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Flu rates are based on all known knowledge, population testing, etc. We don't have that for covid-19. If you want a good apple-to-apples comparison of lethality of another pandemic, you need to find CFR numbers that were available during the pandemic. That is what I provided in my post. Here is the source I got them from [0] which gives the CFR at the 10-week mark for H1N1, somewhat similar to where we are now. Here's the relevant quote:

>"The overall case fatality rate as of 16 July 2009 (10 weeks after the first international alert) with pandemic H1N1 influenza varied from 0.1% to 5.1% depending on the country."

[0] https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/global-covid-19-case-fatality-...

The amount of testing for influenza is nugatory. Most of the CDC data is collected by surveys, not tests.

There are near instant tests for flue in most every urgent care center I've been to (easier and faster than getting a dr appt.)

Whenever I have gone or brought my kids when sick, they perform the test to rule out any potential need for antibiotics. When I asked, they said it's systematically reported to the the CDC as part of their flu surveillance system, whether positive or negative. That surveillance network is significantly more robust than a survey.

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