 project which held back the progress to a significant degree. We don't know how many years that added to the total.

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