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> On Chrome, the same thing happens, but it’s even worse. Every replaceState call not only wipes out the location bar, but it cancels navigate events too.

This didn't happen for me on Chromium 9.0.597.107 (75357) on Ubuntu 10.04. I clicked on the address bar and it stopped scrolling while the pointer was focused there.

I'm able to type into the location bar on Chrome 11 on Ubuntu 10.10, but pressing Enter or clicking one of the suggestions has no effect (i.e. the animation keeps running and the navigation is canceled).

It might just be Mac browsers that fail here. I tested on Win7 and the location bar works fine. Bookmark navigation is still cancelled, however.

Bookmark navigation on OS 10.6.6 with Chrome 10.0.648.127 beta works just fine. Clicking the address bar doesn't work, though.

Try hitting the refresh button - it acts like it's disabled! Ctrl+R still works, though.

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