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Jakarta and Istanbul have a huge rise in deaths, similar to European countries, but they have suspiciously low recorded numbers of deaths officially due to Covid. http://archive.vn/vOoRp

It looks to me like you are cherry picking data, and wrapping it up to appear objective. Looking at “case” numbers from countries with poor heath systems is especially misleading. Australia could be an outlier. Jakarta and Istanbul are better proof that temperature is not that important.

My prior is that I have seen lots of people use the “temperature” argument because they want to believe it, which trumps your prior, wink.

Edit: Note that science is mostly about finding counter-examples to a hypothesis. Jakarta is a good counter-examples to the hypothesis “Covid is not much of a problem in hot temperatures”. Istanbul was not (it is actually tepid there in March). And this brings up some other counter-examples: https://thehill.com/homenews/coronavirus-report/494428-trump...

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