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Beijing Red Date Technology https://www.reddatetech.com

More info about China’s new Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) which is scheduled to go live April 25.

IEEE article on BSN


This Twitter link seems weird and bounces through a bunch of referrers and once showed me some kind of ad I think in some Chinese script. May be a honeypot so do some digging and click with caution. Not sure if connected to the BSN project proper.


VirusTotal results of the weird link in tweet (1 detection so far when I submitted it but may be false positive, haven’t looked into it yet)


BSN whitepaper (seems down and something weird happening with mirrors, if you have PDF drop a link)

Chinese PDF https://www.bsnbase.com/sys/file/downLoadPdf?type=CN

English PDF https://www.bsnbase.com/sys/file/downLoadPdf?type=EN

An English BSN white paper I found on Twitter. Not sure if same one as above.


Free link to above


Agricultural Bank of China test app (currently 404)



Found a new technical white paper and they launched a new site that seems to mostly work better but with weird responsive layout zoom issues.



‘“AWS has been very supportive of our project and given us a great deal for the price of their services,” He said. A representative from Amazon’s cloud-computing arm is expected to speak at the launch ceremony Saturday (which will be held online; Beijing has banned large gatherings because of the coronavirus outbreak). AWS did not respond to a request for comment by press time.‘

Looking for a link to the launch ceremony. Will update if I find it.

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